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QDo I have panic/anxiety disorder?

Here are my symptoms;

1) Poor concentration

2) Always worried every day

3) Sometimes feel shortness of breath

4) Lump in the throat feeling sometimes

5) Unwanted thoughts or behaviour

6) Mood swings

7) I think I am hallcinating, but I know I am picturing things in front of me

8) My online test results show I am no where near having Bipolar/ADHD, Severe Depression

9) I know I am not Bipolar(Manic Depressive), because when I have my ups during the day, I do not feel 'hyper' or 'wired', and I do not harm others

10) I worry about my health A LOT!!

11) My best friend thinks I worry too much and I am Paranoid!



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Do I have panic/anxiety disorder?

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