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QKnow any children with Aspergers Syndrome?

I have a daughter who is 3 next February and have a long awaited peds appointment in January. I have had a few comments from family and friends and preschool to ask him about Asperger's Syndrome?

I’ve read a bit about it on the internet etc but its not saying much about young kids.

She is a bright and bubbly little thing but have notice she has some difficultly interacting with other kids, when she plays with blocks she will single out the same sort and only play with those and will not mix them up, sometimes has extreme difficulty doing things that involves listening and talking (thou she does have a serious speech delay), will sit there and just repeat things like she'll be out the back and look out and see my car and it will be a couple of mins of "mummy’s car" and has limited eye contact at times...

Is there anyone that has or knows any kids with asperger's and does sound familiar?


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Know any children with Aspergers Syndrome?

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