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QWould I qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

Hi, I was wondering if I would qualify for a Medical Marijuana card.. Here are some of my details:

-live in California

-i take 40mg of prosac, 40mg of vyvanse, 0.5mg of Risperodal

-headaches very often (every other day)

-severe depression


-insomnia (mainly just GOING to sleep is a problem, not STAYING asleep)

-Loss of appetite

-tiredness &unmotivated

I am a minor (i don't have a driver's license), and i'm not sure if minors are eligible for a medical marijuana card in Southern California.

I have smoked marijuana before, and it seems to ease pain and depression ALOT better than the med's i am taking at the moment... And it also seems to make me more able to concentrate, make me sometimes more motivated and definitely less depressed.

So, i was just wondering if i should even contemplate talking to my psychiatrist about a card, or if i'm just flat out, too young. Thanks


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Would I qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

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