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  • I think my friend has Borderline Personality Disorder?

    My good friend has been showing signs of mental instability, which I'm wondering might be related to borderline personality disorder. Let me give a short outline of what's been going on with him: According to a neurologist he has some brain damage, most likely from taking too many drugs (especially E) and drinking too much as a teenager. His neurologist said this brain damage could manifest itself with bipolar symptoms, especially that of mania (or mixed mania). This was some time ago, and my friend has been convinced ever since that this is the best explanation for his behavior, which can be quite erratic (I'll get into this a bit more). As young kid (10 or so) he engaged in a few acts of self-mutilation. I don';t know the extent of what he did, but I have seen scars on his arm from cutting. He comes from a pretty good family, although had a fairly abusive older brother. By the sounds of things the physical abuse was perhaps a slightly more extreme version of common fighting amongst brothers. My friend has not been taking drugs (other than pot) for a long time, but from time to time will go on a brutal drinking binge. He is careful to get the vital minerals etc in his diet to avoid such things as thiamine deficiency. Recently, he has been abusing prescription medication, particularly Benzos, but not opiates. He may take huge doses of these, such 40-50 ativans in 2 days. He will usually drink heavily while doing so. I've noticed that he may become paranoid and delusional when intoxicated or even just very drunk. His is fixated on exaggerated fears of persecution, harping on about him or his family being in danger of being killed by gang members, for instance, although he has no affiliation with gangs. His mood changes drastically, as he goes from manic states to serious depressions very rapidly. He's had random nose bleeds a couple of times recently, although he hasn't been snorting anything recently. I'm afraid he will accidentally or intentionally take his life, harm some else, or land up in jail (he already got in a wreck while drunk, and spent a few nights in jail). He becomes very confrontational with friends and family when he's drunk, and generally responds pretty badly when people try to intervene and help him. Do you think he could be suffering from Borderline?

  • I am depressed i think?

    I am 18, i freshman in college. I went out of state of college to a school where i know nobody. I have been in the closet bisexual for a long time now.. my girlfriend and i have been doing long distance for the past two month while i've been away. almost nobody in my life knows about her. she just went to rehab a week ago. i haven't heard from her since even though she told me she could make calls after the first three days. on top of that I just feel so depressed. there is no other way to describe it. i am so embarased because i can't even go to class, i cant get out of bed, i cant do my laundry. my parents have given me the WORLD. they have raised me so amazingly and have worked so hard to give me the BEST life any person can imagine. they are paying out of state tuition so that i could go expirience life outside of my home state. but now that i am here i just can't do anything. i am so ashamed and i know if they knew this was how i was feeling and that i was failing out of school they would be so sad and upset.. and i just can't do that to them. but i don't know what to do. i've never felt so alone or sad and i can't stop crying. please help. i am all the way across the country from my family friends and my girlfriend and i just feel so hopeless.

  • How do you stay sober without AA?

