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QDepression anxiety mood swings help on pills?

Recently I asked a
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and a girl told me
prescription drugs .
She uses it and says
happy that maintains
and helps

concentration. So if I
antidepressant use
pill will cure my
mood swings and

help me
focus when using
duty rate ? And
It can also be just
purchased on
Medical shop or i
has to make a
my GP ?
Actually , I dont
but know more
probably humor
only ... only .. awesu
m .. empty heart ..
energy .. not want
do anything .. I
investigated and
found some

depression , mood
oscillation loss
concentration esp .
academically . Will
USDA Agricultural Research antidepressants
Pill Help ?

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#1samieAnswered at 2012-10-19 11:22:21
People are only given antidepressants if they have been diagnosed by a medical professional with depression , anxiety , an eating disorder , OCD or panic disorder . Also, just going to precribe if you think the person really needs . If you are a teenager , then the mood swings are normal for their age and they have caused by purberty here read this ... < / A> does not need medication for normal teenage hormones . If you think you have depression and anxiety , then you need to go see your doctor , explain your symptoms and decide whether they need it or not . Furthermore, there is no cure any mental health problem that has no cure , it will help control the symptoms .
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Depression anxiety mood swings help on pills?

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