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Can a under age person get a medical marijuana card in california? related questions

  • 1Can a under age person get a medical marijuana card in california?

    i live in California and i have problems sleeping and i get headaches constantly, i'm 15 and i don't know if i can get one or get in trouble for asking a doctor. i have parents permission but i'm afraid to ask a doctor because they might think i'm just some teenager trying to get some marijuana but i'm not. i smoked before when i cant sleep and i fell like a baby and it helps with head aches but i don't know if those symptoms quialify

  • 2How can I get a medical Marijuana card in California?

    I'm 18 soon to be 19. I have diagnosed anxiety and insomnia.

  • 3I'm considering getting a medical marijuana card but...?

    I have insomnia, and have recently been considering getting a medical marijuana card to treat the insomnia. The only question I have: I want to be a cop, and wanted to know if it would be bad to have the card on record for the background check.

  • 4How to get your Medical Marijuana card?

    I want to know how I can obtain my Medical card without having any sicknesses or things like that.

  • 5Would I qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

    Hi, I was wondering if I would qualify for a Medical Marijuana card.. Here are some of my details: -live in California -i take 40mg of prosac, 40mg of vyvanse, 0.5mg of Risperodal -headaches very often (every other day) -severe depression -ADD -insomnia (mainly just GOING to sleep is a problem, not STAYING asleep) -Loss of appetite -tiredness &unmotivated I am a minor (i don't have a driver's license), and i'm not sure if minors are eligible for a medical marijuana card in Southern California. I have smoked marijuana before, and it seems to ease pain and depression ALOT better than the med's i am taking at the moment... And it also seems to make me more able to concentrate, make me sometimes more motivated and definitely less depressed. So, i was just wondering if i should even contemplate talking to my psychiatrist about a card, or if i'm just flat out, too young. Thanks

  • 6Can you get a medical marijuana card if you have anemia?

  • 7Does getting your medical marijuana card prevent job opportunities?

    I have insomnia and wanted to see if I could get medical marijuana prescribed for me as an alternative to pills . I heard that some jobs will not hire you if they see that you have the medical marijuana card , is this true ? I am currently in school to become a vet and do not want this conflict with my career. Why does this affect jobs ?

  • 8Im getting my medical card in California what should i say in order to get it?

  • 9Would i have to notify my probation officer if im getting a medical marijuana card?

    I have chronic back pain insomnia and daily migraines. I'm currently on probation for 1 year with weekly drug tests for evading arrest (misdemeanor [spelling?]). I have an appintment for an evaluation to see if I qualify for MM at the Total Health Care clinic (THC) and they said I will most likely receive a recommendation if my health problems are legitimate. So what id like to know is do I have to inform my p.o. before I go in for the evaluation or just tell her when my drug test is packed full of THC? Also, in my terms of probation it says I have to obey all county, state, and federal laws, keeping in mind that medical marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the federal gov't, wouldn't that be a violation of probation? But, isn't that required for all probation terms no matter what? I know for a fact you can use medical marijuana while on probation as long as you have a doctors recommendation so idk that contradiction has left me quite confused. Any helpful* info will be appreciated.

  • 10Can i get a medical marijuana card for social anxiety, depression, migraines, and anger?

    I was wondering if I could get an MMC for social anxiety , depression , migraines and anger issues ? Honestly, I have all these symptoms . I have migraines often , and I'm pretty sure all my concussions . My depression is every day , all day . I really do not like to tell people , because I have no idea of what was going to think of me . My anger issues are horrible .. I get angry when I get angry , but the funny thing about it . Increasingly im being crazy , I get super- depressed . Now I know that I usually go to counselors for social anxiety , but I just I can not talk to one . I once had a year or two years , and every time I went in she always talks to me . I honestly never said much . Just the thought of a counselor freaks me out like a frightened way . Now , before I used mm , but not always. It always makes me feel normal , as I have talked more fit , my migraines never bothered me , I was obviously happy , and never angry at anything. I know my doctor will prescribe pills , but I just can not take pills . I do not want to raise my livers , taking pills . So, is there anyway i could my mmc for this?

  • 11Medical marijuana card for depression, mild anxiety, and frequent migraines/nausea?

    Anti-depressants don't seem to be working, and I've been taking them for more than half a year. I was professionally diagnosed with MDD and mild anxiety in September of 2011 but my psychologist told me I've been depressed since I was 9. And I've been having migraines along with nausea since I was like 11, and I'm almost 16. I got glasses when I was 13 too. I'm currently wearing my third prescription/pair ok. I've only smoked twice before so I'm not even a constant user or whatever. I've heard that marijuana can help you psychologically and with chronic pains, so I'm kinda interested... Btw, I live in Washington State. Oh and I don't want my parents to know because they're totally against marijuana ok

  • 12How easy is it to get medical marijuana in California?

    I'm aware that medical marijuana is legal in California, but how easy is it to get a hold of it? Is it like any other prescription? Can you ask for it? What are the facts and rules on California's medical marijuana?