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  • 1Is this normal for a 16 year old girl?

    Hi, I am a 16 year old girl. I am at college, well kind of. Anyway, I know none of you can diagnose me on the internet, I just want opinions/ advice etc. So I guess I will start from the beginning (from when I was young)- * My parent didn't like me, They called me names, said they would rather I be dead, I'm pathetic, Low life, disgusting, ugly etc. Pretty much every name you can think of. * They used to hit me, kick me, throw me across rooms, pull my hair, shove soap down my mouth etc. * I was bullied throughout parts of school. * I was sexually assaulted at 13 years old. Anyway so now I am 16, I am at college, finished high school last year- well I dropped out halfway through because it just got too much, I have been having the following symptoms- * Mood swings, like very bad, I will literally go from feeling very confident and hyper to very depressed- The other night I was crying for like 2 hours straight, I even thought about attempting suicide as it gets so severe but then ill be great. * I do stupid stuff, I know everyone does this at times but I do really dumb things, I have had unprotected sex with guys I dont even know and then straight after I feel horrid about it. I have took loads of tablets at once. * I have extreme anger outburst- Like the other day, I saw my sister using my moms ipad, I went up and punched her in the face, I just cant help it. * If someone says the littlest thing it makes me so mad, like if they say something that should be a compliment then I will turn it into a insult. I don't mean to do this. * I have paranoid thoughts, like that people are watching me and I am not safe. * I have dissociation symptoms now and again, where I will do things that I dont remember doing, I will be out with people that I don't know etc. There's others too but I cant really think of them right now, anyway, is there something wrong with me? What should I do? Also I'm at college and I hardly ever show up, I don't know why, something just comes over me, I go in everyday but walk straight out, My mom says Im a good for nothing. Can I just note that at 15 I had depression, even though my psychiatrist didn't even listen to what I had too say. And she said I had that after like 40 minutes.

  • 2Is it normal/okay for a girl to withdraw from a guy when she thinks she's falling for him?

    There's this guy who I've known personally for about a year now (before that I knew who he was through my brother, but I was never friends with him.) Our relationship's been a little strange. When I first met him, I thought he hated me so I made it a point to avoid him. Then I gradually let him in after learning that he had no problem with me. And for months, we were just friends. We saw each other at school and we would talk then but that was it. Then in about January, I guess some things clicked and we became really close. I learned some things about him that I would have never imagined he was going through. I found out that he suffers from chronic insomnia and he's lucky if he gets 2 hours of sleep any night of the week. So we kinda formed a ritual. Every night I would text him around 11 after I finished my homework, and we would just talk until I fell asleep on him around 12:30ish. And we began to form a really tight bond, as he became my best friend and I became his. These little 'text sessions,' they happened pretty much every night and we wouldn't just talk about nonsense. We talked about really deep things, really important things. He just became my best friend, and I told him over and over that he was my everything and that I would be lost without him. But now, I'm starting to realize that my feelings towards him are changing. I'm starting to depend on him, and I get hurt when he's not there for me. And every single night, I'm thinking about him. From about 9pm to the time I go to sleep, I'm constantly thinking about him. And it's beginning to scare me. So recently, I've withdrawn from him completely. I no longer text him at night, and I just don't want to have any interactions with him anymore. I just wanna know, like what's going on? I'm afraid that I'm falling in love with him, so in order to protect myself I'm trying to withdraw my feelings from him so that I don't get hurt. I don't know. I don't wanna lose my relationship with him, but I'm just so afraid. Any advice? Thanks.

  • 3Very depressed 14 year old girl?

    i just got back from a 5 month drug and behavioral treatment center, it was a big step to start going back to school, now everyone makes fun of me, and i spend all my time in between classes crying in a bathroom stall.. im starting to remember why i did so much drugs and i want to go back to it, even though i am on probation and im recovering, why are people so mean? I feel hopless and ive never, ever, throughout my life have thought about killing myself so seriously, and i was put into a mental hostpital for trying to, i just cut myself really deep and it felt so good, this depression is taking over me, i barley talk unless i have to at school, and everyone talks about my abortion like im not in the room, i want to die wat should i do? helpme im afraid to ask my probation officer to let me go to counceling because she might drug test me, please, i dont know if i will make it thru the night

  • 4What advice do you have for a 18 year old girl?

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  • 5Does this 13 year old girl have a mental disorder? If so what is it?

