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  • Is it possible for an adult to just suddenly have schizophrenia?

    Let's say the secretary at your office is 25 years old, completely normal in every respect -- she comes to work on time, she cracks jokes, she's well-groomed and keeps up with the fashion trends, etc. Then boom! One day she wakes up with schizophrenia. She comes to work with her hair looking like a bird's nest. She keeps mumbling, and nobody understands what she's saying. She seems to want something, but nobody knows what.

  • How has Celexa (citalopram) worked for you?

    I have been taking it for three days now and I'm just curious to hear how others have experienced this anti-depressant. How has it helped your depression? Has it helped or diminished your cognition in any way? Responses to these kind of questions are pretty much what I'm looking for, but any further details or feedback in regards this medication would also be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Somebody give me an example what is like to be a bipolar with a racing mind?

    What is the thought pattern like? What is the persons actions? What is it like functioning with the racing mind? How does it affect you? Is it controllable? I just wanna know what its like. What type of things your mind races about and how fast it races.

  • Adult ADHD?I am depressed,concentration is lacking,memory is poor,fits of anxiety,etc.?

    I've done some research and after reading the symtoms I believe that I have all of them.I'm now at a crisis point having lost my current job with looming responsibilities as a single parent.Running away or ending it all sometimes seem like the only alternative.Could someone please help.

  • Do you know anything about "atypical depression"?

    i think i may hav it...aka clinical depression

  • I have severe ADHD but I also have depression I am a post pubessant male is it safe to take attirol?

  • Why is OCD a mental health issue?

    Surely it's something that happens with your brain and nothing to do with the way you think?

  • Is it possible to have multible Personal disorders and OCD?

    i´m 19 and have severe OCD and depression. I´ve read through the internet, and i´ve found out that when dealing with OCD, personal disorders are common. I sometimes find myself very happy and feel like things are looking bright, yet the next hour i´m just sitting and staring at a wall, thinking why life sucks so bad, and stuff like that. Sometimes i just get a burst of aggression, and along other things, all symptoms point to Borderline personality disorder. Question nr.1 Is this Borderline personality disorder? (i´m gonna ask my therapist tomorrow so i need to know what to expect) Question nr.2 I have checked, and alot of my behavior points to several personality disorders, and tests point to the risk being VERY HIGH!. Is it possible to have several personilty disorders while having OCD? (plz answer seperatly) PS. i´m kinda assured to getting diognosed with Borderline tommorow so don´t feel like holding back =).

  • Postpartum depression question?

    I am ten months pp. I have been able to manage my postpartum depression up until this point. I know, I should have gone to the doctor earlier, but I felt like I could handle it myself. And I can't. My question is, in going to see my OB tomorrow. How do they test me for it? What will happen? In scared to death. Thanks in advance!

  • Do I see a doctor or just "wait it out"...?

    I'm 17. I'm a female. Since I was 15, I've been having extreme mood swings, visual and auditory hallucinations (visual more than auditory), and tiny bits and pieces of paranoia. Over the years, I've seen doctors upon doctors and doctors. I've gotten diagnosis after diagnosis after diagnosis (diagnosed and tested by these doctors). It seems like, since around September, I was getting better. I was finally getting over all of this emotional and mental drama, and thought that maybe I was just having rough teenage years, like everyone else my age, and now it's calming down. I eventually stopped seeing my psychiatrist and therapist in late November, 2010. No more meds, no more appointments, etc. And I was getting along great. For the past three weeks, maybe a little less, I've noticed a rather severe turn in my mental state. I don't know what triggerd any of it, if anything at all. But. In list formation, this is what has been going on: -Every couple of days, mood will go from excessively energetic and happy, to depression/indifference and no energy at all, to extreme anger. -The anger seems to have been getting worse. It has started becoming more obvious since maybe June, but it's now especially that it's clear that I've developed some anger issues. I've been very short and very tactless with people lately. Last week I trashed my room and put a dent in my wall. I don't even know why, to be honest. It's not like I "didn't get my way" or "a friend betrayed me" or anything at all, really. I just had this sudden urge to hurt, destroy, and damage. So I broke things and started scratching at my skin violently with a knife. There wasn't really any thought in my head that even told me that what I was doing was wrong and needed to stop until I collapsed. All I could focus on was getting rid of the anger. -The energetic excitement generally involves me skipping rather than walking, or if I'm walking, I speed walk. I feel so energetic, that I start to panic and wonder if somehow I'll experience some sort of mental explosion if I don't use it all up. Talk faster, running, jumping, laughing excessively, people think I'm high (I'm not...ever...) -I think depression could be described as the typical "symptoms", so to speak. A lot of people at school have started to notice, and I don't think it's a good thing. This past week, I've started to notice myself falling back into that state of mind where I start questioning other people's motives, I start wondering about paranormal things, and paired with this, I've been experiencing mild hallucinations. Mild as they may be, I still am scared sh!tless. I've been through these mood cycles before. They TYPICALLY go away after a while....few weeks, generally no more than two months. I've thought about going back to see my psychiatrist at least, but thing is, my parents switched my insurance, so consequentially, my network of physicians have been changed around. I can no longer see my same psychiatrist or therapist, and starting up again would not only be frustrating to me, but to my parents as well. In fact, I'm almost wondering if my parents would flat out tell me, "No, you can't start again," simply because it would be so inconvenient, and because we just called quits in November. Bringing these concerns up to them would be....just a big pain. They won't be too happy with me, I can tell you that much right now. Gaurenteed. Any advice?

