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  • Is it possible for an adult to just suddenly have schizophrenia?

    Let's say the secretary at your office is 25 years old, completely normal in every respect -- she comes to work on time, she cracks jokes, she's well-groomed and keeps up with the fashion trends, etc. Then boom! One day she wakes up with schizophrenia. She comes to work with her hair looking like a bird's nest. She keeps mumbling, and nobody understands what she's saying. She seems to want something, but nobody knows what.

  • What are the differences between bipolar disorder and borderline personality?

    what are the differences in brain chemistry, and treatments?

  • How much does this sound like PMDD and who here has tried Paxil or YAZ for it?

    This is a multi-layered question, but first, I'd just like to ask about PMDD. I sincerely think I have it - my PMS is just so different from most people I know. Symptoms which start typically a week and a half before menstruation include cramping/headaches, feelings of depression, anger, moodiness, binge eating, a general feeling of "everyone hates me," being really frustrated with my boyfriend over ridiculous, petty things, and times of wanting to either sleep all the time or not sleep at all. I'm on Paxil CR for an anxiety disorder and have read that this can help treat PMDD, but obviously it doesn't work on that for me (it does, however, work for my general anxiety). Anyone taken YAZ for it? My doctor put me on it, but I got freaked out after reading some YAZ horror stories. Also, I was worried that if I ever missed a dose and had to take two at one time, it'd make me sick b/c the hormone levels are higher than what I take now (Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo).

  • Clinical depression: anyone diagnosed for it or have a loved one diagnosed for it?

    1) Will someone with clinically diagnose depression ever be cured? 2) Is there anything you as a person can do to help lessen their burden? 3) Alternative medicine? Though I'm not sure it would work since it's clinical... 4) What triggers it? 5) Will smoking and alcohol (but not to drunken point) have adverse effect on it? I need to find out as much as I can about how I could help. My patience is running thin with it but I'm trying to hang on because everyone else seems to run away from that person too. I don't want to lose this battle just because I don't understand depression.

  • An Assortment of symptoms, any ideas?

    For the past six months I have has abdominal pain on the left side. There appears to be no relation to when I eat or anything. It can vary from severe to mild. Twice in the past six months I have had pain so bad that I could not even walk, which lasted about 10 minutes. Many times I have an upset stomach that prevents me from eating. I also have been getting severe pain in my chest on the left side that sometimes spreads to the right side. The pain lasts for about 20 seconds before it disappears. I also have severe pain with bowel movements-which only happens once every 2-3 days. At times I will be laying in bed when my whole body begins to feel numb, or I feel like thousands of tiny needles are poking my arms and legs. I also have been getting severe headaches above my eyes, most on the left but sometimes over both. I am a 20 year old female I am looking for any ideas, besides the go see a doctor advice. I am waiting until I have an idea of what to tell them to look for. The last few times I have gone in I have been brushed off as just having depression. I am not wasting any more money/time at the doctors until I have a better idea of what might be wrong.

  • How can I help my hypocaondriacness?

    I have really bad hypacondriacness and I am always looking up different cancers and then thinking that I have them and then I worry about it wayyy to much. How can I help myself so that I don't worry so much?? Thanks!! 10 points to the best answer!!

  • Should depressed people be forced to exercise?

    there are a lot of people claiming disability living allowance after being diagnosed with depression. If 18-24 year olds are now required to do "unpaid" work in order to recieve their benefits and their benefits will be stopped if they fail to do so, do you not think that people who are depressed should be forced to attend fitness classes? it is clear that most cases of depression can be overcome with regular exercise and a healthy diet and also social interaction

  • How has Celexa (citalopram) worked for you?

    I have been taking it for three days now and I'm just curious to hear how others have experienced this anti-depressant. How has it helped your depression? Has it helped or diminished your cognition in any way? Responses to these kind of questions are pretty much what I'm looking for, but any further details or feedback in regards this medication would also be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Somebody give me an example what is like to be a bipolar with a racing mind?

    What is the thought pattern like? What is the persons actions? What is it like functioning with the racing mind? How does it affect you? Is it controllable? I just wanna know what its like. What type of things your mind races about and how fast it races.

  • Hard time speaking and verbally expressing myself, problem arose recently?

