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What is are the differences between austism, aspergers syndrome, social anxiety disorder and PTSD? related questions

  • 1What is are the differences between austism, aspergers syndrome, social anxiety disorder and PTSD?

    In the past I have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder &panic attack disorder. Since then I have read about PTSD and think I also have this. My family thinks I have autism and a family friend told me that I act like them and that they have aspergers syndrome. I want to know what the clear differences are as everything seems so generalised that anybody out of each could be classified as having one of the others.

  • 2Is it Social Anxiety or Aspergers Syndrome?

    Ever since I was a kid my mom thought I had a slight case of Autism. I was strange in ways that I didnt show emotion or affection, and I was the brightest but also the shyest kid in class. Pain never bothered me much, which I know is a symptom of Aspergers, and I didnt start talking until I was nearly 3 years old. One thing that makes me question whether I have Social Anxiety is that when I'm with a group of people or a crowd then I get very fidgety and nervous. I close up and keep catching myself staring at the door...ready to run for it. I cant even follow the conversations because my mind goes in a million different directions at once. Also, I freak out if people move fast or touch me....dont know how much this helps, but I'm so curious to know why I have so many issues. Thanks.

  • 3I suffer from C-PTSD, social anxiety, panic disorder, chronic insomnia and major depression disorder?

    I started seeing a psychologist (I see him every week) at the start of this year and started seeing a psychiatrist about 2 weeks ago. I've been on an array of anti-depressants and a whole bunch of different anxiety meds over the past 6 months. But I still can't see a big improvement. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week, but right now I just have a general question. For over a year now I have always felt this very strong desire to become intoxicated. Doesn't matter on what substance, I just do not want to feel the way I do. It is especially prominent at night when I am trying to sleep (yet cannot succeed). I disagree with the chronic abuse of drugs, but I can't stop myself from thinking this. Is this normal? Is it ever going to go away? and what can I do to try and help myself right now.

  • 4What's the differences of bipolar disorder and extreme anxiety disorder?

    Please list examples of both? Answers can be short and direct! Thank you...

  • 5Asperger's Syndrome, Anxiety Disorder, Depression?

    I have 15 years , and have had Asperger's Syndrome since she was a child . To me it was obvious , because I did not want to talk to anyone , and had most of the classic symptoms of Asperger syndrome . I have had anxiety all my life , but I never tried until 2009 . I had severe anxiety and 2008 to date , and it's still pretty bad. I worry about everything. I keep ruminating , and can not stop worrying . This has had a major impact on my life , and I also suffer from severe depression , which helps a lot with my medications . What bothers me is anxiety. Why suddenly become severe and stay that way ? My biggest problems are anxiety now , I'm going to CBT , but I feel I will never be the same person you used to be . I feel like I live with severe anxiety for the rest of my life .

  • 6Anyone have or had Social Phobia(Social Anxiety Disorder)?

    And if you overcame it, how did you do it?

  • 7Social Anxiety Disorder Please Help?!?

    Well, I was watching a program being manic - depressive , simply because I thought the program looked interesting. But while I was watching , I , however , out of curiosity , I'd like to see what it feels like to be Bi - Polar.Manic - depressant. After some research , I found a link to a site that had a test for social anxiety disorder for adolescents . Well, I took the test and I have almost certainly said SAD . I know this is not a diagnosis , so I went to look for some of the actual symptoms of people my age ( 15 ) thereof . I basically , I think what I have . I have all the " symptoms " of it. My mother was not going to do anything about it , I once thought I had OCD and it took ages for me to have the courage to tell her and had a go at me and told me I was being silly . So, I told my mother in this case will not happen. Although , before this, had been a kind of insinuation that I have these feelings , but I do not really know about SAD and before I knew it , was already showing signs of this. I want to know if you really have , so what I can do from here ?

  • 8Social anxiety disorder?

  • 9Am i just shy, or is this social anxiety disorder?

    I am a girl of 13. If you ask anyone in my school to describe me , they will certainly say

  • 10Are these the symptoms of SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER?????

    1) fear of talking to strangers , even some relatives . 2) feel very uncomfortable at social gatherings could not talk to anyone 3) could not speak freely with friends , sometimes even afraid to pick up their phones . 4) do not feel like going out to meet people and family 5) fear of talking to people in general. If so , should I go to a psychologist or psychiatrist first first . I am also suffering from depression ( dysthymia ) . then is the cause of this anxiety disorder or a disorder that is completely independent of depression . ? ? ?

  • 11How to overcome Social Anxiety Disorder?

    Tomorrow I am going to a Christmas party my boyfriend's family is throwing. 50+ people are going, and I won't know any except my boyfriend (I only know his mom; she isn't going). I REALLY don't want to have a panic attack in the middle of the party and I REALLY don't want to make myself look like an idiot in front of his family. Does anyone know how I can calm myself? (without meds)

  • 12What does it mean to have aspergers syndrome?

    I was told last night by my mother, that I have a " very very mild case of aspergers ". It kind of surprised me, and i'm just wondering, what does it mean? Do I die at an earlier age, or am I just retarded? I'm a normal 15 year old girl, at a normal school, with normal friends. I read that it's on the "autistic spectrum", does that mean that i'm very mildly autistic? Don't tell me to look it up. A lot of things on google lead to Wikipedia, and are only talking about serious cases. There's nothing wrong with asking a question that I want to ask on Yahoo Answers. Help? Thanks. :)