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For those in a Ph.D. program, what was your GRE score? related questions

  • 1For those in a Ph.D. program, what was your GRE score?

    I am an undergraduate student applies to graduate school in the fall . I'm looking to get my doctorate in psychology , and is rather close to this program and jump to get my masters . However, my practice GRE was not good ! I can not finish the question fast enough! ! ( Any advice on which is much appreciated !) For those of you admitted to doctoral or master's programs in psychology , you can let me know what your GRE score was for me to try to estimate the chances of getting anywhere. My grades are good , I'm in psy chi , researching and doing an internship in social sciences in Australia this fall , so I'm really just refers to how the GRE affect my chances of acceptance .

  • 2Getting into a phd program from undergrad with a poor GRE score?

    I am a graduate student with an average of 3.75 , research experience , good advice , and have worked full time supporting me throughout school. I'm trying to get a good program directly in School Psychology Ph.D. , and although I am taking preparation courses , my tests are between 1000-1100 . What are my chances of getting into a PhD program quality with this deficiency ? The deadlines are coming soon , so I have no time for further study and retake ... and I'm in a preparation course expensive now worries me is not enough to help even though I'm studying diligently .

  • 3Should I apply to grad schools wanting a minimum GRE score of 1200? My GRE score is 1170?

    Some of the schools on my list has 1200 as the minimum , but I have a 1170 on my first try . I have a 3.8 GPA overall and ( have ) a 4.0 for my last two years of college when I graduate . I am also in two different honor societies for each of my major ( English and Psychology ) . Should I consider applying these schools even though my GRE score is slightly lower than the minimum ? I know it hurt to try, but I would cut rates unnecessary applications if they are to pull out my application because I have the minimum score.

  • 4LGBT: Should I apply to grad schools wanting a minimum GRE score of 1200? My GRE score is 1170?

    I wonder because here I ask all here , and I'm not really getting answers in the appropriate section . If you ask

  • 5Regarding GRE scores, is a score of 650 on the verbal and 600 on the quantitative portion a good score?

    I know I can get over 700 on the verbal , not sure if I can do better on the math portion . Trying to get into a Masters program School of Psychology .

  • 6What is the average GRE general score of students accepted to the phd program in psychology?

    What is the average GRE score overall students accepted into the doctoral program in psychology ?

  • 7My TOEFL ibt score is 105 is that enough for pg in counseling psychology?My GRE score is 770?

  • 8So how low is my GRE score should I take it again?

    I have not studied and received a score of 440 on verbal and 450 on quantitative . I want to go to college to study social psychology . I have not received my test score . What do you think I should take it again ? How important are the results to be accepted ?

  • 9Is my ACT score too low to be accepted

  • 10Is a 1460 a bad Sat score?

    The first time I have a 1450 I know it's not much of a difference it plans to take a third time , but anyway in the fall. What score should I aim. Schools that interest me are NJCU , Montclair , William Patterson , Rutgers , Saint Peters , Penn State . I'm thinking somewhere specialize in the field of mathematics or science leans psychiatrist , doctor , veterinarian. My courses next year are AP English IV , IV Religion ( Catholic Schools ) , Anatomy , AP Calculus , Art Studio I ( not instead draw , edit and take photos / videos of MSG Varsity ) , Psychology and Economics . I also participate in several activities such as football , athletics , National Honor Society , Peer / Retirement Counselor juniors and playing guitar for a bit of a school band , but not really. I plan to work this summer hopefully in film or Fye . I have also completed three years of Spanish in high school . So plan on getting sleepless basically next year and want to get all college stuff out of the way as soon as possible so you can only enjoy the rest of my senior year . Any advice or tips really help me here . So I went far from it, but what kind of score would last me a great position for scholarships ? My parents I enrolled in a training course Sat , but I also wanted some feedback . Thank you !

  • 11What ACT score should I get to get into Northwestern?

    I know the average ACT score is 30. But I know my unweighted GPA is pretty low so I have to do to it. I took this month, but it felt very overwhelmed and unprepared. I have a 28 /:. Juniors usually take in April. I will prepare for this insurance and now I know how the test is so feel less overwhelmed. In addition, I have had through half of 2/Trig Algebra and yet it was a good part of mathematics. His third year. I have a GPA of 3.75. My GPA is high (4.80). Top 2% of class [22/1, 096] (is a great school lol). Always full honors. Sophomore year - 1 AP Junior year - 4 AP Senior Year - AP Planning 3 Third year grades- AP Biology - A Honors Biology Lab - B [could get an A] AP Language - B Honors Physics - A Honors Trig / Algebra 2 - AP Psychology - A AP Human Geography - A Honors Precalculus [this summer] - A I am stressing about the B! ACT - My school takes them in April, but I took it early and got a 28. I obviously need to raise it in April. Awards- Cook County Medal of Honor 2009 Cook County Medal of Honor 2010 Cook County Medal of Honor 2011 Kiwanis Volunteer 2010 Kiwanis Volunteering 2011 But probably will get more. Volunteer- In a hospital 2 times a week for four years. 600 hours and counting. I LOVE IT! Extra curricular (most of them from the first year) - Key Club (next year direction) Student Council (leadership next year) Best Buddies (year following address) Math Team Amnesty International ONE Environmental Club Polish Club He attended the Saturday Polish School since kindergarten. I'm getting my diploma this year Polish. Girl Scouts A few choruses Dance I will start future doctors of America club at my school! It'll be a sport JV / Varsity safely this spring. If not carried through the trials that will join track / other sport that everyone in contact. Fall of last year I will be in JV / Varsity Tennis. I have in the Varsity team this year, but it worked, so I could not. The reason I'm not very involved in sports clubs because they have a lot of time. Work experience- KMart Busboy Hospital this summer! It is possible that some practices this summer? This summer, I will be participating in a "college prep" Northwestern program. You basically attend a class / live on campus / etc. and college credit. I will also plan a visit to Northwestern / other good colleges this summer.

  • 12What can I do with a good GRE score and not much else?

    A few years ago I took the GRE and did pretty well , but decided not to go to graduate school to pursue a different career . I'm sick of this race and I feel I want to do something that involves a little more thought . I took a practice GRE and I realized that I've gotten much better on the verbal portion , and I did a little lackluster in the past tense . I imagine that with just a little review and practice that I can almost guarantee that I will get my score so high , like 750 + in both sections . The problem is that everything else is not as good . I went to a school well, I have an average of 3.3 , which has been a while since then and do not really have any people of recommendation . And I have no idea what I want to do , and I have great largely useless in psychology and a minor in philosophy . It would probably be good to be a professor of something , but not sure what . Is there any program that takes you to be a teacher with a good GRE and not much else ? With a free education ?