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is susten capsules 100 mg safe during pregnancy?? related questions

  • 1is susten capsules 100 mg safe during pregnancy??

    There are few side effects of using Susten Capsules 100 mg  ... You should not use Susten Capsules 100 mg if you are allergic to it, or have a heart, blood vessel, or liver disorder. You should not use it If you have had a miscarriage, experience abnormal vaginal bleeding, are pregnant or have breast cancer.  It is to be given ONLY when there is documented deficiency of this hormone leading to infertility called Inadequate luteal phase infertility. It is only approved for use in infertile women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF etc.  

  • 2Any OBGYNs out there? Is there an antidepressant that's safe to take during pregnancy?

    I am currently on Effexor XR 37.5mg . I have tried to discard it . When I'm not taking anything, I have terrible panic attacks and can not work. I cry all the time . I want to have a baby . I have moved and have never seen a gynecologist more than once . I have to find a permanent trust. I have read some things online where some people say it is okay to take during pregnancy , but other doctors say

  • 3Any OBGYNs out there? Is there an antidepressant that's safe to take during pregnancy?

    I'm currently on Effexor XR 37.5mg. I've tried to come off of it. When I'm not taking something, I have terrible panic attacks and cannot function. I cry all the time. I want to have a baby. I have moved and have never seen the same gyno more than once. I need to find a permanent one I trust. I've read some things online where some people say it's ok to take it while pregnant, but other doctors say "no way."

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  • 5What drugs are usually safe to take during pregnancy? Anti-depressants? Ambien? Konopin? Tylenol? etc?

    I'm on Wellbutrin , I know I have to talk to my doctor before getting pregnant . But I have so much fear that only goes out of her back will make my depression worse. And with all those hormones swirling around , woohoo ! In addition , I have bad allergies and asthma and chronic insomnia to take me for Ambien . I guess I'll have to learn to live without these drugs for a while ? Sometimes they say that the mother takes drugs can sometimes outweigh the risks of leaving drugs. With my history of depression and anxiety , I have a feeling it might be one of those people .... but definitely do not want to cause any harm to my unborn baby . I know I should talk to my doctor, and I will, but wanted to hear any of your experiences with this type of situation? Thanks in advance !

  • 6How safe is Effexor (225mg) taken throughout entire pregnancy? Experiences sought on newborn withdrawal sympt?

    I'm planning my second pregnancy and low perinatal psychiatric counseling is advised to leave Effexor (225 mg ) for the first quarter . I spent eight weeks progressively Eff . and 2 days after the last dose (37.5) I was very depressed . I realize I need Effexor (I have treatment resistant depression ) . I was taken off Effexor to 10 weeks prior to pregnancy (anterior negligence psych ) and suffered horrific withdrawal on top of morning sickness . I also had a tremendous amount of stress at the time. I had prenatal and NDP . I ended up in the psychiatric ward of 5 months pregnant and was placed on Zoloft with minimal effect . My husband and I really want another child, but I am reluctant because of the history of depression and PND . I prefer to keep my usual amt Effexor but I am very concerned about the effect this could have on the development of a fetus and newborn withdrawal symptoms . Another child is well . The answers only from people who have experieced Effexor pregnancy . I can not function w / out Effexor .

  • 7Pregnancy symptoms, second pregnancy ?

    I have 17 years I have a daughter of 8 months ( from a previous relationship ) and separated in June. I had severe postnatal depression and gave my daughter to her father for 8 weeks , I still had contact, but I did not feel a bond . with my ex - boyfriend from being a complete control freak , i lost most of my teenage life . I spent my 17th birthday on the 16th sitting in his bedroom while he played on the xbox . i was not allowed to leave and was abusive . so I took the first opportunity I could to get out .. Right now I'm seeing someone else get along very well , we are like the same interests , the same and we just clicked . we have been seeing for almost three months and have had a period since I had my baby . That was three weeks ago today . a couple of days ago I had really bad cramps accompanied by some bleeding , so it is suspected that it was my time of the month again . because I did not know how to regulate my periods would .. Now yesterday I was an emotional wreck . i went from almost crying , to be angry , quiet , very grumpy . I have back pain and I was sick last week so I did not eat anything for three days . but now I can not stop eating ! I do not know if I 'm making for it or what, but I'm worried she might be pregnant again. I do not know if it's just me being paranoid , but every year no idea seem to add up to me?

  • 8How safe is ecstacy ?

    Shrooms and acid? etc. Serious answerers only.

  • 9How safe is my boyfriend going to be?

    So, like many people today, including myself, my boyfriend is struggling to pay for college. He works on a farm, so your family has enough money .. for them .. and to keep food in the mouth (which also has two younger brothers.) My boyfriend solution to this, of course. the Army. Needless to say I'm not talking about it .. thrilled.So he took his Asvat .. I think it's called, which is like a military placement test and scored in the top 8 percentile. It's a bright kid, and he wanted to be a linguist in a while ... and then changed his mind ... Long story short, at this time, want to join this official program? Start with an R. .. but more or less he gets his first two years of college paid ... and the army pay for it ... and then depending on how, what you study, the third and fourth year of college, he enlisted for a job that relates to what you study. He goes to a state university to take psychology, but is actually very interested in game development and design. We talked about what could be a psychologist, and why would not he be in danger of that ... But I'm still worried, of course. I worry that the army will pull a fast one .. and make him an infantryman or somthing. My boyfriend is very convinced that, since he is so smart (which he is.) And scored well, let's just not put it in the fire solo ... they're going to keep it safe. I'd like to believe that, but I do not know ... Does that logic seems legit? ... I know there are probably a risk no matter what I do ... I did not want to risk life-threatening ... ... with .. bullets ... I'm probably very biased as well. I have a relative few who were in the army and either never returned or were really mentally fucked ... I am proud of our soldiers and what they do, but there are other ways to pay for college .. I guess I disagree with my boyfriend. Help!

  • 10Should my son have MMR vaccine? It is safe or not?

    My child is now 14 months old .

  • 11Hibiscus safe for dog to eat?

    I saw him eating the flowers off the bush. Leaves can be eaten as well, but not sure.

  • 12If someone criticizes everything about you, is it safe to say that they do not like you?

    I was wondering what other people thought about this topic. Just because I like to draw my own conclusions on the matter. Basically, during the time I've known this person that has bothered me, belittled me, and I criticized more than anyone I've ever met. Some examples are: As I was going through puberty, said she "never had acne", and reminded me how uncomfortable it made them feel just for me. As I started eating more, said "I'm too fat" and encouraged others to take note of my weight, discussing the problem only when others were around. When I started starving, the same person, began to say how I lost my "feminine" way. And when I became very sick with pneumonia and had rashes all over the body. This person told me that my condition was probably due to me "sleep with" - ... it's crazy and untrue . To make matters worse, this person blames me almost everything that goes wrong in your life, or lashes out at me when something unpleasant to them. So after reading about just a preview of some of the reviews of my mother. You just came to the conclusion that she really did not like. I'm an adult now, (21), this is what I have come to believe. I've talked to other people about it, but I get the more generic "Oh that's not possible" answers, so I'd like to hear from people who have no prejudices, comment on this situation. I could notice that my mother has a master's degree in Psychology and Child Psychology, so I'm sure she is well aware of his actions. It seems as if she is more than disappointed with my appearance and ignores any of my successes. It is obvious that she only thinks the worst of me? Im not afraid to the conclusion that I do not like, but what would you say about it?