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What are some medicinal uses for marijuana? related questions

  • 1What are some medicinal uses for marijuana?

  • 2Arizona Medicinal Marijuana?

    I just moved to Arizona to benefit from using medical marijuana and being able to medicate legally . I am staying in a hotel right now and working on getting an apartment and work . My symptoms are stress , depression and pain . What steps do I have to follow to get a card? Thanks in advance

  • 3What are some diseases or conditions that are treated with medicinal marijuana?

    just wondering.

  • 4What are a list of symptoms one can get a prescription for medicinal marijuana for?

    if you cant find a full list a couple symptoms would be great.

  • 5Whats a good substitute for medicinal marijuana?

    I smoke marijuana for anxiety , depression and mood swings evil . However, I just moced from Los Angeles to Las Vega , where products and legality are both incomplete . Im tired of paying $ 20 a G for shwag . Is there something I can replace easily attainable rhat marinuana looking for? Spices not a substitute ad the first person to say that salvia is a moron . Like that annoying fred says: I NEED MY MEDICATION !

  • 6Would a 16 year old be able to acquire a medicinal marijuana card in Alaska? ? ?

    I have possible insomnia and possible depression. Never officially been certified by a doctor though. Believe me when I say that I feel I legitamately have these problems. Especially in the winter when there is only a few hours of daylight. I feel as if the darkness has been effecting me and I have often considered suicide. I also sometimes go days without sleep. I stare at the ceiling. Or my clock. Waiting for the next day. If anyone knows please, help would be appreciated.

  • 7Suffering from chronic insomnia, CONSIDERING MEDICINAL MARIJUANA, pls share advice/experiences? PLEASE HELP?

  • 8Non-medicinal help for Insomnia???

    I can not sleep . Really. I've always had trouble sleeping , but this is ridiculous . I'm exhausted beyond rational thought . I can not take any sedatives ( have had reactions to Ambien and several others) , I reduce my caffeine ( I drank because I was so tired from lack of sleep ) , I'm not stressing about everything for you , etc. Sex relaxes me , but does not help me sleep . I tried several herbal remedies , but do not help. Everything I 've tried relaxing , but do not actually help me sleep . I 'm going to bed at 10 o'clock at night , tossing and turning until about 1 or 2 am , sleeping occasionally until about 5 or 6 , and then sleep HARD from 6 to about 7:30. .. that is when I have to , with great effort , get my butt out of bed to go to work . Any idea ? I'm open to anything ... I will fight with a rabid badger if it will help me sleep .

  • 9Why is marijuana good or bad for you? If you are anti-marijuana, why?

    I want to hear both sides, I have heard lots of pros and cons, but if you are anti marijuana, why are you? If you support legalization, why do you?

  • 10Most popular medicinal herbs for garden?

    I am starting a Chinese medicinal herb garden and just wanted to know what are some of the must have herbs that I should get?

  • 11Is there any natural ,medicinal or surgical cure for snoring?

    Please send only serious answers . Others will send frivolous matter

  • 12Marijuana use....Help please?

    I have a friend who is in detox for marijuana (7-10 days) also have depression , anxiety , suicidal thaughts occasional tantrums, etc. , which has been on antidepressants for a while and went to detox your account agreement. i thaught things went well according to the telephone conversation we had last night ....... until ...... called me just now and said he can not deal with, who are doping up on vallium who has never had ! and feeling vallium is doing better than drugs ever did , said he can not handle the situation and he knows that as soon as he gets home is smoke more , you are feeling depressed and suicidal .... hass known drug caused all theese mental health problems ..... I'm really worried ... My question is .. vallium will help while he is there? Are you making it worse? Does anyone know of a great treatment facility in Australia ? please help .. he is not an occasional smoker , use it from morning to night