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  • 1I'm Stuck In The Past And I Need Help?

    I'm experiencing a bit of a depression, because of the fact that I'm getting older. I'm having a tough time leaving behind my childhood (which was the greatest time of my life), but now I am slowly being forced to trade the life I once knew for adulthood. I've been very Preoccupied with my past lately, and i just can't seem to let it go. I miss being in third grade the most, it reminds me of a simpler time, when life was so simple and so easy. I miss waiting for the next installment of my favorite video game franchise (which was, and still is "Tony Hawk's"). I still remember when "Tony Hawk's Underground" came out, it was 2004, and I was very excited to have bought the game (a game which I still play to this day). I also miss waiting for and watching the very much anticipated "Harry Potter" movies, which I would watch as they came out. But slowly, as the years went by, to my horror, things began to change. The "Tony Hawk's" game franchise eventually ended in 2007, all of the "Harry Potter" movies finally came out, and the people that I've know have changed, moved away, or have become very successful and have me behind. I remember being ten years old, and watching "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" on "Toonami" every afternoon after coming home from school. Everything has changed since I turned eighteen, and now the thing I fear most is getting older. Unfortunately for me, my 19th birthday is next month on the 30th, and I am dreading it! What Can I do? How can I slow things down? Why does everything have to happen so quickly?

  • 2Im stuck =(?

    ... Betwen counseling or clinical psychology , I know that both are very similar , but I really have to decide soon . I'm wanting to do psychotherapy . Please help

  • 3Where should I go from here...I feel very stuck!?

    I graduate next year with a degree in psychology . I feel like I 've wasted my time and money in the title ... I feel good actually get a degree , but bad because it 's not going to lead to much . I'll have a baby this year , and somehow wanted to be able to not have to go to school for another 3 years ! My ideal career would be a science teacher from high school . There is a school here , where I will take a little over two years, but it's another degree . I feel like I'm stepping down. Do you have any suggestions for me ? I thought nursing or ultrasound technology , but do not know if I'm cut out to be a nurse and be tight with money because I'm pretty sure those are full-time programs . Any suggestions ?

  • 4Help me I am stuck and God help me it hurts?

    I performed in a bar two Wednesdays ago and the music industry for Bluestacksjamclub event organizer promised to put me on the web so I searched for myself and for the night, but I just Emma Whelan and others so I'm quite annoyed. God gives people make calls but not what he has in store for me, what is my destiny or my duty if he wants me to be a singer, nurse or teacher or married or single missionist etc. I know you want something different for all of us, so how I can know what you want for me?? I did not request course many cao because the application was not considering college until recently, so I asked Art BA, Theology and the field of psychology, applied psychology, Greek and Roman civilization. If I do Psychology in Ba, then I can not do Celtic civilization and I have to choose 4 subjects for the first year and 2 subjects in the second year. Archaeology, English, Psychology, Celtic civilizations, sociological and political studies, history, English, Philosophy, Geography, Legal Studies. In another school I could do a theme of art and theology, but I'm not allowed because I have the case referred to in the CAO form. The level 8, which requires that it means high school students but mature does not need registration. I have motor disorder and dyslexia slight delay and I have 25 years. I find evidence for Jesus the Lord God and eternal life, besides the Bible and was half thinking of missionary work. I can not do FETAC level 5 on anything in another city, because I have FETAC level 5 in another subject and scholarships are only offered in terms of level and would be expensive to get out of town, but I have to leave my hometown to love myself and I love to travel and settle in another country and the city for a while. I want the basic science, but do not have 4 or 5 FETAC level math and science courses are not basic in my hometown, and is only FETAC level 5 or 6 in another city part-time course. I want to learn about physics, biology, chemistry etc and am willing to do math. I prefer to do a course that is far from my hometown. I had plans to move to Galway. I'm from Sligo and have rental accomm there until August. It is an old house converted into flats and many potato bugs I found it and other things, but the funny thing is, everything above my flat I had spiders and I'm not a neat person and my responsibilities have not been great hygiene but clean and tidy, but anyway I do not put much importance on it and I am personally attached to books, dvds and map information. I do not know what to do. I made history, English, Geography and Business in leaving cert and got degree vec A4 in history. I want to see the artifacts and buildings etc and documents proving the existence of Jesus and the idea that he is the son of God and promises eternal life, etc. When I find that the evidence and then of course my life is about Jesus and I will be a missionary. I heard that many historians and archaeologists have shown Jesus as divine and as a man who lived and the idea of ​​eternal life, but could you explain that the evidence for and where I can see myself? Jesus of the Bible quotes

  • 5Stuck between majors. which one is right for me?

