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Over a year since our baby was born and my wife is still totally uninterested in sex. Is that normal? related questions

  • 1Over a year since our baby was born and my wife is still totally uninterested in sex. Is that normal?

    My wife gave birth to our first child and only about 15 months. Our baby is healthy and well , and my wife is physically healthy . But your sex since before the baby was born has been reduced to zero . We both work , and both are busy . And I know that motherhood has meant a much higher burden to my wife . But she always comes home and tells me that, compared with other women She Talks To, who is grateful for the amount of aid they give to the baby and the house . We talked about the problem . It does not really fit the symptoms of postpartum depression . Since the birth of our baby , I've had a vasectomy , so no fear of another pregnancy ( we both agreed we do not want ) . She recognizes that her sex drive is gone , and she feels bad about the effect it has on our relationship . But she does not want to force something that does not really feel inside, and I do not want that . What are the possible medical or psychological causes of this problem ?

  • 2My 1st born child was diagnosed with ASD, if i'll have another baby, will he have the same condition?

    My 3 1/2 yrs. old son was diagnosed with ASD-highly functional type. My husband &I, (before he was diagnosed) was planning to have another child so it won't be too lonely for him to be an only child. We've been trying for more than a year, but i didn't get pregnant. I still want to have another child even after the bad news we got about my son's condition 4 months ago. My husband on the other hand, changed his mind totally. He's scared (now, I am too) and worried that if we'll have another one, it'll have the same condition or worst. Is, this possible? The doctors here in the Philippines can't really tell us the cause of my son's condition. I gathered from my research that there are too many possible causes to become autistic. But, my husband seemed to think it's genetic (w/ my son's symptoms &our research about this challenge, he figured out that he is ASD-highly functional type too). What are the odds?

  • 3Did anyone have hallucinations after baby was born? Were you diagnosed with postpartum psychosis?

  • 4Wat psychological disorders is a baby born with and expresses the symptoms early on :?

  • 5I seriously regret having a baby, is that normal?

    I haven't had a good sleep in 6 months, if he isn't waking me up crying I'm waking up because he's too quite which makes me think somethings wrong with him.

  • 6I seriously need help before I totally ruin my life. I am a 27 year old female, on parole for drugs?

    Been to prison 3 times. All my charges boil down to my drug addiction.I believe I have depression, but ive never been motivated enough to see a doctor. Im not bipolar cause I dont have ups and downs. Only downs. Im like Eeyore! I want to know if there is such a pill thats for depression that has very high levels of methamphetamine in it. I need these pills or else i go to prison for four years! Not fair. I need this boost daily!! Legal or not. What should I do?

  • 7My wife has been suffering from insomnia for the past year.?

    She is diabetic and she refuses to take any prescription medications or over the counter medications to assist her with this condition. Does anyone know a good herbal or at home remedy for insomnia. She needs something that works; thanks.

  • 8I will have a 2 1/2 year old and a new born this summer. Tandem or side by side?

    Would I still need a stroller for a 2 1/2? What double stroller would you recommend? I usually just walk with my 2 year old but I was thinking if I was shopping alone or running errands with both of them, I want to have the option of putting them in a stroller for safety reasons, specially when it's crowded. Thanks.

  • 9Is this normal for a 16 year old girl?

    Hi, I am a 16 year old girl. I am at college, well kind of. Anyway, I know none of you can diagnose me on the internet, I just want opinions/ advice etc. So I guess I will start from the beginning (from when I was young)- * My parent didn't like me, They called me names, said they would rather I be dead, I'm pathetic, Low life, disgusting, ugly etc. Pretty much every name you can think of. * They used to hit me, kick me, throw me across rooms, pull my hair, shove soap down my mouth etc. * I was bullied throughout parts of school. * I was sexually assaulted at 13 years old. Anyway so now I am 16, I am at college, finished high school last year- well I dropped out halfway through because it just got too much, I have been having the following symptoms- * Mood swings, like very bad, I will literally go from feeling very confident and hyper to very depressed- The other night I was crying for like 2 hours straight, I even thought about attempting suicide as it gets so severe but then ill be great. * I do stupid stuff, I know everyone does this at times but I do really dumb things, I have had unprotected sex with guys I dont even know and then straight after I feel horrid about it. I have took loads of tablets at once. * I have extreme anger outburst- Like the other day, I saw my sister using my moms ipad, I went up and punched her in the face, I just cant help it. * If someone says the littlest thing it makes me so mad, like if they say something that should be a compliment then I will turn it into a insult. I don't mean to do this. * I have paranoid thoughts, like that people are watching me and I am not safe. * I have dissociation symptoms now and again, where I will do things that I dont remember doing, I will be out with people that I don't know etc. There's others too but I cant really think of them right now, anyway, is there something wrong with me? What should I do? Also I'm at college and I hardly ever show up, I don't know why, something just comes over me, I go in everyday but walk straight out, My mom says Im a good for nothing. Can I just note that at 15 I had depression, even though my psychiatrist didn't even listen to what I had too say. And she said I had that after like 40 minutes.

  • 10Is it normal for a 14 year old to have sucidal thoughts?

    I have no one to talk to i cant even talk to my own familt iv tried they thought i was a joke. my frinds dont undestand. and at the moment dying is all i want to do,its the only way out

  • 11I have a husband that would rather drink than be a "normal" husband/wife lifestyle...?

    but as soon as I am sick and tired of all this , I'm leaving. He , at that time , it gets very depressed and not drink at all . When we talk and he gets back , he goes right back into the same lifestyle that we had to leave me in the first place? ? ? Any suggestions, I seriously do not know what to do!

  • 12What do you do if you are married and had a baby and you think you realize you then don't want the baby?

    My husband and I are both thirty, educated professional, financially secure and we just had a baby three months ago. I was very surprised to find out I was pregnant, we tried once on a whim. I had a tough pregnancy and delivery, and thought I was excited, if a little nervous. I had thoughts of wishing we had waited a little more, but after our daughter was born I thougth those were in the past. Everyone is ecstatic about her, she is the grandbaby on either side, but our families live a couple hours away so they can't help tons. She is a great baby, beautiful and sleeps through the night and a great personality. My husband adores her. I thought I did too. I mean, I know I love her. But this past weekend my parents volunteered to keep her overnight Saturday. When we went to get her Sunday she was sick and she can't go to daycare like that, so my mom who stays home said they could keep her until she was better. We thought she would be back by Monday night. However, she is still just too sick to go to daycare (stomach flu). She's been to the doctor and it's nothing serious. My husband keeps talking about how much he misses her. And I do to, but more than that I am realizing how nice it is to go out to dinner without her, sleep in a little later since I don't have to get her ready for daycare, or pick her up after work, etc. It's not that my husband doesn't help out. In fact, sometimes he seems to do more than I do. And it's not that she is a hard baby...she's not colicky, doesn't cry for no reason, she sleeps from eight at night until seven the next morning and we get compliments on her all the time. She is a dream baby, so why is my feeling one of freedom and relief, and not of sharp misery that she is gone? I can't see in our position saying we made a mistake, someone adopt her. My husband adores her. It would kill him. But I have watched TV shows in the past where the mom sobs about giving up her child to someone and I cried to thinking how I could never do that. But today I realized, I think I could. If I knew she was somewhere great, safe and well-cared for, I think it would be a relief. Has anyone ever felt like this? Or am I a horrible mother?