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  • Question re: speech/autism? ?

    My best friend's son will be 3 in April and the only word he can clearly articulate is "ma" , he calls me Ma too..the other day we were in the car and he had my sons spiderman blanket and i said who is that and he said "bibes"..he was clearly trying to say spiderman ( i think) and I remember before he even turned 2 he could say spiderman and it sounded like he was saying spiderman. He constantly hits my son and cannot leave him alone when they are next to eachother. You can talk to him and he is either blatantly ignoring you or just doesn't hear you, like he is in his own world. The worst time is bedtime. He will cry constantly and I am pretty sure he cries himself to sleep every night, whether left alone or if you are right next to him. One night we had all fallen asleep, and after laying there for literally hours i got up to go to the bathroom and realized he was sitting up wide was almost 3 am! He does this regularly and will still be up in the middle of the night and/or first thing in the morning. It seems as though he tries to speak but the words never come out..he just babbles and everything he says, with the exception of "ma" is inaudible. He avoids eye contact when you talk to him. He really just seems like he is in his own world. I have been trying to read up on autism. Does this sound like a child who is autistic? How can I tell my friend that I think he should be tested for a learning disability or whatever it may be? My mom mentioned to her last summer that he seemed a bit off but she brushes it off. She is kind of in her own world a bit too, lol. I want to be a good friend and let her know that she might need to look into this and see if he needs some special treatment. Thank you in advance

  • Do you think my brother has Asperger's syndrome?

    Okay, well, when I was 11 I was diagnosed with the disorder because I had always been quiet and in my own world. That's pretty much it. I spent years being treated like crap, whether inentionally or unintentionally and being made to feel ashamed of who I was. Although it made me an emotionally unstabl person, it did help me improve and now, you can barely see any sympoms at all. But enough about me. My older brother has always been the one with the real issues. He's never been a social person and he never really tried, I mean I at least asked girls out before. He spends a great deal of time researching video games (which there's nothing wrong with) and pointless trivia, which I do too, but only for my own amusement. He doesn't seem to realize that a lot of the things he says most people have no interest in. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but he will go on and on about something I don't care about and start thinking out loud and sometimes try to pass of advice that he doesn't really see is generic and obvious. He tries to make jokes, and fails to realize how flat they fall. In fact, he seems oblivious to all his problems, and deludes himself into this kind of false confidence, and doesn't really work towards his goals. There's a lot he wants to do but he seems to think it's not as much work as it is. For instance, my other brother is a writer, and he works at it all the time, and this brother thinks he can do it without putting so much effort in it. And me, I'm an actor. I've been acting for years and I'm constantly trying to improve as one, and he wants to be one because he was in a play and it was fun, but I have never seen him work towards it. The worst part of it all is this: Almost a year ago I found out that he admitted to our sister that he was sexually attracted to her. Just to have that thought is bad enough, but to vocalize it baffles me. He doesn't seem to have the proper social skills, he seems deluded and he lacks self awareness.

  • Could I have Autistic Savant Syndrome?

    I was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS or Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not otherwise specified and after some thorough searches, also think that I may also have Autistic Savant Syndrome From what I've researched, Autistic Savants usually have a specific talent that happens to be extraordinary among even just above-average individuals and show signs of an autistic spectrum disorder. I'm interested, for the most part, since I've always been told I had an extraordinary talent for drawing and even, to some degree, painting Also, the fact that I'm what's probably considered a high-functioning autistic, since I always seemed to mainly value introversion rather than extroversion and I was tested and had an IQ of 125 even after 5 hours of sleep, I think that I may have this. But if it's of any value, I was actually getting myself to be screened for ADHD but ended up getting a PDD-NOS diagnosis with ADHD merely a symptom of the diagnosis and so instead of receiving a separate diagnosis of ADHD, it was only considered as symptoms due to my separate anxiety diagnosis since the DSM-IV states that if you have PDD-NOS, ADHD cannot be diagnosed despite having the symptoms.

  • Understanding and supporting childrens behaviour?

    doing a report on children with autism in the fife area of dunfermline scotland does any one know where i can get local authority guidelines and local services available web address or tel nos..thanks

  • Did I do the right thing? A question involving workplace ethics...All help is greatly appreciated.?

    I am a special ed. teacher who is taking over another teacher's class while she goes on maternity leave. While I was in the class a few days ago, I witnessed a teacher assistant using inappropriate force to restrain a child, and I mentioned it to my supervisor. I simply wanted to know what I should do in the event that she continued to do this under my command. Unfortunately, now this person has to be spoken to, and I feel terrible about this. I don't think she meant to hurt the child at all, but in general she is a bit rough in her tone and manner with the kids. The kids have autism by the way, so I feel they should be dealt with a bit gently as it is. What I am also concerned about is the fact that now I have to work alongside this person. Was I wrong to say something?

  • Symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome in teenagers?

  • Obsessions for aspergers?

    how do you get rid of obsessions for aspergers without medication?

  • Do I sound autistic or not?

    I do eye contact. I don't mind social events, but i'd rather be at home. My behaviour is appauling I ask for almost everything and if I don't get what I want, I kick off. I swear too much I'm very lazy I am very fussy when it comes to food and I will only eat once a day I refuse to flush the toilet, wash my hands and brush my teeth in the mornings I act like a 8 year old My voice is abnormally high and I sometimes sound alot younger than I really am I'm quite good at art and english I'm awful at maths and geography I'm addicted to certain things, including horses I cry alot and get very emotional I dislike standing infront of a croud I hate making friends I am very attached to my rats and my dogs I hate it when people go into my room I will only wear certain things I self-harm I always go on about suicide and death Do you think I sound autistic? I'm 14, by the way..

  • Autism Symptom Checklist?

    hi, we go thought stages by age what are the ealy signs of autism, and what are the problims that from young to older teenages that come to llight, ege what are the symptoms, from younger to teen to aduit, thanks

  • How does someone get into autism research?

    Say they already have a bachelor's degree in special ed. What would they get their master's degree in? What would the Ph. D. be in?

  • My friend and Autism?

    My friend is 18 and has a small case of autism. It's not very noticeable, but I'm just curious as to how to see any symptoms.? I'm wondering what I can look for in his behavior and such. Like I said, It's not very noticeable...I just wanted to see if I could tell in some way. Any ideas?

  • Do you think people with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome don't have an imagination?

  • Calling all you mums of autistic boys,,,toilet training!!?

    i feel like giving up before ive barely started! my son is non verbal and has learning difficulties as well as severe autism. he is nearly 6, no longer poo's at night, shows discomfort when wet, comes to me when he's done a poo. i can tell when he's about to wee or poo, he is obviously aware of it too. however, trying to get him to sit on a toilet for more than a few seconds is a nightmare, he bounces all the time, very hyper. i can tell he wants to be a big boy like his 5 year old brother who shows my eldest what to do (they adore each other,) ive read all the literature from the NAS and from the incontinence nurse but i would really appreciate all your experiences please! ps, he does know the sign for toilet (has only done it once himself, then promptly ran into the other room laughing and did a lovely poo in his nappy : ), this is how i know he is physically ready) and we have a PECS board

  • What kind of activities can autism kids do?

    Like after they graduate from high school. what other things can they do and still interact with other autism children

  • Do children with autism have social skills?

    Does it depend on where they are on the spectrum if they have social skills or not? I am working with an autistic child and he does seem to interact with other children(kind of). He also knows when I am mad(he closes his eyes and sometimes his ears). He is in the first grade. I observe him a lot and I know when he is in a world of all his own and that nothing I say will even matter. He seems to have a preference to me as well. While we were in line the other day for lunch, he held my wrist and stroked my arm. Refer me to help or tell me what you know. I am interested in knowing more about autism. I was under the impression that they lacked social skills, but do they all lack social skills?

  • I am trying to search for children's movies or cartoons that feature a child born premature &one with autism

    The cartoon or movies must feature a child born with the disability and it has to be separate shows

  • Is Savant Autism, Giftedness?

  • Are you female, have high-functioning Asperger's AND dyslexia?

    My daughter is 8 and has not been tested but I have had minor concerns about dyslexia as she often transposes numbers and reads words like, "all," as, "lall," or "no" as "on." However, she does very well, academically, in school and reads at or above grade-level. Very recently, one of my immediate family members, expressed the concern of Asperger's running in our family and after reading a couple books &researching on-line, I believe quite a few of my relatives, (including myself), most likely DO have high-functioning Asperger's. My daughter does exhibit several symptoms, too. Should I get her tested for both, even if it is only minimally disruptive? My worry in getting her tested is how she would be treated (by teachers and administration) at school as she attends a "low-income" school that doesn't ever respond well to anything that doesn't fit into the administration's "cookie-cutter" approach to academics, behavior, discipline, teaching approaches, etc. Any (even, somewhat, informed) advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

  • What are mannerisms of Autistic children?

    I need to know as much information as possible, because I have not found anythin on the web. Please help me.