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  • 1Would it be a waste of time if....?

    If I go to college (now 16 next month , Grade 12 , Toronto Canada , want to become a police officer ) and get a college diploma in police foundations then transfer to a university or do a joint and get a Associates degree in criminology or psychology then applied to a police department ? Please help I am very confused and do not know what to do . What do you recommend ? PLEASE PLEASE HELP . Best answer = 10 points easy

  • 2Would it be a waste of time if....?(10 PTS)?

    If I go to college (now 16 next month , Grade 12 , Toronto Canada , want to become a police officer ) and get a college diploma in police foundations then transfer to a university or do a joint and get a Associates degree in criminology or psychology then applied to a police department ? Please help I am very confused and do not know what to do . What do you recommend ? PLEASE PLEASE HELP . Best answer = 10 points easy

  • 3Is Psychology a waste of time?

    The problem with psychology is that it ignores a thing called logic . Since you can not dissect and study the human brain , scientists idiots throw their asses assumptions without supporting his theories . What really bothers me about psychology is that it involves everyone how to act on a set of social norms shit if you have some kind of "disorder " . There's no way you can be 100 % sombody "normal" way the psychologist perceives . No two people are exactly alike , we are all different in some way. Psychology is the default theme to specialize in when college students have no idea what they want to do in life . It's the easiest way to earn a degree without any concern B.Sc hard sciences such as chemistry , physics , calculus , etc. It is interesting to take a semester course , but the important thing are really just trying to figure out .

  • 4College is just a waste of time?

    To me i think its a waste of time... At the end of the day you do all this work just for a sheet of paper that i can create on a word file myself and print it off telling myself i have a "bachelors degree" in blah blah blahh... You put all this effort into studying for a simple sheet of paper that i can easily rip up and still say i graduated? Call me crazy but in H.S i didnt care if i graduated or not because right when i entered my first day of school in 9th grade i knew i was gonna graduate (if that makes sense to you, it makes sense to me). lol i just see threw things easily, a piece of paper isnt really a big deal to me, once you step in your gonna graduate as long as u do "some" work, "some effort" so why am i here? I know some people really have to go to college to get into there so called "careers" i understand that and i know some people look at a degree as "you were able to put in work and stand by it" compared to someone who just has a H.S diploma who might be lazy. I dont like going to school but i do it because my parents want me to, currently im not at the school of my choice but im trying to transfer there. Although im going to school just because, im also not going for a job like i see most people, there are some subjects in school i like and think are interesting such as "psychology, biology etc" but the careers they lead to i have no interest in. what makes me mad is the fact that you have to take side subjects/ b.s classes such as "English &Math" lord how mercy. These 2 subjects are the main reason i think schools a waste. In english im being taught to be a slave, im being taught to write the way you want me to write on subjects i could careless about and im being taught to structure it YOUR WAY, not MY WAY. Seriously i can careless. School teaches society to be work slaves &yes men, why do i have to write about "Sarah Palin"? I can careless about Sarah Palin. I think the crazy thing is that i have a 6 page paper due soon, i havent started yet because i dont like the topic, but i can sit here and rant all day about how college is a waste. Life is crazy right? Im more eager to write about something i care about then something that i careless about. Currently what your reading write now is.... what.. like 1 page double spaced in like 10mins? and currently right now i cant even get my mind right to make this 6 page paper because im being forced to right your structured way. And math, you learn all this math in college when none of it is relevant to your life, your career, or anything specific. Im learning how to graph when none of that stuff matters, Im learning business when i can go buy 5 books on it and learn what you learn in 3 months compared to your 4 year degree. its just a big waste.. Back to what i said in the beginning; a piece of paper is a piece of paper at the end of the day, i can burn it and still feel the same effect of when i first received it because it didnt mean anything to me in the first place

  • 5Did I waste my time and money?

