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  • Two questions about depression?

    I am a 17 yeard old. 1. What is the cause of my depression ? ive had it for two years , or maybe more.i have all the symptoms . almost every one . i also selfharm . it is a chemical imbalance ? a state of mind ? or because of my age and hormones ? I am weak and unable to handle life as well as everyone else? 2. if I went to a teacher and told them how my depression was affecting my work , what would they do and they would say ? thanks

  • Should I tell anyone I am depressed?

    I told my mother that I was depressed level . I told him twice that I will kill myself . And she has not done anything . She just told me :

  • I Need Help on my HEALTH Homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    1. A prolonged feeling of sadness and hopelessness that is known as: A. repression. B. denial. C. depression. D. pain. 2. Which of the following is not a suggested strategy to help someone who is suicidal? A. Show concern B. Stay with the person C. Drug Offer D. Foster talk 3. What is denial? A. A step in the grieving process B. Acause of depression C. An effect of a mental disorder D. The ability to say no 4. The first step in the grieving process is usually: A. anger. B. denial. C. fault. D. hope. 5. Have previous experience with mental disorders: a person will develop depression. A. truth B. false 6. The continued difficulties in sleep is one of the symptoms of depression. A. truth B. false 7. Depression is a natural part of the grieving process. A. truth B. false 8. Talk regularly with a counselor, therapist or psychologist is a possible treatment method for depression. A. truth B. false 9. Increased social outings often increases depression. A. truth B. false 10. It often takes a trusted friend to encourage someone suffering from depression to seek help. A. truth B. false 11. If both parents are depressed, then their children are immune to depression. A. truth B. false 12. Young people who talk about suicide do not attempt suicide. A. truth B. false 13. Negotiation is a survival strategy that works most of the time. A. truth B. false 14. Self-destructive behaviors are a possible sign of someone who may be considering suicide. A. truth B. false 15. Which statement is true about the causes of depression? A. Depression is caused by prolonged exposure to a depressed friend or family member. B. Depression is often the result of more than one factor that impacts a person simultaneously. C. Depression has no known cause. D. Depression often resolve with prescription medicines.

  • What are the symptoms of depression[edited]?

    I have already asked this, but I left some things . [ In the background] I think I'm depressed. If I told my family or friends , or anyone who would think he was exaggerating or I 'm crazy or have problems . I have a loss of appetite , loss of interest , nothing sad , seems to make me happy even to my music, which usually encourages me not want to talk to anyone. I stopped texting . I've turned my phone and I have no desire to talk . I've been going to bed early because there is nothing to do. I do not talk much . Some people might say I'm sad , but my feelings of sadness will not go away ... I feel like I have no reason to stay alive . [ Suicidle not only do not .... desire for anything ] I do I have desire to go in public.i feel sad and feel like you're in my room.what is ? I still do *** large school.straight aes . I 've felt this way for a long time.I have concluded that I could tell my mom since she is closer to me ....

  • Depression in males?

    Hello Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a great majority of the problems at home , work and financially . I've looked at the symptoms of depression on the internet and , I would say fit into the category of very well. I am very anxious most of the time , may seem to have a good temperament unpleasant (but not violent ) , seem to have a lack of interest on my own I feel very guilty

  • Why Did All This Happen To Me?... Anxiety, depression, suicide... Please Help!?

    I have nearly 16 years, and my life has changed dramatically over the last year. For me it's a long story. It started with me just concerned about the school, and then basically everything. Too the extent that I was completely terrified and could not sleep at all. I was just in this constant state of fear, they never stopped. This was about two years ago, when I started having these acute symptoms and just kept building. But I knew it was a permanent concern problem I've had for years but not bad. Basically, after a while, I decided just to see a psychiatrist, and was prescribed medication (prozac), which was perhaps 13 to 14 months. I was diagnosed with OCD / anxiety at the time. Later I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression, along with anxiety, about 1 year ago, and my doctor raised the dose to 40 mg of Prozac, which helped with depression, but not much with anxiety. Anyway, I started school in September of 09, as a completely different person, with all he had to deal with, and I did not want to see / talk to anyone else. Then I started skipping school, whereas before, I was a top student. They put me in the mental hospital three times last year, once in September, once in October and then from November 2009 to January 2010. It was by anxiety, depression, suicide, and I suppose other problems. I felt like I did not want to live in this world and I was thinking about substance abuse to cope, but I decided not to do any of that. Once or twice, I cut, because the anxiety was so bad, along the back depression in December. In the hospital, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (a very mild form of autism), clinical anxiety, and depression. They gave me drugs Zyprexa, Risperdal, Seroquel, prozac, inderal and klonopin, but nothing has helped me in terms of anxiety / depression at all. Anyway, I continued to live life after being released from a psychiatric hospital in January, and used an excuse that I did in school, saying that I had some problems with pain or cancer, and had been tested, because I did not want everyone else to know what was going on with me. The only people who knew were the staff, and one of my really close friends. I started in early February CBT for generalized anxiety / depression, and so far has been very helpful in reducing anxiety, when faced with new situations, most distressing and stuff. I also started CBT for OCD specifically only a few days ago. During my stay in the mental hospital, I failed a course I'm taking summer school. Also recently changed medications. I was on seroquel, prozac and ativan (when necessary). Now, I'm almost completely out of prozac, zoloft and change I started taking two weeks ago, and I'm still taking Seroquel, and Ativan. Ativan helps me when I have severe anxiety / panic attacks, but I try to avoid taking it. I wonder how long it takes to produce, I'm still on prozac zoloft, but I am out of weaning. I feel strange, as if the world does not really exist, and you feel sick. I feel like I've been through a lot, and still suffering a lot, and will not improve, but I try very hard to stay positive. Also I have a lot of mood swings throughout the day, as if it could be really happy, angry, etc, and it happens a lot. Also, my social worker called me yesterday and said that the last time I was his (Tuesday), he thought I should see a psychologist to fill out a questionnaire, and so on. What do you think about? Do you think I will be better? Any of you, here have similar problems?

