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Can caffeine make an anti depressant less effective? related questions

  • 1Can caffeine make an anti depressant less effective?

    I have severe depression and am on lexapro 10mg . I was taking in allot of caffeine for a month or two to wake up during the day. So I thought maybe that was why he was having symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts again. I stopped all caffeine and think I 'm feeling better, actually went shopping yesterday and did a little house cleaning . Today I'm still pretty good . I've been off caffeine for a week . What do you think ?

  • 2What is the most effective anti-depressant?

    I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder for just over a year, but the symptoms can be traced back to my childhood . I grew up in a very unstable , with a physically abusive mother , and a father of sexual abuse . My sophomore year in high school , I started cutting . Not good . Anyway , long story short, nothing seems to work . I went to a homeopathic doctor . I was on herbs and vitamins for six months, and saw no change . I want that antidepressants along with therapy . [ I was in therapy , but my father ended after six months. ] When I'm eighteen years old, and in college , I have thought of starting treatment again. I think it would be more effective with drugs . Do not try to dissuade me , please . I wonder what you have found antidepressants more effective . As for side effects , mood lifting , etc Thanks so much! ; ]

  • 3What is the most effective anti-depressant?

    What is the best and most effective anti-depressant out there? I want something organic that doesn't have any side effects such as weight gain or suicidal thoughts. I just want to feel better. Thanks in advance.

  • 4Is there a better anti-depressant?

    So I'm thirteen. I have anxiety attacks almost everyday. The doctor just perscribed Zoloft to me today, I've only taken it once. I have to pee every five minutes. I felt really hyper, Then Instantly I felt, different? Like almost depressed but not exactly. So is there any symptoms I should be aware of? Or is there a better anti-depressant?

  • 5Why are so many Americans on anti-depressant drugs, anti anxiety drugs, etc.?

    Americans use more antidepressants , anti-anxiety drugs , than any other country . Why do you think this is? Are doctors who dispense as a cure all, or not Americans have more depressive type illness than other countries? According to why we have more depressive type illness ? Is our environment , food , what? All opinions welcome.

  • 6Alternative to anti-depressant?

    I would like to know if there are any supplements out there to relieve acute-depression that are over the counter such as SAM-E. I don't want to do drugs and I'm not almost suicide but is there anything that really helps that is legal?

  • 7Have you ever been on anti-depressant medication and did it help?

    I did not want to go on medication for what he was seeing a psychologist , but she referred me to a psychiatrist to go on medication for depression and I'm nervous about the whole thing. Have you taken these drugs and help him and it was worth ?

  • 8When one is taking anti depressant such as?

    daily nuzak ? Is his / her depression so severe ? What variety of symptoms of depression that a person needs to be put in nuzak ? (not sure of the spelling nuzak ) Thank you all.

  • 9Dysthymia? Depression? Should I try another anti-depressant?

    I'm very apathetic , excited or happy but never particularly angry or never . My family says that's how everybody in our family works , so I'm not sure. My roommate , who has depression and is my best friend told me securely with depression . Anyway , I go through the motions of everyday life , not really thinking about anything . My memory has become very bad . Most times , I feel that I am doing the right thing . I am always tired and have no energy , despite getting enough sleep . I think I speak slower and some days . Sometimes I really do not want to talk to anyone or do anything and everything I want to do is sleep . Friends have commented in recent weeks , asking if there is a problem because some of the above symptoms . It is affecting my social life and work . I tried two different antidepressants that have not worked . Not eating enough so he could explain the lack of energy , but I'm not sure if I have depression . I've been to about 4 psychologists , social workers and family doctors who have agreed that sounds like it could be depression . Never get a definitive diagnosis , though. Should I try another antidepressant?

  • 10Can the pill work as an anti depressant?

    This will seem like a stupid question , because from what I've heard about the pill causes the symptoms of depression worse. But I was wondering since I've been on the pill for a couple of years and I am thinking of coming out of it because of excessive weight gain , originally made for severe menstrual pain and while it has regulated the level of my flow of pain is still quite high . But since I 'm on the pill my mood seems to be better , I feel less down and less depressed and suicidal . I do not take any other medicine. Is it possible that the pill could be working as an antidepressant or is acting as a placebo ?

  • 11Taking anti-depressant when not depressed?

    Doc thinks i might be depressed. She prescribed me an anti depressant to help me with depression AND also weight/apetitive (im skinny right now). The thing is, i dont think i have clinical "depression". I would just say i have the normal up and downs, everyone does...Like today im not depressed at all.. the only thing that depresses me is justifiable things.... you know common stuff that would depress any teenager... like acne or whatever. Wake up in the morning and see ur face all messed up, makes you sad... does this mean depression?

  • 12Does methylphenidate have anti-depressant properties?

    If so, would it ever be appropriate as a first line treatment for major depressive disorder and under what circumstances? Also, would this drug trigger mania in persons with bipolar disorder? Thanks