    I'm a sophomore in the criminal justice program at a college in four years . I thought I had it all figured out until a few weeks ago and now I am completely lost in what I do. My plans were to become a probation officer but I'm not sure about this now . This is really the only race that attracts me in CJ because I have no interest in any type of law enforcement . I'm looking more strongly to either change or psychiatry psychology double major and cj . The reason I do not want to change just to Psych is because from what I understand a PhD is basically a must and I have the money to do so . (Also do not know if I'm smart enough to be a

  • 6I graduated with a BA and can't find a job. I'm stuck.?

    I do not know what to do next . I have a degree in Communications and Psychology . Apparently , competition is more acute for advertising and public relations , and although I try not to get those jobs. I was also interested in counseling , but you have to be certified and not even know if I'd do it . I do not know if I should find a job that serves the short term now and go back to school or continue searching jobs entry level career or what. I live with my mother and have saved enough money for gas and food until Halloween . Can not really answer this question . I am devastated and I dug a hole and do not know how to get out of here , so I'm writing for the Internet to people who do not know me or my life situation .

  • 7I am kind of stuck between two majors...?

    Hello ... I am a woman of 15 and a half years old , and I 'm going to the 11th grade in the fall ... I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want to take principal forensic science and psychology ... I really want to help people and these are two areas where I can help many people ... the problem is that I do not know what level I have for the two of them ... can you help me please ... thank you very much ...

  • 8I'm stuck for girl names?

    Only normal names that go with this plot for girl A 20 year old go to a hospital / mental rehabilitation center when you have depression and suicidal thinking enough start taking medication . He goes there and finds a young ( 13 ) that is there because it is bi - polar , end up having rooms next door to each other and end up talking . The girl helps him through his problems , as his wife and children 's death , and she tries to stop blaming yourself . But she says she is being abused in the home of his uncle , because his parents are dead. They end up breaking a day to go to the fair. And their lives better , because you feel like you have a daughter and she feels she has a father. But one day the girl has to go home, which is the same day as him, but she does not want to go home and try to fight for custody of the girl.

  • 9What should I do I am stuck in a tough situation?

    Ok here is I am a 25 year old male .. I recently worked in a workplace with the mentally challenged and was recently fired .. I made only $ 10 an hour and I'm in child support . Currently I have a girlfriend and have a child with her. My heart wants to go back to school and get my degree in psychology , so I hope I can find a job that pays more so I can support all my children . I have an associate degree and I feel like I 'm going anywhere. My girlfriend works and makes about $ 17 an hour and said he would pay the bills until im done with school .. I'll maybe get a job part time so I will not go to jail with the non-payment of child support. I just need 3 semesters until my title .. But I will not put all the pressure on my girlfriend . So either work or go to school full time ... What should I do ?

  • 10Good courses to do at uni? i'm stuck:L?

    so I left school , and I have my place in the sixth form in September. I have chosen ; Care Sociology , Health and Welfare , applied science and psychology for my A-levels . I'm not sure if I want to go to college later, or just trying to get a job . I know you get paid more for getting grades uni . I know you want to work with children in some kind of way , but not sure how ? if that makes sense . Anyone have any suggestions of what my A- levels are mixed well with , if I go to college , and any idea of ​​some jobs , I can learn more about ( : thaaanks !

  • 11Help! I'm stuck, what should I get my bachelor's degree in?

    Hello , I want to go after my degree to get a doctorate in occupational therapy . However, I do not know what to get my degree in. I'm thinking either psychology , speech pathology or perhaps a business degree . What do you think would fit best ?

  • 12How do i get mental health help? really stuck...?

    I was 18 in September , but I'm still in 6th form . I have bulimic tendencies and self -harm , depression that comes and goes and I have severe mood swings that are often due to a particular case and anger issues that occasionally come to the point where I'm uncontrollable around others. I'm going to college next year , but I want to get this solved before. These things I can not form let people in my life completely for fear see the real me or harm . I almost hate my sister and my mom did not know what to do with me and I feel guilty about that was it, so I said nothing , she only sees my mood swings . My dad as a man almost ignored. I do not know much about how to get help ? I know I have to go to a doctor , but then what happens ? I know there are children in child mental health places to go to but do not know what happens after the age of 18? Does 18 count as an adult or is 19? Once you are an adult you have to pay for therapy , etc ? Can people tell me what they did ? I just do not know what to say - I can not go and say what is wrong because they do not really know and do not know why I get like me and it feels weird to go to a doctor if the time I 'm fine because half the time I'm right, you would not think that something is wrong at all which makes me feel like I'm making a fuss over nothing. I'm so lost .