    Three years ago , was intended to study social sciences at university and college after that. Unfortunately , it took me more than two years and thought I realized college was not what I wanted and I was not made ​​for him . So now I have changed my field of study and next semester I'll be in correctional intervention program for youth and adults (similar to the likes before criminology = > ) . It will take three years of college before I can get my college diploma . I feel like I wasted my time on something I liked not getting my diploma in social sciences because it was not the last class I needed. So when I go to work in a few years do you think my experience in the social science program will be relevant / useful (about 33 courses , more oriented psychology , but no degree as I did not want to spend the last ) if I want to be a prison officer or something similar to a social worker or what I just wasting my time ? Any input or opinion would be appreciated thanks .

  • 6I feel like college is a waste of time?

    Right now I'm in my second year of college and I'm hating . Computer science I am still registered Accounting

  • 7Will I waste my time by doing this??? PLEASE HELP!!! (med school - psychology?)?

    I want to become a psyciatrist . Im pretty sure you have to get a master's degree in psychology , and then go to medical school . However, if I change my mind and can not afford medical school (getting pregnant debt ) or is unable to handle the workload and flunk out , will it be a waste of my degree in psychology ? What kind of jobs you can get with a masters degree in psychology ? I struggle with science classes , but I am superior in psychology classes . Does this matter? I get A and B , regardless if that makes a difference .

  • 8Why will Nobody tell (most) College Students that MOST of what they are doing is a WASTE of TIME?

    I ask this question because the sentiment is true. Our educational process is seriously defunct in so many ways. It is pathetic. We have reduced education to be some ridiculous silly little game. Students KNOW this but are not supposed to admit that they know it. ALL education should have true and direct value and benefit to the student and to their ultimate goals ...otherwise it is time wasted. Valuable time. I hate the fact that 2nd grade teachers wasted my time teaching me French which I had/have NO use for. 12th grade biology teachers wasted an entire semester teaching me about plants and another teaching about atoms and the molecular structure. I completely memorized the atomic chart ...Completely useless stuff ...for ME. I've taught myself Computer Programming; Graphic Arts; Corporate Law; Speed Reading; Web Design; Book Publishing; Audio Production; Spanish; Forex Trading; Psychology of Combat; Commodities Investing; etc. I am very successful today as a direct result of my independent research and self-education so yes... I believe in education. It is fundamental to life success but our educational system is inadequate and ...again, WASTES a lot of precious time in both elementary school, high school AND college because it subjects students to rote memory expectations rather than truly challenges them with relevant and applicable knowledge. I say ask yourself this simple question about every aspect of your education: HOW will this knowledge ...once I fully grasp it actually BENEFIT me in my life? ...and... WHAT will be the negative consequence on my life if I don't get it or forget it after I've passed the class (as most students will).

  • 9Is a Journalism major a waste of time?

    Junior High School I am currently looking into a pair of runs as a backup in case if I was accepted into medical school (I'm planning on enrolling in premed and complete the pre - reqs for it) and I'm looking at the biggest and Journalism Psychology are . They said that psychology is easy to win a title , but it would be difficult to get a job with it . With journalism , I was told to be a competitive field and has no major in journalism to become a journalist ( This is what my counselor said . ) She offered however, that if I think the important thing , I suggested to a minor in international relations from that interest me foreign affairs / issues - I want to do something like that Anderson Cooper has done ( silly dream , I know) as journalist . So it would be really great journalism a waste of time and not worth it ?

  • 10Poll: is college a waste of time?

    Say a person has a degree in psychology and is doing the same type of work he / she had before going to college . Now the person wants to get his master's degree in special education . Would that person be wasting your time considering that he could do nothing with their singles ?

  • 11Is going to college a waste time when it comes to getting a job if i have a felony for robbery?

  • 12Is getting a Masters Degree in Creative Writing a waste of time?

    I have a degree in psychology , which I found to be useless . And I'm thinking about going back to school and get a master's degree in Creative Writing , because I enjoy writing and would love to learn more techniques to make myself a better writer . I am worried , however, that this measure will not open many doors in the job market (just as my psychology degree has failed to do) . Any idea ? Thank you.