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  • What happens when your assessed for autism?

    Im really worried best answer for real answer honest

  • Soft voice triggers change in temperament?

    Or at least that is what I perceive when I hear soft sweet voices or see gentle slow movements in people. Voices that are usually regarded as calming have been causing me a series of symptoms that where initially diagnosed as anxiety, later on my condition was labeled as a type of psychosis, recently it has been defined as a variant of OCD; these has been going on for 11 years. Basically what happens to me is that from the moment I hear these type of voices I begin to experience a change in the way my mind responds emotionally to the regular situations in my life; these emotional responses seem to be very distant from the regular emotional responses that characterize me. In general i feel much more emotionally sensitive to frivolous things that usually have no effect on me, the things I usually like suddenly stop producing being pleasurable to me, these includes music, humor, films, activities i enjoy.The intensity of my emotions seem to diminish, i experience no excitement whatsoever from any activity, instead I feel slightly overwhelmed; what is usually stimulating for me, becomes debilitating; my energy levels decrease and a measurable loss in physical strength occurs ( i know this because i lift weights); I also experience a change in my sense of touch, my skin suddenly becomes much more sensitive to anything that touches it and to itself, everything that slightly touches me gives me a very unpleasant feeling, not painful but very unpleasant, the feeling of my skin rubbing against itself is also very unfamiliar and disturbing, almost like if my skin had become flabby and thin . Some how it is like there is another "me" inside that gets his way when i hear this voices; it is still me in terms of my beliefs, opinions, thoughts, memories, paradigms, world-view and knowledge; but the entire structure of my emotions seems to change along with my behavior and sensory feelings, and it certainly changes into something i find very unpleasant and undesirable; the greatest problem with these is that after hours of feeling like that i am so disturbed that i become desperate, cant sleep or feel an urge to compensate for these feelings by acting in a very explosive and loud manner this is accompanied by the need to scratch my skin to relief the sensations, all of these results in a very ugly thing to watch. i am being treated with Prozac, and it has reduced the duration of these feelings from days to minutes ( although the severity of these feelings remains the same). Does anybody here have any hypothesis, opinion or comment about this, any information i can use. any questions? i am writing this with the intention of discussing my problem and having a greater knowledge of its particularities, of knowing if there are similar cases to mine. thank you

  • Do you think my brother has Asperger's syndrome?

    Okay, well, when I was 11 I was diagnosed with the disorder because I had always been quiet and in my own world. That's pretty much it. I spent years being treated like crap, whether inentionally or unintentionally and being made to feel ashamed of who I was. Although it made me an emotionally unstabl person, it did help me improve and now, you can barely see any sympoms at all. But enough about me. My older brother has always been the one with the real issues. He's never been a social person and he never really tried, I mean I at least asked girls out before. He spends a great deal of time researching video games (which there's nothing wrong with) and pointless trivia, which I do too, but only for my own amusement. He doesn't seem to realize that a lot of the things he says most people have no interest in. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but he will go on and on about something I don't care about and start thinking out loud and sometimes try to pass of advice that he doesn't really see is generic and obvious. He tries to make jokes, and fails to realize how flat they fall. In fact, he seems oblivious to all his problems, and deludes himself into this kind of false confidence, and doesn't really work towards his goals. There's a lot he wants to do but he seems to think it's not as much work as it is. For instance, my other brother is a writer, and he works at it all the time, and this brother thinks he can do it without putting so much effort in it. And me, I'm an actor. I've been acting for years and I'm constantly trying to improve as one, and he wants to be one because he was in a play and it was fun, but I have never seen him work towards it. The worst part of it all is this: Almost a year ago I found out that he admitted to our sister that he was sexually attracted to her. Just to have that thought is bad enough, but to vocalize it baffles me. He doesn't seem to have the proper social skills, he seems deluded and he lacks self awareness.

  • I am looking for more information on autism, worried of the possiblity my bfs 30 mnth old son may be autistic?

    Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the situation. I think my boyfriends 2 1/2 yr old son may be autistic. Ive read up on it but was wanting someone who knew more about it opinion. He doesnt speak at all except for growling like sounds. Little to no eye contact ever, he never respondes to his name and is constanlty wandering around the house in circles. I have 3 children of my own and he doesnt interact with them at all. When you try and play with him, he just wanders off by himself . When he wants something he will come grab us by out finger and take us to what he wants and we have to figure out what he wants.. in kind of a guessing game way. When he eats anything of color he will only eat one color at a time then when its gone move onto a different color. Just wanting to see what someone else thought and if anyone knew where I can get more information.

  • Could I have Autistic Savant Syndrome?

    I was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS or Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not otherwise specified and after some thorough searches, also think that I may also have Autistic Savant Syndrome From what I've researched, Autistic Savants usually have a specific talent that happens to be extraordinary among even just above-average individuals and show signs of an autistic spectrum disorder. I'm interested, for the most part, since I've always been told I had an extraordinary talent for drawing and even, to some degree, painting Also, the fact that I'm what's probably considered a high-functioning autistic, since I always seemed to mainly value introversion rather than extroversion and I was tested and had an IQ of 125 even after 5 hours of sleep, I think that I may have this. But if it's of any value, I was actually getting myself to be screened for ADHD but ended up getting a PDD-NOS diagnosis with ADHD merely a symptom of the diagnosis and so instead of receiving a separate diagnosis of ADHD, it was only considered as symptoms due to my separate anxiety diagnosis since the DSM-IV states that if you have PDD-NOS, ADHD cannot be diagnosed despite having the symptoms.