  • Does this sound like anxiety OR depression?

    I'm usually an extremely extroverted person who just says things to make people laugh. But, now, I don't feel good about myself, so I'm not confident in what I say. I don't say the things I normally would, and I don't have that "flow" when I talk. I think that's depression, but then when I'm talking to people, it doesn't feel natural... I'm unable to carry out a normal, flowing conversation. I don't feel good, and sometimes I find myself thinking while talking, trying to make sure I say the right thing. I'm even prepping myself when I'm not talking, for future events. Is this anxiety, or just part of the depression? I'm not sure I have anxiety, because I'm not afraid to talk to people... I just don't feel good about who I am right now, which in turn makes me feel unconfident about what I say and any conversation I have feels so boring because I'm not being who I really am. Any insight would be appreciated (and help as to how to solve it too, if you have any suggestions! :) Thanks.

  • Loud sounds freak me out a lot?

    People talk really loudly! Like, all the time! Non-stop, almost. People are almost always yelling. Why? Sometimes, when people get too loud, I start to have panic attacks where every little sound I hear scares me and makes me in-describably upset. And everything just freaks me out really really bad and I start hyperventilating and I get scared and things move really quickly and I can't focus on anything and sometimes I even start crying. Why does this happen to me? Why do people always speak so loudly? What should I do?

  • What is that disease or condition that makes people talk to?

    themselves in public? Are they aware of their surroundings? Do they really think they are talking to someone else?

  • Do these things ever go away?

    Ok let me start by saying i went to a phsyciatric doctor for ; very severe mood swings, depression, and being suicidal. My anxiety is social and whenever something i know is going to happen. I went to the doctor and asked him what he would diagnose me as and he said" mood problems". I think he was thinking i can't take the truth, but i can. So if there is any doctors who is out there, tell me what i have..And back to topic, Do these go away? I am currently on Prozac.

  • Im 15 and i think i have depression!!!?

    Well, im 15 years old and i think i have depresion. Im still in secondary school, which i love, but i seem to be getting bored of all my hobbies. im constantly tired even thoo im going to bed at 8o'clock but im not going to sleep till 4 in the morning. I hate this world and just want to die. So please could you give me some advice please.x

  • Adderall for Depression?