    I've noticed increasing difficulties over the years with speaking aloud until the point where people can no longer understand me. It's very hard for me to construct words into coherent sentences out loud when talking to others, even if I planned ahead of time and knew the exact words to say, for some reason out loud the structure is completely swapped around, there would be improper usage of pronunciation and grammar, stammering and slurs, and oh god, spit everywhere. I feel like a d*mn alpaca. Only when typing will words begin to easily flow out and I can make well-thought out sentences without the humiliation of pronouncing it out loud. It's not that I feel pressure with others and get a mild anxiety, i'm a very laid-back and outgoing person who's very sociable...which leads to my next problem, it's very hard for me to look someone other than a close friend or parent, into the eyes. I don't know why but I used to not have this problem. Another thing, though i'm sociable I tend to get lonely and depressed easily yet I love the freedom of judgement when being alone. These strange symptoms have been reoccurring the past year and a half and they're really starting to bother me. I'm trying to resolve this by practicing speaking out loud more (which I incidently do all the time) and reading more books. Can you guys give me any reasons on to why this is happening and any solutions? (I can't really go to the Doctors for diagnosis) Btw my mom thinks I have ADD but I highly doubt I do...though i'm very inarticulate outside, my essays and other skills are slightly more advanced than some of my fellow classmates. Also i'm gifted(?) with art. (now i sound like a

  • What else can i do.....?

    im 17 and i have had depression symptoms for about 4 years now, but this past year they got really bad. So my parents thought that if i went and saw a counselor that i would feel better, but i really didn't want to go, but i went for them. I have been going since August and im trying to get better, but i think that i am just getting worse. I am at a point where i would rather die, than have to keep going feeling this way. I am doing everything that the counselor has asked me to do, but my parents told me this morning that they aren't seeing enough results and that i need to try harder. I just don't get how they expect me to feel better, when they just keep dragging me down. It's like the second i feel good about myself and i think i am getting better that have to say something to me and i feel like they just destroyed everything that i have worked for. So, my question is -What else can i do to prove that i am trying my hardest to get better? and -What can i do to get them to understand that by them pushing me to get 10 things accomplished at once, that they are really pushing me closer to the edge?

  • Any psychosis treatment known to be directly linked to the effects of nicotine?

    Please anyone educated or familiar with psychology and / or medicine, your insight would be greatly appreciated. I know this is long, but bear with me I believe a good description is neccessary for my serious problem. I have had mood issues (if you want to call it that) that have been affecting me since puberty. My mom was diagnosed with bipolar but my father is as sane as they come. That's not to say my mom is fine, I've met folks with bipolar syndrom and personally I don't believe she fits the profile. I believe I'm affected by something because I have severe mood swings, to the point of an almost alternate personality. For example, throughout high school I was generally known as not shy, but quiet. Though I'd like to pride myself on being a very neutral, get along with everyone type of person, I longed to be outgoing and popular. I had no problems speaking in front of the class as most others did, and I got along with almost everyone. I had my group of friends, but they varied widely because of my various moods. I had a certain "state of mind" or serious mood swing where it would happen maybe once a month or so where I would change into someone completely different. I became the most popular kid in school, I'm positive, charismatic, and I excelled in class and could pay attention (whereas I had trouble paying attention and was a slow learner and confused easily). I was happy. It's hard to explain exactly how I felt, I didn't think of it when I'm in that state, I don't worry. But EVERYONE noticed it. Family, my current love interest. I don't know what to call the other 95% of my mood swings... anxiety? Depression? Maybe even bipolar. I don't know. What I do know is there is something that causes it, there is a "switch". It happens in an instant. Maybe I made a really good point, said something witty, it's random. I have researched and researched, I've even briefly talked with a couple psychologists, they all bring up the possibility of depression. When I look at the effects of depression though, it doesn't describe what I'm feeling. So I focused more on finding something more definet. And I still continue to look for answers. I've been taking high doses of Saint Johns Wart for almost a week now, nothing yet. I can't afford to see a psychologist at the moment, or spend much money on a possibility. BUT what I have recently noticed, as weird as this sounds... I don't know why I just noticed... a NICOTINE HIGH will actually throw me in a very temporary state of mind where I am that person I'm talking about. But it only lasts a few minutes. I've read through the effects of Nicotine and it seems to directly affect alot of nerves in my brain that are probably responsible for what's going on. I know this sounds crazy but this is a serious enough issue to where I've been standing by to try and find out exactly what can trigger this. And I think the answer is somewhere in Nicotine. You know that high you get if you haven't smoked a cigarrette in a few days? That's what I'm talking about. Whatever it's doing exactly, it's working. And that's what I need to know. What can affect me in Nicotine in such a dramatic way that can be transferred as a type of medicine? Could it be nerves? Anxiety? Alertness? Any psychosis treatment known to be directly linked to the effects of nicotine? Thank you again for reading through this. And thank you for your reply's.

  • Any woman experiencing severe PMS symptoms? How about Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder?

