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QDepression and Sex Addiction?

In what ways are sex addiction and depression related and can they both be cured completely if someone had them at the same time at one point in their life? Now he is on medication and everything seems to be doing well but he is 19 years old and has had 13 sex partners so obviously it is an issue...but he claims to not having any since he started his medication a few months ago...He started the medication because of depression and says the depression is genetic...what are the chances of the medication curing him? Will he relapse? or is there no way of telling? Ok judging by the answers I'm receiving I feel the need to elaborate on the situation...I am a 17 year old girl and just started dating an 18 year old guy that I met when touring the college I will be attending in the fall...He seems perfect...lovely family, very very cute, very thoughtful and caring, and we get along great...I invited him to come stay at my house for the weekend and when he was over my mom found Prozac on the guest bedroom counter while she was doing laundry...Later that night he was taking the medication right in front of me so i asked him what it was and he told me he would tell me eventually but not right i let it go. After he left I felt it was necessary to ask how many girls he had slept with...(not an uncommon question i would assume) and he was very hesitant to tell me...he kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to know...and after a little while of being persistent he told me he had sex with 13 keep in mind he is only 18

So my reaction at first was just pure shock...It took me a little while to absorb it as he told me how horrible he felt about it and that its been such a long time since the last girl he slept with and how he did it to fill some kind of a after him telling me about this i thought i would ask him again about the medication. He then told me about the prozac and how he took it to treat I am assuming that the two go hand in hand...He told me not to worry about it because it is something that affects him and not me but in any relationship something that affects one partner is bound to affect the other partner sooner or later. It is very hard for me because he is not socially inept what so ever. My family really likes him and he really likes my famliy...I also made sure to ask him if he has been tested for STDs HIV etc...and he said yes and that he is clean. I also told him due to finding out this information It would understandably take me a very long time To have sex with him because I want to be sure I am not just another girl...He told me he knows he made mistakes in his life and he is moving on from them and he told me im not just another THE girl. He also said he likes me so much that if we never had sex he would be ok with it...but I'm having a hard time believing that...and I am not sure how much the Medication is affecting his sex drive and what scary things can he be capable of off the meds...I like him alot but these are things I have to think about...obviously...what do you think?

Oh and PS...He does go to church...he is actually very religious. He went to a catholic all boy high school and goes to a catholic private college as well...


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Depression and Sex Addiction?

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