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  • I 've had insomnia for many years&tried many things,Can any one give me a natural remedy?

    I have tried tilo &naturals and prescribed pills.I can go to sleep but can't stay asleep.

  • How do people deal with stress?

    i can't deal with stress or pressure. the second i have to do more than one thing or it's difficult i freak out and begin crying. i can't help it. how do people cope with stress?

  • Anyone know any really good natural ways to get to sleep at night?

    I am a total insomniac. I use to take pills to go to sleep earlier because I had to be at work so early in the am. I got a later starting morning job and it is still a problem as I find myself sleepy in the am and somedays all day. But, then at night I just cant sleep. I dont really have medical so im not trying to get on pills again. Any natural, teas or herbs, rituals etc. And not counting sheep,,,,,,,

  • What are other uses for marijuana?

    medical uses, clothes, fuel....????? and what's your opinion on it, should it be legalized: yes or no?

  • Can i die from insomnia at the age of 14?

    I'm 14 and i think i have insomnia cause my parent's always say that i have it but they also tell me i can die from it i can't ever sleep i toss and turn even with my eyes open and nothing i feel drowsy but i never sleep till around 7 in the morning and i also told my friends that i can die from it and they always tell me that i have to get my butt to bed i don't know what to do so please answer

  • Pregnancy Insomnia... how to combat?

    I'm 13 weeks prego and haven't been able to sleep more than an hour or two each night. I've tried benedryl... are there any other natural remedies or prescription meds that can help me sleep?

  • What can you do about insomnia / not getting to sleep / sleep problems?

    I have a really bad problem that I can't get to sleep. Especially nowadays in Australia it is summer, and it is far too hot and I just can't get to sleep. I'm on my laptop til the wee hours of the morning. I was wondering do you know any good way to induce sleep (apart from using sleeping pills)?

  • My mom cant go to sleep, does she have extreme insomnia or something more?

    My mother has been this way for a couple months now I'm not sure when it actually started since she doesn't like to talk about her health related problems with me. All she tells me is that she only sleeps about 3-4 hours a day and some nights she just watches t.v. and cries since she cant sleep, she tells me that it feels horrible not being able to sleep and shes even thinking of how death might bring relief. Shes tried: teas, natural remedies and herbs, Lunesta and other sleeping pills, exercise, reading a boring book, keeping a blank mind, listening to tapes, music, white noise and sleeping in different rooms. She works as a casino porter and moves around a lot, shes tired all the time but she cant sleep. Ive noticed for years that she is a very light sleeper (well i used to think until now) and wakes up for the smallest noise. Shes going to turn 54 this Halloween. Please does anyone know of any diseases or illnesses that can cause this? Thank you so much!! -Teesha

  • HELP! Do I have a Fatal Familial Insomnia?

    Since like a month, I've been experiencing increasing insomnia episodes (I keep getting less and less sleep.....I didn't sleep AT ALL on 2 nights straight now and nothing helps!). I tried everything, I lie in bed, I am tired, I really relax, and the sleep doesn't come. I've been reading about a fatal prion disease called Fatal Familial Insomnia, which leads to death, and the victims can't sleep at all! I do have some symptoms, and I am so freaked out now! Increasing insomnia is there, and I also noticed that I, for some reason sweat a lot (which is one of the symptoms) and I have panic attacks from time to time....... Please help, I really don't want to die. Doctors here don't even know about this disease which says all. P.S. I am 35, nobody in my family didn't have this horrible disease (thank God)! P.P.S. If it isn't, can that huge sweating, insomnia and panic attacks be associated with something else?

  • Did anyone else have the most incredible sleep last night?

    I had the most deep, peaceful sleep ever last night. When I awoke my boyfriend said the same thing. When I got to work a co-worker said the same thing about his sleep. Is this a coincedence? Let me know how well you slept last night and were you are from. Cheers

  • What's a good home remedy for fibromylagia pain ?

    I experience pain early in the morning, im tiired of pills, any home remedy suggestions.

  • Trouble sleeping, bed or insomnia?

    I've had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember, it's not until recently being fed up with it have I started looking for solutions and causes. I'm 16 and get, or try to get 7 hours of sleep a night. But I wake up feeling sore, and still tired. I know part of the problem is my mattress, it's a 10 year old spring mattress that I just can't take. But the other part is that it takes me 30 min - an hour to fall asleep which have been said to be signs of insomnia. No matter how tired I am or where I sleep it always takes me a while to fall asleep, I usually sleep through the night, but then I wake up sore, and tired. I just wanted to know if all my troubles come from my mattress or if I have some sort of mild case of insomnia.

  • How do you get rid of insomnia?

    I heard painting your bedroom blue or drinking tea helps. Does anyone know any other good natural cures?

  • Can't sleep, worried about not being able to sleep...?

    I know this 13 year old girl, and she cannot fall to sleep easily like other people in her family. She constantly worries about not being able to get to sleep. I think it is insomnia or something like that. This is especially on Sunday nights and school nights.She ends up crying her self to sleep some nights and she has done everything and it doesn't work. She has told other people in her family and they just can't seem to help. She has also had horlicks/hot chocolate before bed, reading for endless hours to make her sleepy, nothing seems to work. It's getting the stage where it's taking over her life. Does she need to go to the doctor? Does any one know any one like this or any remedies of what to do, causes/cures. Please help, thankyou xxx

  • We have trouble getting school-aged child to sleep before midnight?

    My granddaughter is almost 8 years old and a very smart little girl. She loves to read and is very active physically, but she cannot get to sleep before midnight most nights, leaving her tired and difficult to arouse in the morning. We've tried changing our dinnertime, bathtime, tv time and she just reads in bed, no matter how early she's put in her room. We've tried herbal remedies and nothing seems to let her reach slumberland any earlier. We have an appointment with the doctor but really prefer not to be giving her drugs to get to sleep. Anyone else having these problems or solutions, please share. Thanks.

  • What are some home remedies for leg cramps?

  • My child just will not go to sleep?

    my daughter is 11 years old. and is on a sleep aid prescription. it does not work. we have tried several different kinds of sleep aids and nothing. im hoping a doctor will read this. but so far tea.sleep aids and remedy's are not knocking her out for the night. our house hold is not getting any sleep due to this. please someone respond and thank you

  • Suggest the best remedy for insomnia?

  • I have really bad insomnia, is there anything I could try in order to get a decent nights sleep?

    I have tried herbal remedies, those weird copper sleep bracelets, and sleeping tablets, as well as other things. Is there anything else I might be able to try? (I'm 14, and have been a diagnosed insomniac since aged 5.)

  • Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression?

    Ive seen and heard all the remedies for this. But ive tried them all and i cant seem to escape. Its now causing me to loose a lot of sleep, which is building on to the stress. Its like a cycle, I get stressed, it causes anxiety and insomnia, which eventually leads me to depression. I go to the gym and am active. I am outside a lot, I try to relax in a bath, i try to talk to friends. WHY CANT IT GO AWAY. I really dont have many friends to talk to. and i dont really feel comfortable talking to people anyway. what is this? and why is it ongoing? most people get over it when it runs its course.