    Hello. I believe I have had depression for the vast majority of my life. The first indication was when I would randomly start sobbing uncontrollably at the age of 8/9. I eventually grew out of that but I was still slightly depressed (many things like my parent's divorce which resulted in me living with my uncle and aunt then my grandparents). My depression grew worse through puberty due to acne and shyness with girls. It reached severe levels when I lived with my dad when I was 16-18 in a small trailer in a trailer park. I was too ashamed to ever have friends over (had to lie to them where I lived). I finally let a very close friend see where I lived and he wouldn't even come inside. This was compounded with the fact that my dad was extremely verbally abusive (every problem he had was my fault, I never lived up to his expectations, regular 3-4 hour lectures where he would scream in my face about my behavior) and physically abusive (shaking me so hard my shirts would rip, punching me in the leg and chest). I got to an all time low and was very seriously considering how to hang myself and what I would write in my note. Regardless of my childhood, I maintained a 3.8 GPA in an AP program, had 2 jobs throughout high school, and was captain of the varsity tennis team. Now I'm in a top 25 college and my depression is still with me. I've tried a few different anti-depressants (all SSRI's I believe) and they never work and only make me feel sluggish and tired. The main problem I have with anti-depressants is that the thought of taking anti-depressants makes me depressed because it reminds me of my severe depression and childhood and how bad things were for me at one time. At one point in college, I tried adderall and it was like night and day. I felt energetic, alive, and worked diligently on my homework. I forgot about my depression and had feelings of well-being because I was so productive. I tried adderall XR 20 mg for about 2 weeks every day and the only side effect was that my mouth would get dry. I stopped taking it because I couldn't get anymore and I eventually slipped back into my moderate depression (oversleeping, no motivation to hang out with friends, general loss of interest in almost everything). I've scheduled an appointment with my doctor and I'm going to tell him everything but I'm sure he's gonna say "Adderall is for ADD/ADHD patients and I think this SSRI is going to be a winner" How can I explain to him that I won't abuse Adderall and I sincerely believe it helps alleviate if not "cure" my depression?

  • Has this happened to anyone else??

    I think i had a panic attack (this was like four months ago), cause i was in the supermarket, then all of a sudden i felt like i was gonna faint and i just had to get out of there, when i made it to the car i felt like fainting and throwing up and my heart was racing, it was so strange, and because i didnt know what was happening at the time i think i have convinced myself that there is something seriously wrong with me, because i keep getting wierd symptoms practically every day ever since. I have had blood test done and blood pressure and stuff like that and they are normal, but i think i've convinced myself so much and any little symptom or something makes me think i've got serious illness or i'm gonna die or something, everyone tells me it's all in my head but it's hard to think that when my head feels weird and other symptoms. am i a big wierdo??? because this is soo annoying, has anyone been through this?

  • Uncontrollable shaking......?

    I'm dealing with severe depression including anxiety I quit to take my medications long time ago "around a year" now I'm experience a new symptom and I try to figure it out what it is when I wake up all my body is tinkling and shaking I just get in Fetal position and wait till its over frame time goes between half hour to one hour then it stop and leave me with muscular pain and migraine do you know what it is?

  • Is my depression something else?

    I was diagnosed with severe depression and Anxiety in August 2008. I have been being medicated with Prozac and sleeping pills. I also take Adderall for ADHD. I have noticed that I have not been getting better. My mood and energy levels are always at extremes. I take many things personally and am always paranoid that everyone is mad at me. I have bad self esteem and have many eating disorder symptoms that my friends have brought to my attention. I have engaged in self harm for a while. I have many suicidal thoughts but do not and will not act on them. I have a doctor appointment but I just want to know what this might be.I think that I get overly attatched to my family. I am 21 years old.

  • I have a doctors appointment for my depression for the first time, what will happen?

    I am 15 and have been depressed for 4 years. The depression used to be severe, three years ago i had anxiety, anger issues, physical symtoms (such as aches,pains, low fatigue rashes etc.). I belive this depression was caused due to the domestic violence issues that occured in my house. When my mum got rid of her abusive boyfriend after roughly 3 and a half years, i started to make a recovery from this depression, I have lost pretty much all of the severe symptioms. I did this by forcing myself to take place in sports and excersice which i eventually started to enjoy. Anyway, although i have lost much of the severe symptoms, I still feel suicidal alot of the time, i have intrusive thoughts, i have trouble understanding other peoples emotions while feeling emotionally numb myself. If i do things, i often forget completley what I am doing then get angry at myself. I feel as if i dont love my mum and I told her that i am depressed when we had an argument. She then booked me an appointment for the doctors, which is tomorrow. I have no idea what will happen so i was wondering if you guys could tell me. I want to know because legally my mum has to come into the doctors with me and i do not want to confess infront of her. Thank you.