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  • 1Who HATES having aspergers syndrome?

    I do and I HATE IT!!!! I have no friends, no social life, I got beaten up, harassed, assaulted, ignored, yelled at, got things thrown at, and left out! No matter how much I tried to fit in, I NEVER do! People just leave me out of activities and I end up at home on weekends doing nothing while everyone's out there parting having a great time!!! People told me that people especially girls with autism are not meant to have friends because they're weird. Even my family members leave me out of thing. School was a NIGHTMARE!!!!! People HATED my guts. I didn't even do anything to them. I just gonna give up making friends because NOBODY wants to be friends with me.

  • 2Do I have Aspergers Syndrome?

    I am a 14 year old girl . I want to explain something to you, and what kind tell me your honest opinion. I think I have Asperger syndrome . I have not diagnosed , but I have more or less self-diagnosed me . My mom does not think what I have . Like, I will ask things about me since I was a child , and she told me that one is I use it to go everywhere on my toes. And I said :

  • 3Do you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

    I'm 13 year old Girl. In the 8th grade. I think I have Aspergers Autism. "Aspergers Syndrome", I have researched ALOT about it, and I have quite a few of the symptoms, and I would really, and truly like to know if I had this or not. Syptoms I have "Down Below" - I don't like having eye contact with people. - I'd rather hangout by Myself than with other people. "Even though I have alot of friends, and they hang with Me." - I have a creative mind, and tend to use a proper vocabulary, even though my voice isn't that *toned* in real life when I speak. - People catch Me rocking back, and fourth, or haveing any form of movements with hands, feet, ect.. -&Ect. The reason why I researched Aspergers in the first place, is because I had this Friend Who had it, so I wanted to know a little bit more about it. I use to be a really big loner when I was a kid, also. Even though I think I have it, My mom just thinks I *think* something is wrong with Me. I just want to know if I have it, or not, but she wont take the time out of her day to help me with this. Please answer, thank you.

  • 4Do I have Aspergers syndrome?

    I would highly appreciate answers for this for it has been eating me for so long. I think I have Aspergers syndrome. But these thoughts started about a year ago or so because of my strange behavior and things I think back to. I never suspected it as younger, but I wonder if that's because I never really came across someone with it, nor did I really read about it? When I was younger, I used to go very hunched. But when I got older I somehow stopped, but I've experienced other symptoms now. I can not tell if I have relatives with Aspergers because I don't live with my dad, nor do I talk to him. I only live with my mother and I am the only child. I know that on my mom's side, there are no relatives with aspergers or autism. The only really good support I get, is from a friend and my school. My school is amazing and they always help me if I need help. I have told one of my teachers about this and she has agreed on that my behavior is quite different. I almost don't THINK I have it, I'm almost SURE I have it. I'm going to a psychiatrist on Thursday, but I somehow am worried they will not diagnose me with it. I have a friend I've known for quite some time that has aspergers, and she was mainly the one that pushed me to finally call for help so I can get myself checked, for she really thinks I am an aspie. My mom does not believe I have it, and she thinks I am imagining it. But my mother does not know me well because I tend to isolate myself from her. My symptoms are the following: 1) I cannot see people in the eyes. It's an incredibly difficult task and it makes me feel uncomfortable. 2) I really dislike gymnastics and showing my body off to people. It got so bad, my teacher and I had to let me skip the gymnastic classes so I could write assignments connected to gymnastics instead. 3) My self esteem is incredibly low, and I avoid dressing rooms and mirrors. 4) I have very different thoughts than others and my classmates. 5) I easily get upset; It usually happens during lessons. At one time, about a week ago, I was forced to look at my phone to check the time because I wanted to see if it was an uneven number displayed, and my teacher had told me to put it down. When he did, I almost wanted to cry and felt horrible for the rest of the day. I still think about it. 6) I cannot concentrate in school when it comes to subjects I can't focus on. 7) Although I have a burning and passionate interest in the subjects I like and I can never stop practicing my Japanese. (English, Swedish, and Japanese only.) 8) I have a hard time going to the bathroom if my mother is awake in the house. 9) I need to lock my door, even if nobody is home. It feels safe, and if I have it unlocked when my mom is home I feel horrible. 10) I dislike breaking habits. 11) I easily get annoyed and I start sweating if I end up getting too annoyed. 12) It's really hard to be social in new groups. I am fine with a friend I've known for a long time, but once I need to get out and meet other people, I instantly lock myself in. And once I have been outside for quite some time with people, I somehow need a "break" from it by staying alone at home. 13) My speech is not the best. At times, I find myself sluddering or stuttering. Especially when I am arguing with my mother, I end up stuttering and saying the opposite meaning of what I mean. If I'm supposed to say "I did that yesterday!" I'll end up shouting "I did that today!" 14) I've heard I am unbelievably talented in learning languages. These are just a few of the symptoms I am experiencing, I didn't want to write out all of them because I have a feeling people will just ignore this if there is too much text. So I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback from more people. It would help me so much.

