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  • My 8 year old son has behaviour problems and is seeing a pediatric doctor soon?

    Hi was just looking for advice from maybe anyone who may have been or is in a similar situation, i have a 8 year old son who has always had problems, he is constantly hyper and extremely behind in school work he has had speech therapy for bad speech and has a history of hearing and sight problems, he is constantly aggressive in hurting myself or his younger siblings even animals, hes hit teachers and hurt kids at school, we tell him when hes doing wrong he gets upset but then repeats the bad behaviour straight away its got to the point now where the school have said they are struggling to cope with him, ive tried changing his diet taken him off phenylalanine as doctors suggested but nothing helps, he hardly sleeps he still wets the bed even though ive tried everything ive been advised to try, he's constantly looking for attention, he gets so bored with the simplest of tasks including playing or taking turns, he is immature for his age and smaller than most children of his age, he doesn't like losing at anything and will throw a temper fit resulting in someone getting hurt, i cant go shopping with him he runs around the shop knocking things off shelves breaks things on purpose he laughs at us as if he is funny, if there's a family grievance he laughs as if he doesn't understand how upsetting it is, if we are out he will be very loud and make some really strange loud noises like screeching or shouting just to get every ones attention, people pass by and you can see they think hes a naughty child and to many people he may be, but they look at me as if im a bad mother when thats not the case, comparing him to my other 2 children my nephews and nieces also friends children i can see that something is wrong with him, he is constantly on the go and i'm really lost as to what to do now or what the doctor might look for when he checks him over, any suggestions welcome, really hope someone can help i'm now at a cross roads and don't know where to turn, thanks. and before anyone gets funny with me i've been seeing doctors for years about him and i've finally managed to get him referred to a pediatrition, thanks.

  • Advice - is this man creepy or just treating me childishly?

    First off, I'm 29 years old, female, and I have Asperger's - high functioning autism, in other words. For whatever reason, I look VERY young for my age, because I'm tiny, very shy and timid. I do dress my age though. At work, there is a man in his fifties, who treats me childishly. I'm not sure if I should accept his behaviour, complain about it, or find some way to tell him it's making me feel weird, even though I'm shy. This is what he does: He tugs at my ponytail and hair clips while I'm at my desk He jumps out at me in the hallways, sometimes with his butt towards me He blocks the doorway, or stretches out his leg as if to trip me, as a joke He put his arm around me in the copy room He told me he's been coming by my house (no idea if this is true), and says it doesn't look too lively. He also asks where am I when he comes by. Whenever I'm typing away on my blackberry, he asks if I'm talking to "boys" Let me know if he's just a big joker, or if what he's doing is unacceptable. I'm not the best at understanding human social interaction because of my Asperger's.

  • My son goes hypo. Is there any good websites that contain good info on preservative free diets?

    My son has a severe reaction to preservatives. I am looking for a bit of info on preservative free alternatives, recipes and diets. I am desperate. I am new to all of this.

  • What do you think of Palin as a mother?

    First of all, the kids should be off limits, but how off limits should they be when the candidate brings them up in a speech like she did her son a dozen times about him going to Iraq this month? I'm just curious if all those Palin lovers are comfortable with the fact that she is dragging her pregnant daughter all across the country. Worst yet, she makes her carry the baby around with a big blanket over her stomach to hide her own pregnancy. She had to have known that this was going to be an issue, would you put your daughter through this media frenzy or would you try to shield your family as much as possible? And just my own 2 cents here. What type of world are we living in that this family is getting praised becaused an underage, unmarried girl is having a child and not getting an abortion? Are you serious, we should give them credit for something that happens to hundreds of thousands of young girls every year. Kudos...a role model for us all.

  • Did I do the right thing? A question involving workplace ethics...All help is greatly appreciated.?

    I am a special ed. teacher who is taking over another teacher's class while she goes on maternity leave. While I was in the class a few days ago, I witnessed a teacher assistant using inappropriate force to restrain a child, and I mentioned it to my supervisor. I simply wanted to know what I should do in the event that she continued to do this under my command. Unfortunately, now this person has to be spoken to, and I feel terrible about this. I don't think she meant to hurt the child at all, but in general she is a bit rough in her tone and manner with the kids. The kids have autism by the way, so I feel they should be dealt with a bit gently as it is. What I am also concerned about is the fact that now I have to work alongside this person. Was I wrong to say something?