  • Am I suffering from teenage depression?

    Im in 8th grade and I've taken a few tests online saying it could be suffering mild adolescent depression and should see a doctor. I want to tell my parents about it, but I do not know if I should trust the evidence . I read about it and the symptoms and I can apply to many of them to me . also going to affect my chances of having a career in law enforcement if I am depressed and treated?

  • How should I get rid of my depression?

    I have all the symptoms : Sadness or hopelessness Irritability , anger or hostility Frequent crying or mourn Withdrawal from friends and family Loss of interest in activities Changes in eating and sleeping habits Restlessness and agitation Feelings of worthlessness and guilt Lack of enthusiasm and motivation Fatigue or lack of energy Difficulty concentrating Thoughts of death or suicide I do not think anything can make me happy and talking to someone close to me is not an option because I have no one .

  • Why is ECT an approved treatment for various psychiatric problems if it can cause brain damage.?

    I know that this treatment has been around for a long time and can relieve some symptoms of disorders such as depression or mania . However, it is certain that the treatment effects in the brain can cause memory problems and other forms of brain impairment . Since this is the case with ECT , it makes no sense why they used as a form of treatment .

  • Do you think Masturbation can be harmful?

    This is what I read :

  • Are anti-depression pills even good for you?

    I mean , one of the side effects are suicidal thoughts ! And I'm sure the other symptoms leave you more depressed than before! My mother stopped taking them because of side effects ...

  • American in Northern Ireland: Psychiatrist for Major Depression?

    I recently relocated to the UK labor purposes . In recent months , I have started to develop symptoms of severe clinical depression . Although I've been trying to avoid it , has become an impediment to the daily operation of me that I now need psychiatric intervention . However, the medical system here is so different I do not know where to start . And being depressed , I'm so emotionally and mentally " tired " that almost no energy to write this. The doctors I've seen are more distant from what I'm used to in the U.S. . They are willing to write prescriptions for SSRIs like Lexapro , but my understanding is that I would be a very long waiting list to see a specialist psychiatrist , up to 6 months. Does anyone out there have any experience with this?

  • Question's about Depression?!!?

    Question 1 : If you are , say , depressed , feel sad all the time , or only some of the time ( even laugh or smile a bit at times ... but it depends. ) Question 2: What if these are my symptoms , could have depression - Tired all the time - Not wanting to do the things I used to do - I just want to sleep outside life - I do not socialize with anyone to consider suicide a ton , and have tried.

  • Omega-3s for major depression?

    Do they really help any of the symptoms ?

  • Can an overactive thyroid cause depression?

    When he was admitted to the hospital after my suicide attempt , the doctor told me I had a little more active thyroid . After he was released, and went to my doctor told me that my levels were fine. However, note etc still fatigue , excessive sweating , I was told they are symptoms of thyroid problems. Does anyone know if there is a relationship between depression and thyroid problems ?

  • How can I tell my parents they are doing more damage than good?

    I have 15 years ( will be 16 next month ) , a sophomore , and only ( I had my first boyfriend a couple of months ago and we were together for 5 months, but he left me for my

  • Should I talk to my doctor about depression?

    Well, where do you start. I have 13 years of age. The other night on the news they were talking about teen depression, and I had never thought about it until then. I never really thought there was something wrong with me, but after seeing that I'm starting to think about some things. I'm not exactly sure what girls my age normally do, so I can not really compare my lifestyle. So I'm asking here to be sure. Over the last year or so, I've been terribly irritated by everything, especially my mother. I love both, and generally got along so well, but sometimes she even be in my presence makes me want to break something. Second, all you really do is sit alone all day, sleep or play on the computer. I'm on vacation right now in PA, and a cousin came for a few days, and I've done anything to make her leave so I could be alone. I feel empty and exhausted when I'm alone, and for some reason do not want to be with anyone else. Often just lay in bed and wonder why we are still here, though I know I'll end up dying, and that's it. Nothing happens after that. You disappear. People will not remember you. My grandfather passed away in November last year, and I cried, but I can not seem to mourn over. Even sometimes I think, so what? He did not know me. I loved him, but he's dead. Not sure if this is related or not, but my back and neck have been hurting a lot, and sometimes I have headaches .. And I often feel dizzy and exhausted, even when I have not done anything all day. The thing is that I looked at depression symptoms online, and always seemed to speak of losing interest in things you like. Well, I like reading comic books (manga) and regular books, but I lost interest in that. I seem to like it much though. So please, I have only a chronic laziness and I am a deep thinker, or is my 13 year old life was not really supposed to be?

  • Do I have symptoms of depression?

    Since I received my new job at a fast food place (which I absolutely hate) I have experienced these changes : - Go home and go to sleep . Do nothing , just sleep . -EXTREME decreased appetite . I'm a big guy , always have been , but now they do not eat as much as usual . I would take this as a good thing if it had happened so quickly . - Random crying . My mother or sister is going to do something , and I'll go to my room and mourn . Do not know why . This started last week, when I got my first job . Everyone is always yelling at me because I'm too slow. After a week of this , I do not really like this job. Also, I'm sad that this affects my life work of the Church . I am very involved in the church . With this work , I do not even know if I can go . The church people are my family , and not being able to see them hurt me . Also, my mom says I should stop going both because work comes first. She is not religious and does not understand . - I also get headaches before work. They are not fun . Am I depressed or something? Is this part of puberty ? ( I'm soon to be 17)