    How do you keep up sobriety without going to AA? I have been sober six months now and currently live at a supported independent living center, a sober house. I am not dual diagnosed, they opened it up to people with just mental issues, but I do have a history of using alcohol at times to self medicate when I wasn't on the right medications. I do get triggers at times to drink, when I smell alcohol at a restaurant. It's only a slight feeling, a feeling like, 'oh that was nice, it used to relax me,' if that makes sense. I am committed to staying sober for life, but I have mixed issues about going to 12-step groups. Some people say they are necessary for sobriety, that since it is a disease it is impossible to stay sober without treatment in committing to a higher power. I believe however that there is choice involved with it, and don't believe that I am totally helpless to a trigger or a craving, that they can be overcome with the right coping tools. I don't hang out with people who abuse alcohol anymore and who have depression, I keep my boundaries clear. Honestly while there were times where I abused alcohol, I mostly did it to 'fit in' instead of my own cravings. When I did attend AA I didn't relate to anyone there, and literally felt like I was lying when I said that I was an alcoholic...when they asked if I obsessed about it or had cravings for it I didn't, and when they shared stories about going to rehabs and running away from them, and drinking bottles to themselves, I thought woah... I can't relate. Even though I know it's not always about how much you drink it's the consequences, but I feel that it is different. Anyway I'm just influenced by other people's opinions, my therapist thinks that I am not dual diagnosed and don't need AA--but the case manager here thinks I could benefit from it. I however feel like I would benefit more from Al-Anon because I have been more of an 'enabler' in my past, instead of the one abusing it more I've tried to save people and been co-dependent on people who were abusing it. To sum up my drinking history, I used to drink a glass or two of wine a night, almost every night in order to help me sleep (while I was depressed at my last job). I thought it calmed me down but I think it interefereed with my medication. I quit it cold turkey when I started to feel really depressed and had an episode.. then when I told a dual recovery counselor about it they basically diagnosed me as an alcoholic. When I had my manic episodes the most I drank, usually, was about 4 drinks a night.. so if you look at it by how much I drink it wasn't considered to be all that much, but still, I just don't want to pick up a drink ever again and worry when I hear that I could be an addict that I might just do that. I don't think I'd ever drink myself into oblivion, though. I just think that I wasn't on the right medications and that's why I was self-medicating, but I wanted to know if this seems like I should give AA another shot.

  • What can I do to cope with the stress and depression of drug abuse?

    Hello. I am a teenager addicted to marijuana and a habitual liar. My family has grown to resent my mere prescence. I know that I deserve their distrust and am entering a rehab program. I desperately need help overcoming my depression and stress in a healthy way.

  • Is it ethical for a psychologist to suggest a 15 year old to wean from alcohol?

    I took my daughter to a mental center, because I discovered that she had been drinking for about two years while at school or some other way she will not speak about it. Anyways we saw a psychologist and she said that she suffered from exteme anxienty and depression. At the end of the conversation, she pointed out to my daughter in front of me that she should ideally stop drinking altogether, however to at least try it little by little. I was shocked and felt powerless. Yet she did not recommend AA meetings which I asked her for? Please if there is anybody who has expertise on this matter, i would appreciate your input. I am considering to seek for other options already but need to know where I stand. Thank you.

  • Can a minor admit themself to rehab?

    If a minor has a problem such as an eating disorder or addiction and their parents know but don't think it's pressing or that it's just a phase can they admit themselves to rehab like adults can? Or do they have to have parental permission? Or if a parents knows and realizes it's pressing but doesn't think hospitalization is necessary how can a minor go to rehab?

  • Can you go to rehab for depression?

    im a fourteen year old girl and i just want to go somewhere and get help. i think im depressed. My mom yells at me all the time about how i dont do my work and dont do my homework. all my teachers say that im not focused in class, its cause i have ADD but my mom wont get me medicine. But yeah she yells at me and says "**** you" and "shut up" and sometimes pushes me and drags me to my room. Im worried that im going to commit suicide or shes going to hurt herself cause of me. We cant afford boarding school. Where can i go? Could i go to rehab?

  • What are mental health hospitals like? (UK)?

    I have long-term anxiety and depression and are currently in the process of a diagnosis for a suspected personality disorder (Borderline and Avoidant) I'm not really suicidal, I get fleeting thoughts but wouldn't act on them and have no plans to harm myself. I just feel like I've stopped functioning lately - I'm struggling to look after myself and my home, I don't feel asthough my mind and body are connected (if this makes sense), I don't want to go out, my insides just feel like they're shaking and I've permanently feel emotionally hurt :/ Like.. That feeling you get in your stomach when you find out someone's died or cheated on you - my stomach feels like that all the time, especially when I remember something, even if it's not a painful memory. I called NHS Direct last night and they said that maybe I should consider going into some sort of Rehab/mental health hospital but I'm terrified of the prospect of doing so - what could I expect from going to somewhere like that? And would it even help my 'condition'? I'm at the end of my tether and don't know what to do.

