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Medical marijuana card for depression, mild anxiety, and frequent migraines/nausea? related questions

  • 1Medical marijuana card for depression, mild anxiety, and frequent migraines/nausea?

    Anti-depressants don't seem to be working, and I've been taking them for more than half a year. I was professionally diagnosed with MDD and mild anxiety in September of 2011 but my psychologist told me I've been depressed since I was 9. And I've been having migraines along with nausea since I was like 11, and I'm almost 16. I got glasses when I was 13 too. I'm currently wearing my third prescription/pair ok. I've only smoked twice before so I'm not even a constant user or whatever. I've heard that marijuana can help you psychologically and with chronic pains, so I'm kinda interested... Btw, I live in Washington State. Oh and I don't want my parents to know because they're totally against marijuana ok

  • 2Can i get a medical marijuana card for social anxiety, depression, migraines, and anger?

    I was wondering if I could get an MMC for social anxiety , depression , migraines and anger issues ? Honestly, I have all these symptoms . I have migraines often , and I'm pretty sure all my concussions . My depression is every day , all day . I really do not like to tell people , because I have no idea of what was going to think of me . My anger issues are horrible .. I get angry when I get angry , but the funny thing about it . Increasingly im being crazy , I get super- depressed . Now I know that I usually go to counselors for social anxiety , but I just I can not talk to one . I once had a year or two years , and every time I went in she always talks to me . I honestly never said much . Just the thought of a counselor freaks me out like a frightened way . Now , before I used mm , but not always. It always makes me feel normal , as I have talked more fit , my migraines never bothered me , I was obviously happy , and never angry at anything. I know my doctor will prescribe pills , but I just can not take pills . I do not want to raise my livers , taking pills . So, is there anyway i could my mmc for this?

  • 3How to get your Medical Marijuana card?

    I want to know how I can obtain my Medical card without having any sicknesses or things like that.

  • 4I'm considering getting a medical marijuana card but...?

    I have insomnia, and have recently been considering getting a medical marijuana card to treat the insomnia. The only question I have: I want to be a cop, and wanted to know if it would be bad to have the card on record for the background check.

  • 5Can you get a medical marijuana card if you have anemia?

  • 6How can I get a medical Marijuana card in California?

    I'm 18 soon to be 19. I have diagnosed anxiety and insomnia.

  • 7Would I qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

    Hi, I was wondering if I would qualify for a Medical Marijuana card.. Here are some of my details: -live in California -i take 40mg of prosac, 40mg of vyvanse, 0.5mg of Risperodal -headaches very often (every other day) -severe depression -ADD -insomnia (mainly just GOING to sleep is a problem, not STAYING asleep) -Loss of appetite -tiredness &unmotivated I am a minor (i don't have a driver's license), and i'm not sure if minors are eligible for a medical marijuana card in Southern California. I have smoked marijuana before, and it seems to ease pain and depression ALOT better than the med's i am taking at the moment... And it also seems to make me more able to concentrate, make me sometimes more motivated and definitely less depressed. So, i was just wondering if i should even contemplate talking to my psychiatrist about a card, or if i'm just flat out, too young. Thanks

  • 8Does getting your medical marijuana card prevent job opportunities?

    I have insomnia and wanted to see if I could get medical marijuana prescribed for me as an alternative to pills . I heard that some jobs will not hire you if they see that you have the medical marijuana card , is this true ? I am currently in school to become a vet and do not want this conflict with my career. Why does this affect jobs ?

  • 9Can a under age person get a medical marijuana card in california?

    i live in California and i have problems sleeping and i get headaches constantly, i'm 15 and i don't know if i can get one or get in trouble for asking a doctor. i have parents permission but i'm afraid to ask a doctor because they might think i'm just some teenager trying to get some marijuana but i'm not. i smoked before when i cant sleep and i fell like a baby and it helps with head aches but i don't know if those symptoms quialify

  • 10Would i have to notify my probation officer if im getting a medical marijuana card?

    I have chronic back pain insomnia and daily migraines. I'm currently on probation for 1 year with weekly drug tests for evading arrest (misdemeanor [spelling?]). I have an appintment for an evaluation to see if I qualify for MM at the Total Health Care clinic (THC) and they said I will most likely receive a recommendation if my health problems are legitimate. So what id like to know is do I have to inform my p.o. before I go in for the evaluation or just tell her when my drug test is packed full of THC? Also, in my terms of probation it says I have to obey all county, state, and federal laws, keeping in mind that medical marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the federal gov't, wouldn't that be a violation of probation? But, isn't that required for all probation terms no matter what? I know for a fact you can use medical marijuana while on probation as long as you have a doctors recommendation so idk that contradiction has left me quite confused. Any helpful* info will be appreciated.

  • 11Is nausea a symptom of depression or anxiety, or neither?

    Random me nauseous and I'm curious as to why. I do not think about their health , maybe work stress. * Shrugs *

  • 12Can nausea/vomiting and be caused by depression/anxiety ?

    Hello Yahoo, I am a 23 year old female that is suffering from nausea on a daly basis. I am not pregnant, and I just got a blood test back which said everything was normal, and I was tested for h.pylori and parasites which also came back negative. I have no fever or diarrhea, so I'm pretty sure I don't have an infection going on. I am beginning to feel like a hypochondriac, but I really feel nauseous to the point of vomiting on a daily basis. I have also been a sufferer from bipolar disorder for over 4 years now, and anxiety (to a lesser degree) I know I have a lot of ups and downs during the day, but I don't always feel they correlate with the nausea. For example, I will wake up panicky, calm down and the nausea will hit around 2 or 7pm, when I am feeling better emotionally. I don't necessarily feel like they are the stomach churning problems associated with a panic attack, but then again I hardly know what it is like to feel normal anymore. I really don't know what else could be going on, but it's getting to the point where it's effecting my appetite. Does anyone here suffer from this problem, or could point me in the right direction as to what questions I should be asking my doctor? I have been googling my symptoms like crazy, but it is always good to get a human perspective. So really, is it reasonable to conclude that my daily nausea is the result of depression alone?