  • 5Do you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

    Okay, now this might be sorta long. Just saying. I think I have Aspergers. My mother doesn't. I've done some research, and whatnot, and come to found out that it's likely to not see Aspergers in a girl. Symptoms I have: Rocks back and forth (sometimes) Doesn't like to look people in the eyes. Gets mad easily. Rude to people without knowing that I'm being rude. :/ Acts "Weirder" than other people. ........... I get focused on certain subjects such as the band Hollywood Undead, and researching things such as "Aspergers Syndrome" My mom doesn't think I'm focused on any subjects though. .... I prefer to be by myself, or with my friends. Never with my parents, or family. And I'd rather be by myself than with friends, but I tend to hangout with them as well. ..... I'm going to be 14 in January! .... When I was in headstart I got anger tantrums every day. I once kicked the principle in the balls, because he was trying to make us go back to class instead of staying out for recess. It was so bad they made me stay in headstart for 2 years. :P I still get mad, but tend to controll it better than I use to. I usually just grab my head, and shake...... Or yell......... Or ignore.... Or other things. Like hit the walls, throw things. I threw a chair at school the other day, cuz a teacher made me sit by myself for no apparent reason other than her being a complete bi***. .... I know you may consider those anger issues, and I would have to agree with you on that, but it's a common Aspergers symptom as well. :P .... As I said before though, my mom doesn't think I have it, and trys to ignore the subject. .... I honestly think I have it, but she wont take me to a sitarist, so no point of going to a doctor. Comment and tell Me if You think I have it! Thank You!!!!!!! (: Also, I have trouble reading people. Like idk what they are feeling, amd shtuffff. BTW I act different than other teenagers.

  • 6Does my son have Aspergers Syndrome?

    Hi I heard about autism and Asperger syndrome and did not know much about him. I always thought my 13 year old son had an abnormal behavior . Has daily routines , for example , wakes up at 5 in the morning and eat the same cereal and then take a shower if this routine has changed slightly as empty cereal will have a huge melting will start yelling or screaming if i MOVE3 something somewhere is going to go ballistic . Every night he goes to bed at 8 and read for 15 minutes. It has terrible handwriting and do not like writing things large . He is very smart and knows many facts about science and social studies. Or math loves to read and always have a book. Always kind of sad and jokes receives no other children and I can not look at other children in the eye that I noticed and kind of shakes with other people and get nervous . He does not really show emotion or whenever I try to give her father a hug that will harden and type of back i live these are symptoms if you know please share with me ? How's that for an Asperger child ? This happened recently probably started having great signs when I was 8 so he can get over time ? thank you!

  • 7What does it mean to have aspergers syndrome?

    I was told last night by my mother, that I have a " very very mild case of aspergers ". It kind of surprised me, and i'm just wondering, what does it mean? Do I die at an earlier age, or am I just retarded? I'm a normal 15 year old girl, at a normal school, with normal friends. I read that it's on the "autistic spectrum", does that mean that i'm very mildly autistic? Don't tell me to look it up. A lot of things on google lead to Wikipedia, and are only talking about serious cases. There's nothing wrong with asking a question that I want to ask on Yahoo Answers. Help? Thanks. :)

  • 8Does this sound like Aspergers Syndrome?

    I have 14 years , and for years I never felt really well . Since I knew how to use a computer, find what might be wrong with me . ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder , depression . But never really fit . I was wondering what you think: - I have trouble keeping a conversation , and I'm always thinking about what I 'm going to say next . It's not important , I have good friends , I have to force myself to just talk most of the time . - I can not make eye contact with people. I just I can not. - I did not know how to ride a bike until I was 8, goes well in playgrounds (I could use the stairs and go down the slide , but never go to any of the other things ) until I was atleast 7. < Br > - I have a dream strange pattern 'I'm sorta obsessed with certain TV shows , talk about them a lot and knows almost everything about the characters and the actors and everything. - There are a couple of small things , but I think my point . I know it's not important , I was wondering if it sounds like one might have a mild case ? ( I'm very good at hiding my social behavior forced me to speak , and I stand before about my obsession , and try to stay away from things that need a lot of coordination - . I can play some sports though. ) Thank you. :)

  • 9Know any children with Aspergers Syndrome?

    I have a daughter who is 3 next February and have a long awaited peds appointment in January. I have had a few comments from family and friends and preschool to ask him about Asperger's Syndrome? I’ve read a bit about it on the internet etc but its not saying much about young kids. She is a bright and bubbly little thing but have notice she has some difficultly interacting with other kids, when she plays with blocks she will single out the same sort and only play with those and will not mix them up, sometimes has extreme difficulty doing things that involves listening and talking (thou she does have a serious speech delay), will sit there and just repeat things like she'll be out the back and look out and see my car and it will be a couple of mins of "mummy’s car" and has limited eye contact at times... Is there anyone that has or knows any kids with asperger's and does sound familiar?

  • 10What is the difference between aspergers syndrome and PDDNOS?

    My sister is considered only to have PDDNOS and not full aspergers because she has no obsessive interest, however she repeats many things, like lining things up, which is part of the obsession criterea. So how bad does aspergers have to be for it to be aspergers and not pdd-nos?

  • 11Symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome in teenagers?

  • 12Is it Social Anxiety or Aspergers Syndrome?

    Ever since I was a kid my mom thought I had a slight case of Autism. I was strange in ways that I didnt show emotion or affection, and I was the brightest but also the shyest kid in class. Pain never bothered me much, which I know is a symptom of Aspergers, and I didnt start talking until I was nearly 3 years old. One thing that makes me question whether I have Social Anxiety is that when I'm with a group of people or a crowd then I get very fidgety and nervous. I close up and keep catching myself staring at the door...ready to run for it. I cant even follow the conversations because my mind goes in a million different directions at once. Also, I freak out if people move fast or touch me....dont know how much this helps, but I'm so curious to know why I have so many issues. Thanks.