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Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory? related questions

  • 1Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory?

    I suffer from depression, lack of concentration/focus/memory. I basically want a better brain/mind/emotional health (also tired a LOT). When I get down, I get really down, like very hopeless. I hate that feeling. Also I am about to start some college courses and noticed I just can't concentrate or retain any of the information. I have to make this work. Is there one good combo or do I need to get a whole bunch seperately? I've tried St johns wort, I've noticed I get a little calmer and sleepy but nothing major. Any recommendations? I am looking for Natural remedies please, I've been on RX and the side effects were horrible. Thanks

  • 2Safest herbal supplement for depression/anxiety (mild/moderate)? *for a 17 year old almost 18?

    I have 17 years , men and my name is Connor . First let me tell you a little about my symptoms ... Symptoms: 1) outbursts 2) irritiability 3) bad anxiety ( aggravated by the school ) 4) numb like feeling like there's a glass wall between the self and the world 5) very bad feelings of inferiority and worthlessness 6) feeling sometimes manic / unbalanced .. I want to try herbs before spending money on therapy . I 'm also changing my diet / exercise ... it has not been good in the past. so yeah ... I want to feel normal again. You have really bad anxiety unreal things and some real things too .. ( You do not want to be by my side a plane bahahah ) anyway thanks for your help . please answer

  • 3Question about Valerian root herbal supplement?

    How long does one mg Valerian root capsules 450 stay in your system? Is Walgreens also has passion flower in it. Also valerian root interfere with birth control ?

  • 4Valerian Root Side Effects? (herbal supplement)?

    So I've been taking Valerian Root for a few weeks now to help me sleep and I was just wondering if there were any side effects

  • 5What is a good combo of degrees/PhD's?

    I ( gradually over the next 20 years or so ) get degrees / PhD ' s in atleast ( in this order ) the psychology , anthropology and theology . They all seem to be related , not sure if that makes any sense to them , opinions on this combination or suggestions on what would be a better thing to do. In my life I'd like to work as a forensic psychologist anthropoligist ( in the United obviously) if I could work for the government under one of those titles that were in ecstasy !

  • 6What is a good combo of degrees/PhD's?

    I ( gradually over the next 20 years or so ) get degrees / PhD ' s in atleast ( in this order ) psychology , anthropology

  • 7Is there a natural supplement one can take for depression?

    Is there a natural supplement one can take for depression? I have never liked taking medication or dealing with the side effects that come along with it. So I've been looking up natural supplements that I could take in place of it. I came across something that said to take L-Tryptopphan and L-theanine. Any help would be great.

  • 8Are these symptoms of depression or a combo something else? Please help!!!?

    I have 19 years and lately I 've felt like crap . They usually have a great apetitie and lately I've been eating only once a day and if I do eat a sandwich its very small . I do not sleep well at night. I've had headaches all week non stop. Also, my throat and mouth hurts a little . Are these the symptoms of depression or receipt of a cold or flu or something?

  • 9Is this a good double major combo for a career in the FBI, CIA or other top-notch LE organization?

    I was thinking of doing a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology . Would that be a good combo double major ? After graduating from college , I was thinking of trying to get a job at the FBI , the CIA , U.S. Marshalls , etc ( basically , a first level of law enforcement / intelligence agency ) . Would well suited to double major combo ? Also , if it helps , I'm a native Polish speaker .

  • 10Good combo? Electrical Engineering/ Computer Science major, Biology minor?

    I'm thinking double major in EE and CS , and get a minor in Biology . Yes , I know it will be a lot of work in class , but I have a great interest in CS and Bio , so it makes it easier, does not it lol ? And I 'm going to college with an AA degree and a lot of prerequisites have done , since I'm dual enrolled . Next year is my last year at the community college , and I plan to take calc I and II , a class C , and possibly physical . ( As a side question , will do more harm than good to take too many classes in a Comm . College? Idk why you would , but it is only a concern Srry . Silly question to

  • 11Besides St. John's Wort, what are good herbal antidepressants?

    I tend toward dysthymia, and I have been in a rather low mood for the last month or so since a disastrous family trip. I was in an angry mood for a couple of weeks, but it has morphed into depression. I'm on no medications whatsoever, and I'm wondering if St. John's wort is suitable for me, or if there's a better herbal antidepressant. I hate would rather work herbally before I have to go the conventional route because I am no fan of conventional pharmaceuticals. Does anyone have experience using herbal remedies for depreession, and if so, what did you use and for how long? Thanks!

  • 12Anyone had good luck with herbal or alternative antidepressant's?

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