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Depression and Sex Addiction? related questions

  • 1My bro's pot addiction and depression?

    My brother is 19 years old and a pothead . Now I do not want to hear about how good pot and you can not be addicted to it . He started at age 16 and my parents have always made ​​it clear that it was not acceptable that used to take a drug test in order to be allowed to use the car . Now go to a community college while living at home ( which is sad because he scored a 32 on the ACT and have the money to go on foot ) . He is very depressed and even said he did not care what it looks or weight , because no girl likes : . . (However , it has recently gotten into much bigger problems than smoking a few joints supposedly was a group of friends Lakehouse - that was a month ago and my family learned that actually went to Amsterdam . I do not think I ever will to understand how he lied about where he was and left the country . 've been finding suspicious objects rather than recreational pot user . had a grass crusher sent home and 2 pairs of headphones $ 300, which I found odd I did not know why because I have some needed and how he could afford . I think he stole the number from my father 's credit card . Yesterday I went to my basement and wreaked of pot- my dad are great the bong I've seen, this strange bottle of marijuana wrapped like a rope , bottles of painkillers , and other paraphernalia . threw out my father and my brother was angry and upset , was more than $ 1,000 worth . Both my brother is processed or was everything to him . The point is ... my brother has major problems. How will you change ? I'm afraid I can not, and if you do not throw my parents . He said that can not be stopped , because he needs it and it should not matter because it is legal in some places .

  • 2Depression and Sex Addiction?

    In what ways are sex addiction and depression related and can they both be cured completely if someone had them at the same time at one point in their life? Now he is on medication and everything seems to be doing well but he is 19 years old and has had 13 sex partners so obviously it is an issue...but he claims to not having any since he started his medication a few months ago...He started the medication because of depression and says the depression is genetic...what are the chances of the medication curing him? Will he relapse? or is there no way of telling? Ok judging by the answers I'm receiving I feel the need to elaborate on the situation...I am a 17 year old girl and just started dating an 18 year old guy that I met when touring the college I will be attending in the fall...He seems perfect...lovely family, very very cute, very thoughtful and caring, and we get along great...I invited him to come stay at my house for the weekend and when he was over my mom found Prozac on the guest bedroom counter while she was doing laundry...Later that night he was taking the medication right in front of me so i asked him what it was and he told me he would tell me eventually but not right i let it go. After he left I felt it was necessary to ask how many girls he had slept with...(not an uncommon question i would assume) and he was very hesitant to tell me...he kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to know...and after a little while of being persistent he told me he had sex with 13 keep in mind he is only 18 So my reaction at first was just pure shock...It took me a little while to absorb it as he told me how horrible he felt about it and that its been such a long time since the last girl he slept with and how he did it to fill some kind of a after him telling me about this i thought i would ask him again about the medication. He then told me about the prozac and how he took it to treat I am assuming that the two go hand in hand...He told me not to worry about it because it is something that affects him and not me but in any relationship something that affects one partner is bound to affect the other partner sooner or later. It is very hard for me because he is not socially inept what so ever. My family really likes him and he really likes my famliy...I also made sure to ask him if he has been tested for STDs HIV etc...and he said yes and that he is clean. I also told him due to finding out this information It would understandably take me a very long time To have sex with him because I want to be sure I am not just another girl...He told me he knows he made mistakes in his life and he is moving on from them and he told me im not just another THE girl. He also said he likes me so much that if we never had sex he would be ok with it...but I'm having a hard time believing that...and I am not sure how much the Medication is affecting his sex drive and what scary things can he be capable of off the meds...I like him alot but these are things I have to think about...obviously...what do you think? Oh and PS...He does go to church...he is actually very religious. He went to a catholic all boy high school and goes to a catholic private college as well...

  • 3Depression and Drug Addiction?