  • Bipolar friendship/relationship...insi… wanted :)?

    quick question... i have a friend who has told me they are bipolar and watched helplessly and unknowingly slip into depression in oct/nov...he did go to rehab and came back...and we were at that point no longer seeing each other but still friends with this something we are fwb...which treads a thin line of caring and love...i am finding... anywho... i think hes going back into a depression and while i see his car are his parents ( i live two blocks from them and well i am not re navigating my daily walk to a less safe street because of him...and they love me) but anyway i have seen his car there a couple times when i go out, not that i care just an observation i suppse, but he told me a couple weeks ago that he just wants to be alone...which i am respecting, though i have been trying to call him once a week...just to attempt to see how he is and to say you know i do think about you...but he wont answer...and some part of me knows that he is going out...even though

  • Does anyone here have a good story to tell about Paxil?

    I just started taking Paxil and have been having a rough time with the side effects. I am thinking about dropping it but feel that I need something to get through these tough times. Took Lexapro but still has trouble with the side effects.

  • Is there rehab for cigarettes?

    And if so, would it be covered by health insurance? I've tried every method of quitting, but what I really need is to be locked in a room for 2-3 months with no access to tobacco.

  • Is psychiatric medication doing me more harm than good ?

    Basically, i'm an alcoholic, have suffered from depression and anxiety since my early teens. got no help for it. i went to college and drank the s*** out of it for 4 years, got my degree. when i left college things got worse, drinking got out of control, many suicide attempts followed by a month in rehab. was referred to psychiatrist and put on lexapro, recieved some counselling which was crap. a year later was put on zyprexa as well. the weight went on rapidly but i was still drinking so that didn't really help. was still having suicidal thoughts, seeing a counsellor, drinking and taking medication. 2 and a half years on, lexapro has been changed to efexor and zyprexa has been changed to seroquel. feel fat and suicidal, still drinking. i just feel like the meds have just made me numb and detatched from my feelings but i'm afraid to get off them at the same time. would i just be better off without them? don't know anymore

  • My brother has schizophrenia but nobody wants to help? :(?

    My brother was depressed and suicidal, and he went to rehab center for a few months. When he came back he seems to have recovered from his depression and mood swings except now he paces around talking to himself and laughing all day long. We suspect he has schizophrenia and ever since he stopped taking his medication the symptoms seems to have gotten worse. We have asked doctors and psychology experts what to do about it and they say that since he is not a danger to himself or anyone else we can't do anything about it except convince him to go to a doctor which he refuses to do and he is over 18 so we can't make him go. Nobody seems to want to help anymore and they don't really care. My family is not sure what to do anymore he really needs help and is getting worse and worse every day. What should we do to help him? Please give me some advice

  • Can a therapist or psychologist take you away from your parents? Please help

    I get verbally abused &sometimes physically abused by my drug addict/alcoholic mom.She calls me fat, ugly, wish she never had me, abuser, phsyco, no one likes me, loner, stupid, teachers hate me, fatass, stop eatting all my food I pay for it, stay out of the kitchen, all you are is a fat piece of lard, wish i never had you, c*nt, loser, go back in your dungeon (i stay in my room), and that's ONLY things I can put here. I can't even say all the censored words she says.. Every name in the book basically. She even through knifes at me.. Says she wants to murder me.. So I don't know what else to do but cuss back at her... I never go outside because she SCREAMS and the walls are paper thin everyone can hear us. And I'm afraid of the looks I'll get. I'm afraid everyone judges. I have a lot of behavior problems at school she uses this against me all the time...saying the teachers don't like me, and I'm a lesbian because I talk about a specific teacher a lot. I think I have Bi Polar or anxiety stemming from my past...In the past month I have used drugs and alcohol (something I said I would never do considering how I saw how my mother acts)but I needed something to help me get away from this.I take the drugs from my moms stash and she obv. doesn't know &I don't want her to know.. I do it to Help me get away from all of this depression I have. I really would like to go to a therapist or psychologist. I'm only 14 almost 15, would I be able to go by myself??? Because there's NO WAY I am going with my mother. Also if I tell them all this, will they report it to CPS and will I get removed from my mothers house?? Can I go to a live in rehab program without my mother so I won't turn to drugs and alcohol even though I'm not addicted to it???

