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Recently retired from a small 4 year college in PA . I was in the honors program , and my GPA was 3.85 at the end of the second year . I decided to transfer at the beginning of my second year , but I had some financial problems and have to start school again this upcoming fall semester . I want to study psychology and anthropology , and would love to study in a very good school . My reasons for the transfer are good : the school was studying in not having a decent program and offered no program Psych Anthro , classes were not challenging , and the Honors program was almost a joke . The schools I'm considering are : University of Massachusetts Amherst , TCNJ , University of DE, UVA , and UPENN . I've been accepted to the University of Massachusetts Amherst , but I'm a little nervous and unsure about UPENN and some of the others (especially since UPENN has an acceptance rate of 17% of transfers) .

What do you think are my chances with an average of 3.85 ( 4.0, and have never been less than 3.63) ? , Letters really good recommendations , and as a member of the honors program at my school last

Thanks for your help !

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#1NcinahAnswered at 2012-10-15 19:41:38
My only answer is not left with no numbers as acceptance rate , and try to find people in that area both graduate and undergraduate students if possible. Just send
#2???EAnswered at 2012-12-21 21:45:20
Chances ? That's a good GPA , however , not all schools look at GPA only , are in a range of features , depending on the school and the current / mission of the school , some of the specifications are more important than others. It is really in the air , with a GPA so it's a good start , so the chances of problems better with someone who has an average of less than 3.3 . If someone has an average GPA of 3.4 , but all these honors and volunteer / extra curricular then might have a better chance ... but you sound like you in that, and 3.8 ! prob decent chance . Some schools have a minimum GPA requirement but .... GOOD LUCK !
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Transferring Colleges: Need Some Help?

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