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QAn Assortment of symptoms, any ideas?

For the past six months I have has abdominal pain on the left side. There appears to be no relation to when I eat or anything. It can vary from severe to mild. Twice in the past six months I have had pain so bad that I could not even walk, which lasted about 10 minutes. Many times I have an upset stomach that prevents me from eating.

I also have been getting severe pain in my chest on the left side that sometimes spreads to the right side. The pain lasts for about 20 seconds before it disappears.

I also have severe pain with bowel movements-which only happens once every 2-3 days.

At times I will be laying in bed when my whole body begins to feel numb, or I feel like thousands of tiny needles are poking my arms and legs.

I also have been getting severe headaches above my eyes, most on the left but sometimes over both.

I am a 20 year old female

I am looking for any ideas, besides the go see a doctor advice. I am waiting until I have an idea of what to tell them to look for. The last few times I have gone in I have been brushed off as just having depression. I am not wasting any more money/time at the doctors until I have a better idea of what might be wrong.


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An Assortment of symptoms, any ideas?

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