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QTransferring after only one semester?

Is it hard to get into other schools if you've only been going to college for one semester ? It's a long story , but basically I did not apply to any school that I could afford last year, and now I'm stuck going to a local community college and I hate it . Hate my area and the city , and I have to get out of here . Call me dramatic if you will, but I'm literally going crazy . I have no idea how I got here .

Anyway , I can have a chance to even get into a school if I apply for the spring 2011 semester ? I know that schools would have to show my high school transcripts / SAT ' s , but I think they are quite acceptable for schools that I am applying to . I really want to do this to get the heck out of here , but I've heard that schools are much more selective when selecting applicants for transfer. What do you think ? Should I apply ?

And probably help you answer my question if you know what I plan on asking schools . If you happen to know anything about these schools and their selectivity , please include that in your response . My plan is applicable to these schools and psychology :

SUNY - Purchase
- SUNY Fredonia
- SUNY Oneonta
- SUNY Stony Brook .

And maybe Suny Albany , SUNY Plattsburgh and or Syracuse .

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#1SabrenaAnswered at 2012-10-14 18:26:42
Check transfer admissions pages for these schools , and make sure they do require you to have more college credits behind you in order to transfer . If they do not, you're good to apply. What will happen in this case is that I'll admit statistics based on their high school , and with the expectation that their university qualifications will be decent. Once your grades this fall, the school will send your final transcript and will refuse admission if you blew it , so do not blow it and you'll be fine . In terms of " hard to get into ," I make a list of schools as follows : - Stony Brook - Syracuse , Albany - Oneonta - Fredonia , Buy - Plattsburgh Of these schools , Stony Brook is the highest place in general, and the highest in the major rankings .
#2TootlesAnswered at 2012-10-26 08:50:25
No, it is easier to get into certain colleges after the transfer . Just make sure to get good grades this semester . Whatever entering school next semester might ask for your grades this semester to determine if you still get in. You will have to send SAT / ACT ( if any) results again and your transcript .
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Transferring after only one semester?

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