  • Obsessions for aspergers?

    how do you get rid of obsessions for aspergers without medication?

  • Why do you think in many areas of the UK and other nations, Autism and Asperger's are "Forgotten Conditions?"?

    Often people with Autism and AS don't receive support with housing. They need help and support with applying and accessing benefits. Too many miss out. Support with taking them out, as it is too much for some with Autism/AS to get on a bus, particularly when it is noisy or crowded, or a train. Support and provisions if they decide to study at college or go to University in a few cases. Even support or guidance with the correct type of school. There are undoubtedly many more cases which I could think of. People with mental health problems and general learning disabilities/Down's Syndrome have day centres and support groups and social workers. Even heroin addicts get benefits and social workers. People with Autism and AS often miss out or are forgotten conditions. Why?

  • What is wrong with my 18y/o son? I've seen on his hospital paperwork: SVT, Angina, Myocardial Infarction?

    One month ago, I brought my son to the emergency room for swollen sternocleidomastoid muscles. The doctor said he had "some type of virus"--at 5' 7" and 115 lbs., the DR. put him on IV and injected him with 60mgs. Prednisone. From there it's been severe downhill ride. He got immediate tachycardia, GERD, cold sweats to hot flashes, numbness in his legs/arms, strange pain/tingling in his head/neck region. Went back to ER, and they said again "he's fine....anxiety" and told him to keep taking Prednisone for neck swelling. With each dose of Prednisone symptoms got profoundly worse. The second pill he took he got swollen tongue/throat/gums--and I could see bright/deep red epiglottis sticking up at back of tongue--TACHYCARDIA @160bpms. Rushed him to hospital. They admitted him, gave massive doses of potassium, IV sodium w/antibiotics. The ECG in first hospital said "left atrial abnormality - abnormal ECG - unverified"--but never told us about it and dx'd him with "pharyngitis" and "anxiety"-- The clinic Dr. said he has "anxiety" and referred him to mental health. We begged for referral to cardiologist, but was refused as she said he's "a man" and "growing"(referring to swollen neck) and that he again "looks fine to me"--- She didn't even listen to his heart through stethoscope. That's when we first saw his ECG, and got copy. Gave son massive doses of probiotics, Gateraide, balanced diet, minimal exercise. He was doing good until....Son said when he felt better "I probably do just have anxiety"(GASP--I said "NO YOU DON'T IT'S HEART!)....and he smoked a cig, or tried when I wasn't looking. From there it was downhill again... He's lost almost 20 pounds in the past month, severe diarrhea from meds, GERD(probiotics do control) Lab reports show low prothrombin level(10.9), high MCHC(36.7), low "normal" POC TROPI 0HR ( < 1,0), low normal POC CKMB 0 HR ( < 0,05), low normal cholesteral (116). 2nd Hospitalization, treatment for SVT and told he'd NEED to get heart mapping/oblation. They discharged him as his heart rate stablized and Medicaid didn't want to pay for transfer. He tried hanging out with his friends, and his heart shot to 200bpm's within seconds. Now doctors are saying Holter Moniter for a month when before they said he NEEDED the oblation immediately to solve problem. We have Medicaid, and these doctors either don't care, or are stupid, or both. Son very pale, lethargic, has good moments--then profoundly bad. Don't know anymore what to do or ask for. I think it's hereditary; as infant he could tolerate NO FORMULA....Children's Hospital Boston was clueless. I took him off [email protected] 7 months as he wasn't "thriving"--losing weight, diarrhea/vomiting. I gave milk cut with pedialite and x-tra vitamins, which he did great on. He's done okay since, but always had rise in heart rate after food. Checked for diabetes, much in family--but he's fine there. I think it's something hereditary.... Found "Salt Wasting Syndrome"--many infants in my family have died/near death(including sick son) by age 2 from "diarrhea disease"...but it's unspecified. He also very thin, thinning hair over the years, very hyperactive/aggressive but NOT anxiety....I feel he has PDD/Asperger's....autism runs in family. Found: Excess Androgen Syndrome as well. I know it's Endocrine. Also, PCB contamination(ALCOA/General Motors) in ground water where family lives with great incidence of cancer/disease/developmental disorders. Lost, scared, stuck with medicaid doctors. I know there are good ones....but where? Son very sick. If anyone has any answers. Heard about "Isabel Maude Program" but don't know where to find it. Please help. Any advice/info/direction would be greatly appreciated. Live near Venice, if anyone knows of good Medicaid Doctors I WILL TRAVEL AS FAR AS I HAVE TO AT ANY COST. Please help???!!!