    Sorry, doing this for a story. So I have some symptoms and found out that there was a mental disorder based on these symptoms. I just want to see what they are. There's this one girl who's been alone for a very long time. She may have strange behavioral problems. I'm not sure if that's normal for a 13 yr old girl or not. Let's pretend. I want to see if this girl has a mental disorder based on her behavior. - She has been alone for a long time. She lives with one parent isolated from human contact. - She didn't learn to speak until she was around 8 or 9., by then she could only say one or two words at a time. -When she didn't learn to speak, she can very well understand human speech. - when separated from the only person she knows, she gets afraid, apprehensive and agitated. And she will do anything to see him again. -She's afraid of the other children, she doesn't want to play with them. -With other adults, it takes a while for her to get close to them, She only gets attached to one * 5 minutes ago * - 1 week left to answer. Additional Details 1 second ago He only gets attached to one adult at a time. She usually clings to them I guess. She doesn't know what this feeling is. Everytime she sees people laughing together, she has this feeling in her chest. And every time she feels it she either cries or goes insane. She's used to being alone. She was never bullied just feared. Do you think there is a mental disorder there? If so, what are the disorders can you think of. You can pick more than one. Please this is for a story.

  • 6I am a 14 year old girl, how may I treat my depression?

    I recently lost my grandmother, whom I was very close and dear to him, and I could not cope with the realization that he was gone. I'm starting to see that I will never recover. We had moved just when my grandmother was ill in the hospital, he returned to his house (we were living with her for three years, until about three months ago). I always had my grandmother, and I miss her so much, and it's just now hitting me, the impact of the loss. She died a month ago. This shirt starting in high school made me very stressed. I'm in all honors classes and I missed school so much that I have the remedial work and then work overload. I've always been an AB student in advanced classes, always taking care of the school and my future. But lately I've found it hard to see myself being anything more than average. I will not attend an Ivy League university, I will not have my doctorate in psychology (ironic), and I will not make any positive impact on the world. I am not important. Before school started, these things were my ultimate goals in life. If I had not done these things before you die then I was a failure (in my mind). But now I see myself as a failure without conditions. I was born to be nothing. Only one other person who wanders the Earth, takes up space and wasting air we breathe. My grades are falling, and I've had the lowest levels of these nine weeks I've had in my life. I'm in an accelerated program that can easily be expelled if my grades get below 75. I do not want that, but I can not help feeling that I'm not smart enough. I am not who everyone thinks I am. People, from the beginning, I thought I was depressed and needed help, even before my grandmother died, and at that time I was not. I'm just very shy and have social anxiety. I was happy and full of life and crazy - fun. But now my friends almost not want to leave me for my behavior, and I can not help it. I treated that person, and try to convince everyone that I'm fine and I can be nice, but maybe he was just trying to convince myself that I was fine. The truth is that I am not at all. Please help me, what should I do? I can not talk to my mother about this. She is the person I'm closer, I thought I could tell him anything, but I can not talk about my depression. Is there a way to cure my depression without her knowing? I can not go to the doctor either, so I do not have access to antidepressants. I do not like talking to people about my feelings and emotions and would rather not see my counselor or teacher or anyone else you can suggest seeking help. Only some average daily habits I can get into that would help my depression. Thank you very much. And thanks for reading all this. Appreciate it.

  • 7Does asking for mental help mean your weak ima 15 year old girl?

    I have been noticed in treatment for six months and was diagnosed depresstion , panic disorder , social anxiety disorder and bi - polar imm waccked upp ! I never told anyone anything serious , meanwhile how I was raped by two ppl .. And lived with crack addicts do not know what to do! ! I can not take it anymore

  • 8I'm a 15 year old girl with a few problems, what do you think is wrong with me?

    I'm 15 in a week. I was thinking that maybe I have bipolar disorder, well actually I'm convinced I have it. I just need a second opinion. Sometimes I get so depressed that I don't know why. I just feel so low. I've even tried committing suicide, I slit my wrists and tried over dosing on Ibuprofen (not as strong as I thought though). I feel so sad and alone, like no one understands me. I feel worthless and guilty for even being born, I feel like everything my mum says is against me. I have awful concentration, completely appalling. I think this accounts for my memory loss as well.. I'll learn something in a lesson and then the next lesson I can't even remember if I was there, let alone what we'd learned. I sleep a lot. Fall asleep in class, even fell asleep before my exam. I'm easily irritated by my friends when I'm on this 'depressive' side. I don't eat for the whole of the school day and usually breakfast, but then want to eat a lot when I get home to when I go to sleep. That probably has nothing to do with it, but I'll chuck it in there anyway. I'm always tired, my mind will think slowly and the words I say come out slowly. I don't get excited or happy about anything, I'll go pretty much emotionless unless something hilarious happens. I'll suddenly get really happy. I won't listen to what anyway says, teachers, parents, no one. I feel.. Invincible. For example, I'll feel like I can take anyone on. Even the really rough girls at my school that knife people, I'm not scared of them. I have racing thoughts.. I can't sleep because of them, however am usually hyperactive in the morning. I'll muck around in class and not do any work, just annoying people or doing anything to distract others. Sometimes I'll be like I'm on drugs, but usually I'm just good spirited! I'll do reckless things, like go down the beach instead of going to lessons. Or smoke down the bottom of the field. I've climbed out a window at school before, just to get out of that lesson. Afterwards I thought, what the hell was up with me it was like it was a different person doing it. I do reckless things a lot when I'm good spirited and just deal with the consequences later. I don't switch moods like every 5 minutes. Sometimes a mood lasts for a whole day or whole week. Then I'll suddenly just fall down to rock bottom. It's awful. So, what do you think is wrong with me? Should I try and get help? Pro plus and anti-depressents do not work when I'm on a low by the way. Thank you in advance :)