    PMDD is a severe, disabling form of PMS. In PMDD, the main symptoms are mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, tension, and persistent anger or irritability. These severe symptoms lead to problems with relationships and carrying out normal activities. Women with PMDD usually also have physical symptoms, such as headache, joint and muscle pain, lack of energy, bloating and breast tenderness. The symptoms occur during the two weeks before her period and go away when bleeding begins. For me, two–three weeks a month everyday, for the last nine months, I've been suffering from PMS symptoms consisting of forehead headaches, body pain, sensitivity to touch, nausea and motion sickness. I’m 32. I think it’s hormonal. I would like to know of any herbal remedies that anyone has. I currently take Evening Primrose and I’m going to try Kava. I tried Prozac, but it made me feel worse. Your personal story and ideas to ease suffering would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Adult ADHD?I am depressed,concentration is lacking,memory is poor,fits of anxiety,etc.?

    I've done some research and after reading the symtoms I believe that I have all of them.I'm now at a crisis point having lost my current job with looming responsibilities as a single parent.Running away or ending it all sometimes seem like the only alternative.Could someone please help.

  • Any ideas...pleaseeee:(?

    allright now here are the symptoms that i have and i dont know what exactly this is: -Cannot focus -cannot plan -feel under some kind of preasure all the time -feeling of detachment/depersonalization -fear of that detachment -fear of a lot of things ( being ill, fear of my bf leaving me) -constant worrying -finding it hard schedule stuff -late for appointments -forgetting everything -when i try to focus my mind goes blank (sometimes i feel like i dont even know how to think, and this makes me feel stupid) -pretty high IQ -constant thinking, and getting way too little stuff done( i sit and think of how stupid i am, how worthless, how noody really loves me, instead of getting stuff done like cleaning the house or so) -highly self conscious -very low selfesteem.

  • Do you think it is odd for a ten-year-old child to be extremely fixated on death?

    With behaviors such as: Claiming she's afraid of being murdered at night by family members Staying up at night sitting by her bed praying and claiming her throat's closing up and dying Placing objects over her face, saying she wants to die, to choke Crying for no reason when hearing certain songs having absolutely no morbid themes Going from extremely hyper to selective-mute within extremely short periods of time Scratching her face, arms until they have red marks Saying that she wants to die unknown Saying that she's not afraid of death Saying that people can read her mind Obsessive over small things Not good in social situations, occasionally bullied at school Emotional abuse at home as well as occasional physical abuse (nothing life threatening nor anything physically severe) with police/social services having been involved, parents constantly fighting Siblings with eating disorders and severe depression, suicidal thoughts. Fights every day What are these symptoms of?

  • Am I bi-polar please help?

    Hii :) Well, basically, I think I'm bipolar. I strongly believe I'm not bipolar, that I'm only overreacting again. A while ago I thought that I had tetanus (or could get it) since I cut my toe on a rusty nail. I started getting few of the symptoms but it happened to be only because I was imagining it. I had serious anxiety causing me to believe I was ill but it was absolutely impossible for many strong reasons. Now, I believe that I'm going through this problem again with depression thinking I'm bipolar. The thing is, I have none of the symptoms but possibly one. Daily for the pass week or LESS, I've been having mood swings from being happy like usual, absolutely normal. To being depressed and feeling lonely. I'm usually happy when I'm around my family/friends then depressed and lonely when I'm not. It could just be loneliness. Main problem being that bipolar people and other people have explained that bipolar mood swings take periods of months to years not just daily emotion changes like I have every hour or two. Also being bipolar is genetic and no one in my family has or had bipolar disorder. There few other strong reasons that could prove to myself that it's impossible I'm bipolar and I'm only having an anxiety attack again. What do you believe?

  • What causes depression?

    i find myself slipping into depression again, i've had it so many times i can tell just by the fuzzy feeling inside my head whenever i try to think about anything... kinda. But normally i've been able to associate the depression i've had with something, but this time i can't find anything which could be the root of it, and now i wonder, what actually causes depression, and why do i seem to get it so much.

  • Depression + H1N1 + Period = serious medical consecuences?

    I'm very worried about my sister. She has been battling a serious depression for over a month now. On top of that, she has been battling the swine flu since last Friday and has barely been eating and basically sleeps all day, unwilling to move. Today, to make things worse, she got her period and is suffering from cramps as well as an overly sensitive state where she keeps crying. Could this combination lead to severe consequences? She refuses to visit the hospital.

  • Need to know what causes Parkinson's disease?

    Don't give me wikipedia information....i need to know what actually causes it as in how can we prevent ourselves from such a disease?what should we not do or doo to avoid it?