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I suffer from C-PTSD, social anxiety, panic disorder, chronic insomnia and major depression disorder? related questions

  • 1I suffer from C-PTSD, social anxiety, panic disorder, chronic insomnia and major depression disorder?

    I started seeing a psychologist (I see him every week) at the start of this year and started seeing a psychiatrist about 2 weeks ago. I've been on an array of anti-depressants and a whole bunch of different anxiety meds over the past 6 months. But I still can't see a big improvement. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week, but right now I just have a general question. For over a year now I have always felt this very strong desire to become intoxicated. Doesn't matter on what substance, I just do not want to feel the way I do. It is especially prominent at night when I am trying to sleep (yet cannot succeed). I disagree with the chronic abuse of drugs, but I can't stop myself from thinking this. Is this normal? Is it ever going to go away? and what can I do to try and help myself right now.

  • 2What treatment should you be getting if you have BPD, PTSD, OCD, depression, panic disorder &aggrophobia?

    Im 30 years old I have all these , I've been sent for psychotherapy , but my symptoms are really affect my ability to function , just leave my apartment .... my psychiatrist wont perscribe addictive drugs because he said . so I'm wondering what should I do ? psychotherapy is enough? What is the proper care, treatment and support to be receiving? I 'm not mental health teams doing enough to help, but at the same time , I'm not sure what kind of treatment or support they are asked .. I've had these problems since 16 , the system has failed me and I have never gotten the right help until recently , when I was assigned a mental health team . borderline personality disorder , PTSD , obsessive comulsive , depression , panic disorder , and aggrophobia i all have symptoms .

  • 3How can you cure insomnia with bad anxiety and panic disorder ?

    At night , try to sleep , but now the feeling 's gone deep sleep . I get up ten to fifteen times each night tossing and turning . It's like my mind does not want to shut off. Racing thoughts and anxiety worse too. And when I do sleep and wake up in the morning I always wake up early as 7 am and my hands feel numb or strange little guess and get an adrenaline rush as I have to get up . I think anxiety plays a very important role in insomnia also sometimes wake up with the tremor inside me , but not really shaking. Are my nerves or anxiety is causing it to get worse ? I have some good knowlage in all this , but not much about insomnia or hands feeling weird. I just need more advice please anyone.

  • 4What is are the differences between austism, aspergers syndrome, social anxiety disorder and PTSD?

    In the past I have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder &panic attack disorder. Since then I have read about PTSD and think I also have this. My family thinks I have autism and a family friend told me that I act like them and that they have aspergers syndrome. I want to know what the clear differences are as everything seems so generalised that anybody out of each could be classified as having one of the others.

  • 5She's 16, has PTSD, depression, insomnia, eating disorder and hpv because of rape? ?

    My friend was raped last august, she got pregnant had a mc, had complications, has ptsd, depression, insomnia, an eating disorder and hpv.. She thinks her life isn't worth living anymore, she has councelling but nothings working? What else can she do , she's only 16 I feel so sorry :( please no horrid comments!

  • 6Does anyone else suffer from post traumatic stress disorder?AnXiety,And depression?

    I was wanting to know how you deal with your symptoms~!Sometimes,I really feel like I am gonna go crazy!My mood swings are so so bad sometimes.I have many sleepless nights and nightmares!And I also suffer from AXiety attacks,frequently!They make me feel like I am going to die.Like I can't breathe and my heart starts fluttering like craZy.I try so hard not to take it out on my husband and children and the people around me!But I still do at times.I am already in counseling and taking medications.It helps a little.But my symptoms are really severe.Any suggestions?Thanks in Advance!

  • 7I have OCD, Major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. Would you live with that?


  • 8Do I have panic/anxiety disorder?

    Here are my symptoms; 1) Poor concentration 2) Always worried every day 3) Sometimes feel shortness of breath 4) Lump in the throat feeling sometimes 5) Unwanted thoughts or behaviour 6) Mood swings 7) I think I am hallcinating, but I know I am picturing things in front of me 8) My online test results show I am no where near having Bipolar/ADHD, Severe Depression 9) I know I am not Bipolar(Manic Depressive), because when I have my ups during the day, I do not feel 'hyper' or 'wired', and I do not harm others 10) I worry about my health A LOT!! 11) My best friend thinks I worry too much and I am Paranoid! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  • 9Anxiety/Panic Disorder?

    Currently on Paxil, for my Panic attacks. It has helped, 20mg. a day for the last two and a half years. Currently tapering myself down, trying to get off completely. I am at 10 mg. now and have been for 4 weeks, and am going to continue. The Paxil did help for the panic attacks, they stopped after the first month of paxil treatment. My question is how can I bring up in conversation how to change meds. I do not want to be on ssris/paxil anymore, it has made me a dull, lifeless human,...only thing that has stopped is the panic attacks. As a 20 year old man, I want to be honest and ask for another medicine. How can I bring up the idea of a different medicine. WHY are doctors so close minded and worried about addiction. The only medicine that has worked has been my lorazepam. But i only want a script four 10. I experience panic attacks daily, but they vary in the severity. I have gone through opiate addiction, which I self medicated with opiates. But I no longer want to abuse illegal drugs/havent in 3 years. I am weaning myself off of paxil, and i has been hell. I truly belive that ssris are the worst medications. How can I mention how i FEEL to my doctor. I do not want him to think i want scheduled drugs, but i have failed out of college now because of inadequate treatment. I want to try something different, but do not want to come off as a drug seeker. Because I am 20 years old now, and have gone through my problems, I want to cure my insomnia, and panic attacks, and am very pissed with doctors prescribing anti-histamines for sleep and my normal dose of 20mg paxil. The paxil has mad me numb inside, i dont have feelings. I no longer have panic attacks, but the insomnia increases each day. How can i get help with such , petrified doctors?

  • 10How do get diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder?

    I have all the symptoms of social anxiety disorder and deppression and I'm not sure where to go so you can see if you really are .. I keep telling my parents about it and continue to insist that there is nothing wrong with me and I 'll just grow out of it , but I would rather see a professional just to check . Thanks xx

  • 11I think I have depression or social anxiety disorder but no one believes me?

    I went to the doctor with my mom and told her that I feel

  • 12Symptoms panic/anxiety disorder?

    severe dizziness, anxiety about anything, feeling when I'm lying down , butterflies in the stomach , chest tightness , rapid heartbeat , shortness of breath , it feels like the ground is moving ( just like the feeling when you are in a boat and feel off balance sheet) when I stand or walk , turn , depression . ok so those are all my symptoms and I go to my doctor tomorrow to be looking , but I'm really scared ! ive researched panic / anxiety disorders and I am 100 % sure I have it. Can all types of anxiety disorders / panic 100% cured? ? ? ? ? ? I know some people say they just do not think about it and relax , but most people with anxiety disorders know that's no help at all ! I just want to be normal and not experience these feelings again dreadfull . Thank you.