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QIs studying abroad worth it?

Hi! I have 23 years and am considering studying in South America I have family there and I can get 210 credits in psychology in just 3 ½ years " three quarters per year," which is equivalent to a master's degree in the U.S. I know exactly what to do because my mother did the same for the same major and all went well . The "all " race costs less than one semester in the U.S. , its a great opportunity (no loans to repay and undistracted ) and from what I've heard it looks great on a Resümee . But I love my life in the U.S. Im so happy here , it would be a huge sacrifice .. Im gona be almost 28 by the time I'm done and there's nowhere I'd Rather Be at home here : [ ! Success is really my # 1 priority , but I'm confused and wanted to know if you think that everything would be worth at the end , taking into account the personal experiences ? Am I gona regret it if he does ? Thank you very much for your answers and I'm sorry your way!

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Is studying abroad worth it?

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