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Do you think Addrial Medicine(ADD Medicine) causes depression after time? related questions

  • 1Do you think Addrial Medicine(ADD Medicine) causes depression after time?

  • 2Which medicine helps you better with depression over the counter or medicine or prescribed?

    i mean ive been dealing with tiredness and loss of interest and i go back to my entel doc tuesday ive tried everything to help me go back to feeling great im dealing with loss of emotions and tiredness ive tried st john worts b vitamins and its not working ive been usin it for like 5 days do you think the meds my doc give me will help more?

  • 3How do you get through depression without medicine? I don't know how to deal with it most of the time...?

    I have fifteen years, there is still much to learn. How to deal with depression ? They usually get stuck in it for a long time . : (

  • 4What field should I go into, if I want to study Energy Medicine (alternative medicine)?

    I really wanna study "energy medicine" or "biofield science" which is a subdivision of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I want to be both a researcher and a practitioner. But I have no idea which direction to take. Please help me by giving recommendations and advices! I'm currently in an undergraduate college that doesn't have this degree. So should I major in Biology, Biomedicine,Psychology, Neuroscience, Premed, or Physical Therapy? Or do you know any good schools that offer this degree? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • 5Has anyone overcome depression without medicine?

    I have been in a pretty serious depression for 6 years. Before that, I never had depression. I am against the drugs used for treatment and wonder if there is any natural remedies anyone has tried and been successful with.

  • 6What can help fighting depression (apart from medicine) ?

    My Relatve (50 years age) suferin frm depresion since 2 mnths.after consulting doctor he was kept under oral medication he is takin ESCITALOPRAM OXALATE 20mg AMOXAPINE 50mg 1 in mornin and 2 at night CLONAZEPAM 5mg initialy he responded well to the treatment and was working beter after few doses but since last 15 days he is feeling DEPERESSED, LONELY, RESTLESS, LOW IN CONFIDENCE even after taking medicines. he is not even willing to do yog and have morning walk !!! plz help by stating that what can be done ?

  • 7What is the best natural medicine for anxiety/depression?

    night after my graduation I had my first panic attack . I've never had one before . after I've been having anxiety and depression . also hard for me to sleep , because I had racing thoughts . I am a girl of 18 years old and weight 98 pounds . I know everyones body is different , but I do not want to take antidepressants or anxiolytics b / c of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms . what is a natural remedy that worked for you ?

  • 8Why/How does ADHD medicine help my depression, yet antidepressants do not?

    I have been diagnosed w / depression

  • 9Im 13, how bad does my depression need to be for the doctor to give me medicine?

    I leave on Tuesday , I think you really need medicine . but I'm afraid the doctor used to give me and im gunna be depressed all the time . My symptoms are I feel tired all the time . I cry all the timee . i burn / cut myself. I have thoughtts suicide . I hate school . I have wanted to do nothingg . Do you think theyll give me medication ? i really HTE feeling like this . : (

  • 10Hi ,is homeopathic medicine help in severe depression and acxiety?

    how long the homeopathic treatment last? i was taking wellbutrin xl 150mg and apo-divalproex 125 mg for the last six months but it was not helping me much.i talked with my homeopathic doctor about this and he asked me to stop these and started his medicine ( homeopathic ) i'm takin it for a week now and feeling better but i don't know much so worried too please give me genuine answers if you really know.

  • 11How can I get rid of depression symptoms while waiting for the medicine to take effect?

    My insurance does not cover the cost of counseling , so how do I get rid of the symptoms of depression or decrease when I'm too tire to exercise? There is a person who speaks by phone every week, which is the only one I found I can make you feel better, but talking to her only once a week does not seem to be enough , and not a counselor or doctor of any kind .

  • 12I suffer from severe depression how can I kick it without medicine?

    I sometimes attempt suicide, they give me medicine at hospital but I cant continue it because I cant afford the medication or counseling and I don't have health insurance because I cant keep jobs because its hard to function with this problem. I have lost very good jobs because of this. I am stuck in this never ending cycle. Please help me.