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QI Think I Found the Root of Insomnia but......?

Over a month ago, I developed chronic Insomnia. I am a bodybuilder, and for the past 3 years I have been sleeping 9-10hrs straight a night. As well as easily taking naps in the day. Over a month ago, I started reading heavily into Social Psychology at night (PUA). I feel the stimulation to my brain at night caused the initial insomnia. My head would feel full, like someone poured liquid lead/metal into it. Then after time it developed into full blown insomnia. And for the life of me I could not nap in the day anymore. Anyway I had stopped all reading/mind stimulation late at night for a month now.

It first started where I couldnt get to bed until 4 am. Then it progressed to where I would wake, every single 30 mins, all night. About a week ago I started taking benadryl before bed. That helped me stay asleep but I was still up till 4am. I started going to gym late at night to wear myself out. 3 nights ago, I actually managed to take a small nap in the day, I had to lie there for an hr, but I did nap. The next night I slept 10hrs straight! I thought all was well, and I was better.

Anyway that morning my mom starting screaming and going nuts as usual. This made me stressed and that lead head feeling came back. That was 2 days ago and I have barely slept since. What happens now is, Ill get to the point where im just about to fall asleep. Then suddenly my leg/body will twitch/jolt and wake me or my breathing will stop, and ill gasp quickly. This happens everytime im just about to doze off. F*cking weird right.

I think the lead head feeling is caused from stress, thus the root of the problem. Although I have had stress my entire life, it has never really effected my sleep before, just my mood. I dont know why stress is affecting me this bad now, I have been more stressed before and slept like a baby. I also have no idea how, or why stress is all of a sudden causing me to twitch/gasp for air right before sleeping. Or why its lasting so long.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


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I Think I Found the Root of Insomnia but......?

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