  • How should I go about dating someone that suffers from manic depression / bipolar disorder?

    I've read some horror stories about getting into serious relationships with people who're bipolar / manically depressed...but in many of said stories the two people involved had little to nothing in common, and were also a lot older, like in their 30's. I'm 17. I've been dating this kid for like a month, and I know this will make you roll your eyes, but i really do love him. we've got a lot in common and he seems to acctually care about me, and respect me and stuff, and he dosen't treat me like crap, unlike every other boy i've ever been involved with. Anyway, we had gone on some dates and before we were even dating, he said he loved me. At the time I was in teenage girl fantasy mindset and thought this is simply darling, but now i know that wasn't the case. he had vaguely told me about his issues but only now do i know forsure, after looking up what exactly the medication i see in his room is prescribed for. anyway, his intense infatuation was totally the begining of an 'episode'. like, not even a week after we started dating and he told me he loved me, was in love with me, and started talking about forever and always and whatnot did he get unbearably sad, like, brink of suicide sad, stopped eating, and said that i was pretty much the only thing keeping him alive...which was a hell of alot of weight on my shoulders after just three days of being in my first relationship that was more than just hooking up. Since then there've been some normal, neutral times (when he actualy takes his medication), some high-highs (sometimes he makes me feel like an absolute queen, and other times it's borderline creepy how much he goes on about loving me), and some low lows (the suicide threats, the neediness, the clingyness, the control freak nature, the screaming and yelling at me, the absense of trust in me). For some reason though, I sitll love him. A whole lot. Like, I'm willing to stick this hard stuff out with him, 'cause he's really a great guy, and he can't help being semi sort of crazy. He's definatley brought me down withhim before, brought me to tears and whatnot, but my number one intent is always to help get him back up, despite the hurt he has nooo idea that he's causing to me. Any advice on how to deal, coping tactics, that'd be muuuch appreciated. I'm nice as i possibly can be to him, like I've figured out 'the right things to say', but processing and dealing with all of the drama is proving to be a little difficult as we grow closer and more episodes of mania/ depression occur. yeah.

  • My boyfriend is thinking about a mental hospital?

    My boyfriend suffers from previous drug addiction, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, and sleeping disorder, he hates people (social), he hates life, and constantly feels down and suicidal. He is thinking of committing himself to a place for mental patients, or rehabs. Im very supportive and want to help him but feel slightly scared what this could mean for us (my images of a mental hospital is him in a straight jacket taking meds every hour).. what are they like there and how effective is treatment?

  • Im REALLY depressed I need some help, maybe guidance...?

    Lately for the past week or two I have been probably the most depressed I have ever been in my life. I am 18 and I am going through A LOT of stuff with my boyfriend of 2+ years. I'm not sure how to deal with it but I really don't know how to overcome this depression and think of the positive cause I get so overwhelmed with the negative. I feel when I'm happy it's only temporary and I know it wont last. I don't want to see a psych I have when I was younger while my parents were going through a divorce and my mom going through rehab and such. I'm so use to holding all my feelings bottled up but the past couple weeks I have been exploding every now and then. Someone have any advice, please I'm desperate to get this done with.

  • Im 12. How do I know if im depressed, bipolar, or insane?

