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QI think I have a thyroid problem...what do you think this could be?

I have 16 years and at least 5 women in my family have thyroid problems. During the past 5 months I have been experiencing extreme stress and fatigue , poor concentration , apathy and depression . These symptoms do not appear to be caused by something else ( my anxiety / depression issues have really declined , but I still feel like I have ** , but I'm happy and not worried ) and have not disappeared . My nails and hair break more easily , I often short of breath , and sometimes my heart rate seems much slower than normal . I have this strange feeling in the back and through my head constantly . ( . 's Pretty much the worst I've seen in my life ) My voice is weak and my throat hurts - but I think this could be stress ? and I have joint pain at all times .

Like many of the dairy products , so I do not know why I have hypothyroidism , but that's really what it seems .

My symptoms appear inconsistent with hyperthyroidism .

Thank you. :) Please do not respond if you have not read the whole thing.

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#1syAnswered at 2012-10-14 16:35:21
You do not have hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's disease ) . I have it and have no symptoms . I have an aunt who has hyperthyroidism and she has no symptoms either. A simple test at the doctor's office will tell you if you have any of them .
#2georgieAnswered at 2012-10-26 16:06:02
My niece has to problem. After taking homeopathic medication , she is completely cured . So, go for it .
#3gianinaAnswered at 2013-04-01 18:29:46
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I think I have a thyroid problem...what do you think this could be?

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