    I felt very depressed and lonely in the last 3 or 4 years. I think it's because of how I ruined my life by drinking and being arrested for DUI and drug possession three times . I have no friends because of this. I tried to commit suicide several times by myself or stabbing , hanging, or overdosing. I was put in a psychiatric hospital last summer for a week because someone was trying to kill me . The hospital did nothing for me . In fact , I feel worse than ever. I do not want to die because of the emotional pain im going . I want to die because I'm tired of living . I am also now addicted to hydrocodone and roxycodone . I keep popping pills in my mouth hoping that something bad happens to me. I hate waking up every day , I just want everything to end . I can not afford to go to a doctor who is out of the question . I have been diagnosed with major depression , bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder if that helps. I too am an atheist therefore does not mention God or Jesus . I never believed in them , because I think they're fake . My question is why does not anything work ? ? I mean you can not try too hard . Who I can contact? ? ? Should I commit suicide ? ? ? I just need someone to help me ! ! !

  • 4Depression after overcoming an addiction?

    Whats up everyone! Today is one of my first days " of freedom .. I used to have a pretty bad habit oxycontin happened in my life ******* pretty bad . After one year in hell , while attending college, I decided to leave at once right in the middle of my semester ... it may have been the best decision of my life leaving opiates . However, since I stopped narcotics have not been able to overcome a terrible depression that has developed what I can attribute to opioid use . I've thought about therapy , but have generally been ignoring the pressure due to the amount of work experience daily . ( I'm going to UC Santa Barbara for a master and I have 2 jobs working ) I feel much better as a person since I stopped any drug / booze completely. However, I feel like I have some kind of depression symptoms . Although I feel like I'm a healthier (physically ) person , experiment prolonged series of exhaustion, emotional depression and anger at an extreme level . I wonder if it is related to my previous addiction to OxyContin . Although I'm dead sure it is related , I'd like a second opinion here .

  • 5My family 911 question about postpartum depression and drug addiction?

    Your Question Get answers from millions of real people.? Hi my name is Amber and I am desperate for help for my 31 year old sister. She is in jail right now on very serious charges of child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. She has two boys a 3 year old and a 2 year old. When her first son was 3 months old she found out she was pregnant again. Her body, hormones and emotional state of mind never recovered from her first pregnancy before she was pregnant again. She went into a serious case of postpartum depression. Work was out of the question for her because of these two young babies. She never got to enjoy her first son like what I feel she should of because of the youngest needing so much attention being a new born. She began to self medicate with xanax and it did seem to help at first but it soon became a very bad problem The father worked offshore and was gone all the time to support his family..Her and the kids and the father lived with us in Fl until about 6 months ago and we all knew how depressed she was so he moved them out to Ala in a beautiful home and tried to give them a better life. This really made it worst because now her and the kids are all alone out their and she no longer had her family and friends . She sunk more into her depression and into her medication. Things quickly took a turn for the worst. She got caught with some painkillers and got arrested for driving under the influence with her children in the car. She went to jail and we bailed her out and she was ordered to probation and something called drug court where she had to do a urine test once a week. We thought this would stop her and scare her straight... It did not... She went to a doctor who come to find out he is what you call a script doc who writes scripts for cash. She got prescription for loritabs and xanax. She let the drug court people know that she got her scripts and she thought she found a way to beat the system.. They also made her attend drug classes she only told them about her xanax and failed to mention her loitabs which is a pain killer because that what she got caught with so if they found out about them they would make her stop taking them. Needless to say they tested here there and she failed for the hydrocodien (loritabs) if the truth was known she was probably nodding out from her xanax and they tested her and of course she was dirty. So, now she violated her probation. She went to jail that day but was allowed to be signed out until her court date this coming Jan. Well, with all this trouble she has gotten in her head is really messed up and let me mention my sister has never been in trouble before this. Drugs have made her a totally different person. She was a straight A student growing up. A very reasonable person and a loving mother as time went on a the drug dependency got worst. I'm sad to say but the pills became number one for her. To get to my point . Last week she was arrested for leaving her 3 year old son in the car strapped into the seat belt in the car asleep in her drive way over night. The car door was left open and he was left in there for about 12 hours over night when a neighbor found him and called the police. They found her passed out on the hall way floor in her house closed to a overdosed and her 2 year old was on the couch a sleep. I believe she got the 2 year old out and was going back to get the 3 year old and passed out that's why the door was left open. Words cant describe the anger we felt towards her for doing this. She could have killed him. We have left her in jail for what she has done to her kids. But she needs HELP desperately she is now possibly facing prison for what she has done but my sister never in her right mind do this to her kids. She loves those boys more then life its self and they love their mommy just the same . They were together 24-7 their whole life. This has ruined all of our lives. We have her children and they are fine. Lucky they are so young they dont understand what is happening and hopefully it wont scare them because I believe they wont remember this. I dont feel she needs prison but a rehab. At Least a year or longer. She is sick and anyone who knows about drug addiction knows it is a disease and a sickness. At that point she was incapable of taking care of them and passed out. She was probably close to dieing herself. I'm not sure but we have heard that she mixed methadone with her xanax that night. That is a deadly combination and she almost killed her children and herself. We need advice on what to do to help her get the help she needs. We wont get her out of jail because we know she has to pay for what she did to them babies but prison is not the answer. I feel that will only make it worst and not help the underlying problem of the depression that turned into a horrible drug addiction. This story has been all over the news radio and the papers here in Fl and Ala. You can go to Baldwin county in Alabama news website and