  • Is something medically wrong with me?

    I am 15 years old and since anyone can remember I flapped my arms when I was excited. Gradually the arm flapping changed into just my hands and on the rare occasion, I make a motion with my hands, like the "okay" sign and flap my fingers rapidly moving only my ring and middle fingers. I also hold my breath as I do it, so when I realize what I'm doing the air rushes in and my heart beats faster. I typically can control it when I am in public, but on rare occasions I can't stop even if I realize what's happening. It really bothers me that I could be with a few people and all of a sudden burst out with my hand flapping. Also, when watching TV, I'll do the hand flapping and try to block out the faces of the people on screen. I even have used the Wii remote, when watching Netflix, to block people. This bothers my family but I don't realize what I'm doing until they say something to me. I was just wondering if anyone knew what is happening to me, and if there was a possible treatment to fix it. Thanks for the help to anyone that answers!!:)

  • Poll: What type of job do you got?

  • Do you think people with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome don't have an imagination?

  • Do you think I could get back together with my Ex-BF??? Tips/Advice? Thanks?!?!?

    Hi there. (I want to get back with my Ex-BF.........) Me and my Ex-BF both have "Mental Health" Issues... I, myself.. Have - ~Mental~:- "Schizophrenia - (Paranoid Type)", "Psychosis", "Panic Disorder", "Uni-Polar Depression", "Generalised Anxiety" [And some others...] And also.. Have - ~Physical~:- "Osteo-Arthritis - (Knees/Ankles)", "Chondro-Malacia Patellae". My Ex-BF.. Has - ~Mental~:- "Autism - (Asperger's)", "Schizotypal Personality Disorder", "Melancholic Depression", "Social Anxiety Disorder". And also.. Has - ~Physical~:- "Chronic Back Pain". (Anyway, I just added the above in-case you feel it to be relevant...?!?!?!?) Basically, me and my Ex-BF met in 2005 (..Whilst at College doing a City &Guilds Diploma in Computing/Information Technology) and we were together for 4 Years (..Commencing 2006 - 2010) and we are still the best of Friends! We have both have been in several relationships since our mutual break-up and both get on very well together. After a long and hard contemplation, I figured out that I still think of my Ex-BF as more than a "Friend" and would like to give things another try with him. He still says things every so often (but in not so many words) like "Would you ever think of going back out with me?" and recently we talked about how it would be great to live together as we'd be be eligible for a 3 Bedroomed Bungalow due to our diagnosed "Conditions" and the fact we need a "Spare Bedroom" for a "Carer". (I have already phoned up my Local Authority (Council) and have been told that we would be able to get such a Property!!!) He talks about "Us" with great adoration.. Do you think there is a possibility that we could get back together and try again? Please give me honest, answers..:) Many thanks.. Lin x

  • Today I was talking on my phone about seeing about this greyhound - i said i have autism and she said it might?

    be too much hard work for you and also - she said - greyhounds are hard work!?

  • What does it mean with a diagnoses of "autistic traits"?

    doctor gave a dx of autistic traits. Does that mean on autism spectrum? What exactly does it mean? Also when seeing a doctor can a child be giving a diagnoses without giving paper tests and just by observing and asking questions to parent and child? I have heard that there is no actual paper test to diagnose this type of thing.

  • The so called special relationship?