    hi. im 12. idk if im bipolar, depressed, insane, or whatever. I didn't tell my grandparents im not on meds. and i dont wanna tell my parents or be on meds. I want answers. When is was born my mom didn't want me and was going 2 give me away. But my grandparents took me in. But when my mom learned she could get welfare so wanted me back. She lied 2 the courts and won. My mom abused me. She was always drunk. She called me fat, and other names. She lied about SOOOO many things. She lied about my dad ( i still have no idea who he is) she hit me. She never fed me. She purposely made me ugly. Made sure i never had friends. Ruined me. and even threatened to kill me. told me i was a nothing. and i am a mistake because i wasnt supposed 2 be born. and i really wasnt. my mom drank smoked and was probably on drugs when i was "inside" her. and i wasnt born deformed or anything. but i THINK that may have caused somthing? my mom fit in herr skinny jeans when she was pregnant. and took no pills or pre-care or whatever. so they had a whole team in when i was born thinking i was gonna be some monster baby. But when i lived with her i had no idea what was going on. i thought i was happy. i thought i had friends. i thought i was pretty. i thought i had a dad. but my mom got really bad and to my luck my grandparents took me in. again. I havent saw my siblings since may in 2008. and my mom in january 2008. i miss her.but i hate her. she went to rehab shortly after i left. TURNS OUT SHE IS BIPOLAR. all of my siblings are very weird. But now i hate myself. i miss my "family". im known too be very mean in school. i cut myself. but its mostly a bobby pin with scratches. Usually always different. i hate my body. i somtimes JUST THINK about when im going to die, how, and sometimes think of doing it myself. i like myself when i cut. its turned im a cycle.i minimize as far as possible. and somtimes instead of pins and stuff i hit my face off of walls and when i accidentally cut myself with a razor i just watch it bleed and i dont like it or hate it. i think weird thoughts like unrealistic things that can never happen. im afraid of people. hard 2 explain. like.. always caring what their thinking. i shake for no apparent reason. and im scared 2 do simple thingsi always remember everything that happened and everything reminds me of well... everything. My friends will ask simple things like did u finish your homework and ill get hot on my skin and yell at them to shut up and make fun of them. i used 2 destroy a lot of things for no reason. i still do. but not as much. somtimes i fell hopless and restless and thinking nothing will ever change. and dont feel like doing anything and overheated. other times im brainstorming on how to make life better for me and others. i used to be mad because i had bad acne and was a little over weight. and thought if i was ever pretty i would be happier. now i can do my makeup my pimples are gone i lost weight and im not any happier. i get good grades. i have a NEVER ENDING headache. and i dont feel like typing the rest. and my grandma said one time in a near death experience for my mom that if she didnt live i wouldnt be born. i said didnt care. and i didnt. i actually liked the idea for a moment. have any ideas?

  • Am I the reason my Mom has depression?

    My Mom has had clinical depression since she was 18. She's 46 now, and goes into the hospital regularly to get her medication changed. She always tells me her depression has nothing to do with me. I, in fact, help her cope with her depression. She said she wouldn't know what to do without me. I'm staying at my Grandparents because my Mom is in the hospital -- she's getting out on Monday. Tomorrow, it will be 8 weeks since she entered. I think I might have depression. My older brother, 15, is a heroin addict. He entered a 4-month rehab today, and he admitted how he felt and why he resorted to drugs and all that. I truly think he will get clean this time, so I'm feeling a bit better. Anyway, like I said, I'm staying at my Grandparents. I got up at about 3 in the morning to use the wash room. My hands were sticky -- not sure why -- so I opened the cupboard to get a new thing of soap. I was half asleep so I forgot to close it, and just walked out. In the morning I got up and my grandma was yelling at me for leaving the bathroom a mess. The only thing I did was not close the cupboard! Then she said my room is a mess, which it kind of is -- I don't have drawers at my Grandparents because I'm in the guest room, so I just put them in a basket and push the stuff in the corner. My Grandma said it's a mess and she doesn't know how my mom lives with me. I got really upset and went downstairs and started to cry. Then she came up to me and said, "Oh, stop crying. We don't need any more water in this world! It's already pouring rain!" I started crying more and my Grandpa just told her to leave me alone. I'm starting to believe I'm causing my Mom's depression. What do I do?

  • I seriously need help before I totally ruin my life. I am a 27 year old female, on parole for drugs?

    Been to prison 3 times. All my charges boil down to my drug addiction.I believe I have depression, but ive never been motivated enough to see a doctor. Im not bipolar cause I dont have ups and downs. Only downs. Im like Eeyore! I want to know if there is such a pill thats for depression that has very high levels of methamphetamine in it. I need these pills or else i go to prison for four years! Not fair. I need this boost daily!! Legal or not. What should I do?