  • A question for anyone with Aspergers?

    My 7 yr old Aspie has been doing some things lately that he has never done before. He is super smart , very high IQ , and very sensitive. Recently he has started having major meltdowns at school and home every time he is punished. He goes into hysterics and screams that he hates himself and that he is stupid. We are pretty strict parents and have never rewarded fits, and they are clearly deeper seeded than just a fit to obtain something. These hysterics last about a hour and are very exausting for everyone. I don't understand why this is happening. He has also started refusing to take off his coat while at school. Any suggestions from his point of view?

  • This young boy (about 2 1/2) I babysit shows some signs of autism but .....?

    he also shows little or no response to pain like today he skinned his knee badly and he didn't even flinch and he was actually picking at it, this is not new though he has fell and whacked his head and not even winced, it kind of scares me, can these be signs of autism as well or are they signs of something else?

  • How many of your children developed autism (possibly) due to their MMR shots at age 1?

    I just met someone who scared me by saying her child and 7 others that she knew suddenly became autistic after recieving the MMR shots. Can this be true? I was never afraid of vaccinations until I heard this...any experiences?

  • How is asperger's disease a disorder?

    When I looked at the symptoms it seems to me that all asperger's symptom is being on the smart side. If you think about it, being able to have a state of consiousness to percieve reality beyond social norms is genius I would think. For example, a child is forced how to talk and read at an early age, but at that age he doesn't know what the words mean he just knows how to label them with the sound he was told to do. As he grows up he can start thinking beyond that stage, and identifies the use of his words and use it with his own creative mentality. Imagining being born smart enough where you're right at that stage to think with your creative mentality, it'll be hard to learn or fit in because when other people tell you their own perceptions or culture norms, it just doesn't make sense because you can see beyond it. For example, if there was a time when people in some tribe worshipped the sun, and had to do some bizzarre fashion ritual, a person with "asperger's synrome" will be able to unconsiousally see passed that and identify the insanity of a culture. So my question is, isn't asperger's syndrome the same thing as being a natural born genius?

  • My five month old daughter has started rocking in her exersaucer. Is this a normal activity?

    She rocks very vigorously and we are afraid she might hurt herself. If we shook her like that it would fall under child abuse. We have 2 other children and they never did this, so I'm curious. Any ideas out there? I've read that it can be a sign of autism or other developmental disabilities, how would I tell the difference? She seems to love doing it, she laughs and squeals in delight while she's rocking. Meanwhile her father and I are hovering over her to make sure she doesn't crack her head off of the toys on the tray. She also rocks while sitting in our laps or while sitting in her highchair.

  • Symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome in teenagers?

  • Asperger's Syndrome Gene?

    I have a research due in my genetics class and was wondering what the name of the Asperger's Syndrome Gene is ? Thanks in advance !

  • After taking 3 dose of dpt vaccine by a new born is any possibility of tetanus if any unwanted small ?rupture?

  • What is the difference between a shy person and a person with autism?

    What I have read, some of the symptoms of Autism is lack of confidence, self esteem...

  • Why won't my son put weight on his feet?

    My son, who is almost two, has been walking on the outside of his feet. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, but you can tell he isn't walking correctly. He's had xrays, but they found nothing. I have no idea what it could even be at all. Help?

  • Autism Symptom Checklist?

    hi, we go thought stages by age what are the ealy signs of autism, and what are the problims that from young to older teenages that come to llight, ege what are the symptoms, from younger to teen to aduit, thanks

  • My son is 3 years 6months wondering if he is autistic?

    i have been told he has a goble develment delay,but i think it is more he dose hes own thing only say about 20 unclear words has no fear or sence of painthrow tatrums and yells all the time dose not play with hes brothers but waits untill thay have finnish then plays with it for a min or 2 is all ways on the go dosent sleep much wakes up 3 to 4 times at nightis all ways playing with doors for long peiored of time and loves lound noise is all ways falling over hes own feet can anyone help

  • My friend and Autism?

    My friend is 18 and has a small case of autism. It's not very noticeable, but I'm just curious as to how to see any symptoms.? I'm wondering what I can look for in his behavior and such. Like I said, It's not very noticeable...I just wanted to see if I could tell in some way. Any ideas?

  • I believe I have autism and I don't know how to tell my parents?

    Im 15 and Yes I believe I have autism. My friends have researched as well as I and found out I suffer similar symptoms and behaviours to autism. I don't understand people's emotions most of the time. I see the world differently to other people and I hate and find social occasions awkward and no point for them. Please help, what should I do. P.s there are 3 people in my family who have autism or aspergers. So does this sound like autism.

  • Help! My son is two and still doesnt talk?

    He says some single words, mostly sounds of the things he is saying like "vroom" for car, and "choo choo" for train. But the pediatrician says it's alright, I just feel that he should be speaking a little more and maybe starting sentances. Any tips?