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I think I have a thyroid problem...what do you think this could be? related questions

  • 1Thyroid problem or what?

    Any health care professional that knows what's wrong or have any suggestions. I'm a 24 year old male that has been having insomnia and heat intolerance problems for about 1.5 year. I've been sweating a bit more than usual during the day if I am at work sitting down or even standing in line at the store. Even on cold days.This is mainly during the day and I seem to have difficulty sleeping every night. I am fatigued sometimes, but it's hard for me to even go to sleep. I've asked several people and they told me I may have a thyroid problem. Is that what it is or can it be something else. I've have a blood test concerning hepatitis panels &STDs and they all came back normal. Any ideas on remedies or what I am suffering from, please let me know.thanks!

  • 2I think I have a thyroid problem...what do you think this could be?

    I have 16 years and at least 5 women in my family have thyroid problems. During the past 5 months I have been experiencing extreme stress and fatigue , poor concentration , apathy and depression . These symptoms do not appear to be caused by something else ( my anxiety / depression issues have really declined , but I still feel like I have ** , but I'm happy and not worried ) and have not disappeared . My nails and hair break more easily , I often short of breath , and sometimes my heart rate seems much slower than normal . I have this strange feeling in the back and through my head constantly . ( . 's Pretty much the worst I've seen in my life ) My voice is weak and my throat hurts - but I think this could be stress ? and I have joint pain at all times . Like many of the dairy products , so I do not know why I have hypothyroidism , but that's really what it seems . My symptoms appear inconsistent with hyperthyroidism . Thank you. :) Please do not respond if you have not read the whole thing.

  • 3Could these be symptoms of a thyroid problem?

    * Weight gain * Depression * fatigue * Stiff neck / knee hurts * Migrains * Hair loss / dry hair

  • 4What are some major thyroid problem signs?

    I am young and curious if I have a thyroid problem what are some of the symptom's.

  • 5Could my untreated thyroid problem be the reason my nose is greasy and pores all open?

    Will it be better after treatment ? These pores are so ugly add to my depression ( another symptom of hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid problems ) Help ! !

  • 6Im joining the navy but i have low thyroid im taking medicine for it but will this be a problem in the navy?

    Im taking synthroid symptoms of low thyroid is depression that I've been feeling because of my last problem for me , do not know my real father I feel incomplete , feel unwanted and wats the use of the smile I have nothing to smile I can talk to someone about this, but still going to the Navy without any problem .

  • 7Multinodular goiter with normal thyroid levels cause thyroid symptoms?????????

    ok so for months I have had a lot of thyroid symptoms and have had many many thyroid tests done through blood tests . and always come back normal. I recently had an ultrasound and my thyroid is enlarged and multinodular really . had tested and was not cancerous . doctors are recommending it for me to have my thyroid removed , but I guarantee that my symtoms go away because I do not know if it is caused by the thyroid or not. My symptoms are anxiety attacks , depression , palpitations , fatigue , pain in the arm , sometimes fingertips are numb , dizziness , feeling off balance , more painful periods , and lots of other things . the only thing I do not understand is how can my thyroid enlarges while doctors say his Hude with nodules in it and function normally ? ? ? ? I do not know if I should go ahead with the surgery or not ? please if anyone has information or has seen something like this i really appreciate your help . i keep asking the doctors and they just seem not to know what is going on .

  • 8Generate a problem that can be used to illustrate the IDEAL problem-solving strategy the problem must be align?

    Educational Psychology : 1) I need to publish the result of learning along with the problem 2) I need the five steps in problem solving IDEAL strategy and identify each step in the processs and the solution to the problem

  • 9I think I have a depression problem a bi-polar problem and a drug problem now what?

    Well , my problem started in March this year ... so far I've looked for signs of depression problem and show me the majority of the signs of it and I've accepted the fact that I have all the above problems im 99% sure im bi - polar because I have dramatic mood swings ALL TIME ... And I guess this is the result of my drug problem I've been sober for about a month and it looks worse now that I'm sober (I used meth

  • 10Iam getting sleeping problem from two years and taking pills .how can i come out with this problem?

    I am working out of my country ..before i had lots of tension and stress then slowly i got this problem and then i couldn,t sleep with pills ..i am trying to do yoga but i couldn,t cconcentrate I stoped to drink alcohol from 2 years and i am taking -Alpazolam-0.5mg ,i am reducing amount making 4 pcs of one pill ..please if u have good idea or medical treatment then please let me tell..Thank you..

  • 11Which is the answer of this psycho problem about this psycho problem about anti-psychotic medicine SSRI?

    Which of the following is most likely to benefit from an SSRI like Prozac ? a) Tami , who is so addicted to cigarettes that now worries about his health b ) Jack , who has lost his sense of identity and deviated from his home to a distant city c ) Andrea , who hears imaginary voices telling her that she will suffer a fatal accident d ) Shannon , who feels powerless and apathetic and thinks his life is useless and meaningless I think the answer is C. Because the book is said that SSRIs may be used to treat the positive symptoms of schizophrenia. And the C client obviously has problems hallucination. D is only talking about a symptom of depression . Why the answer is D

  • 12Possible Thyroid condition?

    Hello , So I just wanted to know the opinion . I am a very active 26 years . I increased my training recently due to an international event next but I'm suffering from the following Exhaustion Extreme hunger but also sometimes nuasea Greasy hair normal Dolores Bad sleep patterns . Insomnia and waking up early. All of them could be related to the year ended , but I have a family history of thyroid disease . I started taking protein shake with a balanced diet and try to sleep as much as possible . I visit the doc ? If they do I just tell them what I think.