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QHow is marijuana bad for you?

i exercise a lot and it has not affected my running ability at all. I used to smoke everyday but haven't for awhile. One of my friends parents have been smoking since they were my age. They are both mentally fine and physically, and The husband has a very successful high paying job. Also, if you use a bong or vaporizer, doesn't it filter out some of the carcinogens? Thanks for all of your input.

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#1sfsfsfsAnswered at 2014-05-18 15:06:57
People are so ******* stupid.
Yes, IT'S A DRRUUUGGGG, therefore it harms you.
If it didn't harm you it would be as legal as blankets.

I love how the person below me said "this is from the government to make you believe what they want". Okay, seriously? I understand you're mentally ill from aspergers and ADHD but really?! The government HAS to have scientifically proven facts. That's why I found a site that shows SCIENTIFIC PROFFFF! You're an ignorant stoner, and will never be "cured" from smoking, and the only girl you'll EVER have a date with is "mary jane". Get a ******* life.
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How is marijuana bad for you?

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