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Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology? related questions

  • 1Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

    I've been searching online and I see a lot of links to Criminal Psychology but then they end up being about FORENSIC Psychology. I'm planning on going back to school for a BS in Psychology with the ultimate intent of focusing on Criminal Psychology but I can't really find any information about going about getting a PhD in it. Are there any sources that I should look into?

  • 2Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

    I've been looking online and I see a bunch of links to criminal psychology , but then end up being about forensic psychology . I'm thinking about going back to school for a degree in Psychology with the ultimate goal of focusing on criminal psychology, but I can not find any information about how to go about obtaining a doctorate in it. Are there sources I should consider?

  • 3Information on Criminal Psychology?

    Okay , so one of my favorite shows is Law and Order SVU ( Special Victims Unit ) Faveorite One of my characters in the program is Dr. George Huang , who is played by BD Wong . Dr.Huang is a criminal psychologist and an FBI agent . I wondered what kind of education is needed to become a criminal psychologist . What are some colleges that I could get a degree in Criminal Psychology ? Any help / advice would be helpful. thanks ( :

  • 4Where can i find a broad variety of information on psychology?

    for example, what educational requirements to be taken in a work of psychology . In addition to the expected revenue , the prospects of their lives for this occupation , and the work environment . Thank you.

  • 5Where can I find information about animal testing and research in Psychology?

    I am currently writing an article on animal research in psychology . I like to include an estimate as accurately as possible the number of animals used each year - preferably broken down by species and , if possible , the discipline in which they are used (ie , Biopsychology , Behaviorism , Cognitive Psychology , etc. ). I have not been able to locate this information . If you are willing and able to point me in the right direction , please include a link or another appointment for you to take note of what is right in my references . Thanks in advance .

  • 6I am in grade 12 and i need some help find information on pursuing a career in counseling psychology?

    I've been doing a lot of reserach , but I'm very confused . I do not know if I have all the science in the 12th grade level (physics, chemistry , biology ) . I wonder what I need Do I need a degree in psychology with specialization bachlors , masters in psychology ? I'm also having trouble finding a college or university in Canada that I can take what I need . I do not know how many years of school will take or anything lol . I am hoping that someone here has been through this and can help me or maybe someone knows something or all of the information I am looking for . Any help at all would be greatly appreciated !

  • 7Criminal Justice/Police Patrol Officer Information??

    I'm 15 years old, and I am a sophomore in High School. I have been definitely thinking about becoming a Police Officer, and that is what my career choice is as of right now. I was researching and found you need 4 years of Criminal Justice schooling. I looked around at schools and saw that a Technical College in my area offers a Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I also saw they do Psychology testing, as well as Physical testing to become a Police Officer. I asked my dad about becoming a Police Officer awhile ago, and he said that becoming one is extremely difficult. He said something like 100's of people apply per year, and only like 10-20 are accepted. Is it really difficult becoming a City/County Patrol Officer if you have the schooling? The area I live in is generally small, with about a 36,000 Population or so. All info is appreciated!

  • 8How can I find his middle name with this information?

    Brian D. Crandall '84 was recently promoted to major in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. Brian is married to the former Susan Green '84 . They and their three children currently live in Heidelberg , Germany , where he heads the section of psychology at Heidelberg Army Medical Hospital . Brian earned his BA and MA from Brigham Young University and his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas in Lawrence . Obviously , it starts with a D. Please help ! I searched on Google and searched the records , but not really know what I'm doing .

  • 9Where can I find information about autism?

  • 10Where can I find information about graduate schools?

    I'm interested in - The average GPA / GPA requirements - Undergraduate classes required / recommended (if any ) - GRE average score - Any other relevant information I'm looking for a doctorate in psychology schools in Illinois and Ohio , but have no idea where to find that information. Any help / advice is appreciated ! Thanks :)

  • 11I'm considering a career in education, but where can I find more information?

    I will graduate from the College of William and Mary in May 2009 and would love to be selected for Teach For America as presursor for a future career in education. However, I'm not sure what I would be most interested in teaching. My title is a B.of Sciences Psychology with a concentration Chem, but I would like to learn more about the teaching of the curriculum in schools. You might want to teach science in high school , but middle school science . Moreover , primary education is harder / easier / more rewarding ? Does anyone have advice for me , or can anyone direct me to a site that can answer these questions ? Thank you !

  • 12Where can I find information on Asperger's Syndrome?

    I was diagnosed with it 7 years ago when I was 12. I'm 19 now and I want to find more information about it. Especially in Australia, where I live.