  • 6What is the best way to help someone get over an addiction?

    I have a friend, well we're a little more than friends, but either way. He's been taking large amounts of mdma 4-6 nights a week for the past 4 months or so. Possibly longer. He's expressed that he wants to be able to stop and not be dependent on it. But I'm the only one in his life who really seems to be helping. Everyone else uses just as much as him. He has a history of depression, and so it's even harder for him to stop, because he feels like he can only be happy when he's rolling. But he needs to stop, or at least slow down. I'm doing my best to be there for him, but what else can I do? I just feel so helpless when we're laying there at night, with me holding him, while his body shakes uncontrollably, and he's so sad, and he gets terrible headaches....I just want to know if there is anything I can do to make this easier on him. Thank you.

  • 7Can I force my son to get help for an addiction?

    My son is addicted to percoset, he suffers from depression and says the percs make him feel better. he knows he should stop and thinks he can stop on his own by weaning himself. I think he is in denial and I fear will lose his life to this if he continues. Can I force him into a rehab? PLEASE advise..:( i'm so afraid for him.

  • 8Pill Addiction..........?

  • 9Addiction therapist......?

    I'm about to start my second year in college and I know I will get a master's degree in psychology , because my dream is to become an addiction therapist , but there are things you should be doing now to help me reach my goal , as a volunteer in certain places ?

  • 10Addiction Counseling?

    I am finishing my degree in psychology and philosophy , and I have the intention to continue with graduate school for counseling. I am very interested in the substance abuse / addiction counseling and am wonding what kind of programs that we analyze. Is it important to get a master's degree first and then go to a Ph.D / PsyD , or skip the master's program . I'm interested in hearing any ideas about programs or opportunities once they have completed graduate school . It would also be better to stay wider and enter a counseling psychology program , and then have the option to specialize in addictions ? I'd appreciate any thoughts or ideas. thanks

  • 11How to fight an addiction?

    tips to fight an addiction, i try and am getting so much better but everyday is a dam fight to the last minute, i can't stop but i fight every single day i fight, i need an education about addictions, how to stop what i can do to help, dont say check into places or see peoples im talking bout myself

  • 12Vicodin Addiction?

    I'm addicted to vicodin. I can't believe that I've become this kind of person. I'm a very successful full time student. I also work 40 hours a week, but I am noticing that my life feels empty when I'm not high on vicodin. I just don't know where to turn. I'm so ashamed. No one in my family knows that I'm addicted. I've been able to hide this terrible addiction for over two years, so I guess I'm a very good actor. My girlfriend doesn't know either. I feel like I'm betraying all who love me, but I don't know how to stop. My addiction isn't as bad as a lot of vicodin addicts out there. I take 8 pills of 5/500 strength a day whereas most addicts take about 30-40 a day. I have not upped my dosage in two years. How can I become the person I once was? How can I stop? I don't want to have a broken body and a life full of regret. Any advice?