  • 9What should I expect from a 17 year old Autistic girl?

    My brother friends 17 year old little sister is Autistic :/ Im going to be meeting her tomorrow and am a little bit nervous about it as I dont know what to expect ! I asked my brother (as he has met her before) but what he said dint help. All he said was that I had better be nice to her because even though she is my age, she is different from me and my friends and I cant talk to her the way I talk to my friends :S When I asked him what he meant by her being different he said that her attitude isnt as bad as mine and she doesnt swear - A great help. . . My boyfriend said that people suffering from Autism have a problem with their site - When you talk to them they don't look at you so you think they can't hear you but they actually can. He also mentioned that you can not touch them or they will go mad :S

  • 10Im a 15 year old girl. Have I got autism? ive read some symptoms and i think I might have it?

    Autism ive looked online and I seem to have most of the symptoms. I've always known im a little socially awkward as I have trouble talking to new people, but I'm fine with my friends I've got now. However, I always seem to lose friends and spend time with new ones, but I'm never happy with my friends and I always think there's better. But I thought that people with autism do not like the change? I am a 15 year old girl and I'm in a normal school. I'm doing well, getting As, Bs and Cs in my GCSEs and hoping to become a primary school teacher. but mostly I struggle to speak with a large group of people, but I thought it was just a lack of confidence. When I was very young I learned to speak later than normal children so my mother always had a suspicion and I started to mourn when someone held me as a baby ive also read as a symptom. Although my grandmother hugged me mourn immediately stopped and was fine. Ive also had obsessions, such as the Internet, a safe toy, tv program, etc. But I do not think I have one really at the minute, I'm just concentrating on school work. Just do not feel good and I think I can have autism. I struggle with eye contact, do not know why, but I just do not like to look people in the eye for a long time, they tend to use hand gestures much I guess it's pretty irriating for some people. Also, if you are talking about a topic and then sometimes I want to change back to that issue that I've read as a syptom. I've been to the doctors, because my mom made me, but the doctor said it was just a normal teenager. I think I look like, but there is something not right. Although I'm not sure what I want to do something about it right now because I'm worried it will affect my chances of going to sixthform and become a primary school teacher. I struggle but I just thought it would be better when I'm old, but now I'm doubting it. Does anyone think that could have or not? please help.

  • 11I am a twelve year old girl and after doing some research, I think I have depression.?

    So far I have almost all the symptoms , and I'm thinking of telling or asking someone for taking drugs . If I take the medication , would it be safe for someone as young as me ? If I do , if I keep it to myself and keep trying to deal with it ? I really do not want to burden my family , but lately I've been restless, tearful , with thoughts of guilt , and almost every day the smallest things make me want to hide and mourn . What should I do ?

  • 12Depressed 15 year old girl. Just moved to a new apartment and want to get away. What to do?

    I've been depressed for a long time . I was tested in 7th grade and was found with severe depression and anxiety . Over time I've gotten kicked out of a school I hated , Entered at school I liked and was doing better . Then I was uprooted to move to a cheaper place . I miss my old friends and Have not yet made ​​any new ones . I hate my new school . It was fine at first , but depression has set in. again and I'm feeling more physical symptoms. I'd run away if not for the fact I could not bring my beloved dog . I want to go to someplace quiet where I can work through things , but I've heard several bad things about Mental hospitals . I can not go through my life like this . I can not wait it out and dad will not let me stay home . If You have any suggestions , please tell me . I need help but do not know where to find it . Oh , and I already have a team psychologist and mental health of people who do not do **** . I'm poor as dirt in Albuquerque , NM .