    This is a re-post! Basically because the last seemed to attract a certain person of limited intellectual capacity, who was just throwing his non existent weight around at a font lol Who in the hell coined that term?? Probably an American as from a British perspective theres no such thing! Lets take WWII for instance, Americans wheel out the "You'd be talking German if it was not for us" sentence when they like to remind us of our "apparent" debt to them.....They did not join the war until 41, we were at the most danger of invasion in 1940 when OUR air force saw off the air superiority the Germans needed to invade....We kept our country free from invasion.....a whole year before they joined.How do we owe them for that? Lets look at the Americans eagerness to obtain German rocket designs and engineers. It was British citizens who suffered from V1 &V2 attacks, not American, those rockets were ours by the deaths caused by them. Again why were they allowed to walk away with something British lives paid for? Then there are all the inventions and concepts of ours that we sell to them, that they then claim the credit for....Like the Harrier, we sold them that, helped them with the F35 (which is part Brit Developed) only for then to then claim "Brand new American Vertical take off fighter, never before seen technology" (Actually uncle sam, we created it in the 60's). Silent submarine propulsion we sold them which they now claim as theirs and have the cheek to sell! You can see now why we refused to sell them Dorchester armour (which is the mk2 version of the chobham armour, again what we sold them, that currently protects their Abrams tanks) and the most advanced destroyers on the planet, the type 45 Daring class. The reccesion we find ourselves in was caused by them, yet they do very little in the way of recompense to our ecconomy which is suffering as a direct result of them! They are in the process of trying to extradite a BRITISH CITIZEN with autism for hacking their governmental computers......even though he did it from the UK. He should be commended for showing how weak their systems are but no, they want to throw the key away! So if someone has an idea which idiot coined the term "Special Relationship" i'd like to know? And also if anyone can tell me why this supposed to be special to Britain let me know, the only people this seems to benefit from my viewpoint is Americans!!!

  • What kind of activities can autism kids do?

    Like after they graduate from high school. what other things can they do and still interact with other autism children

  • Immunizations?autism?

    what is every ones opinion on this? i never really believed that vaccinations actually caused autism but i was talking to my grandpas cousin on mothers day, who has an autistic grandson. She was telling me that when he got the booster he stopped talking within 12 hours of getting it... and then my aunt who is a speech therapist, said that autism is hereditary? opinions? experiences? research?

  • Asperger's Hemisphere Dominance Test?

    I am a proud Aspie, obviously with Asperger's Syndrome. Well I know they have hemisphere dominance test, but those are designed for "normal people" who are neurologically typical. But people with Asperger's are neurologically atypical, so the test wouldn't necessarily reflect our results correctly. (Well at least that's my theory.) So for us Aspie's, does anyone know where I can take a Hemisphere Dominance Test (online) designed for people with Asperger's?

  • Asperger's Syndrome. How can I remain strong and brave? Sometimes feel like harming myself. Any help?

    I have Asperger's Syndrome ( Autism on a higher scale). I have never cut myself or tried to kill myself because I want to survive and know better. I have seen 4 or 5 doctors alone this year and they all said I have black depression, which is th worst and is very rare for a 15 year old. The doctors never help and my mother keeps making me go. The teacher at school ask if I have a hard time at home and I don't it's because of nightmares and sleep paralysis. I don't want to sleep ever agian. I stay up for a couple of days at a time with coffee. She is thinking of sending me away. I am not scared because I am a Christian and know God and Jesus are always here by my side. Other than my dog when I say I have no friends I mean I have no friends. I just don't want to be away from my dog because she is my angle and protects me. If I do go will I be able to bring my sketchbook. I also love to knit, but they may not let me have the needles. Please help me and thank you. If you would like to know more here is a question I asked a few months ago. I have Asperger's Syndrome ( High Functioning Autism ). I go to therapy twice a week. But I asked another questions a few days ago and would like you to read. Thank you for your answers and have a nice day! I have been having dreams of this man I guess he is evil. He wears a black shirt and black pants. His face is burned and had long horns from his head. He tells me mean things and tries to kill me. But I am pretty smart and always get away. I see him in the day and hear him say mean things to me. When I am at school he tells me wait till you get home and see what I did to your dog. I always see him next to me and in my dreams. I am a Christian and believe him to be a demon. His face is so scary I am in tears right now typing this and thinking about him. I told him in my dreams I wanna help you and when he tries to hurt me I say "In the name of Jesus Christ go away", and he does. He tries to make me kill my father and step father for their abuse.His name is Ted. He wants to kill me. I am not scared since I have God by my side always and forever. I know this may sound crazy and may even make my dreams worse, but sometimes I will watch a horror film. I just watch the one person at the end trying their best to live and survive, even though they are on the edge of death and can give up at any moment. That reminds me of myself. I keep trying. I will not die. Am I brave and strong. I believe if I did not have Jesus I would be weak and scared. Am I brave and strong?

  • Asd Spd what is the difference ?

    My son is being assessed for Asd and I have just been to see a OT who said he has Spd she said it is very common to have both Spd and Asd they both sound very similar so in wondering if he just has Spd what is the difference? Confusing!