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QDo I have Aspergers syndrome?

I would highly appreciate answers for this for it has been eating me for so long.

I think I have Aspergers syndrome. But these thoughts started about a year ago or so because of my strange behavior and things I think back to. I never suspected it as younger, but I wonder if that's because I never really came across someone with it, nor did I really read about it?

When I was younger, I used to go very hunched. But when I got older I somehow stopped, but I've experienced other symptoms now.

I can not tell if I have relatives with Aspergers because I don't live with my dad, nor do I talk to him. I only live with my mother and I am the only child. I know that on my mom's side, there are no relatives with aspergers or autism.

The only really good support I get, is from a friend and my school. My school is amazing and they always help me if I need help. I have told one of my teachers about this and she has agreed on that my behavior is quite different.

I almost don't THINK I have it, I'm almost SURE I have it. I'm going to a psychiatrist on Thursday, but I somehow am worried they will not diagnose me with it. I have a friend I've known for quite some time that has aspergers, and she was mainly the one that pushed me to finally call for help so I can get myself checked, for she really thinks I am an aspie.

My mom does not believe I have it, and she thinks I am imagining it. But my mother does not know me well because I tend to isolate myself from her.

My symptoms are the following:

1) I cannot see people in the eyes. It's an incredibly difficult task and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

2) I really dislike gymnastics and showing my body off to people. It got so bad, my teacher and I had to let me skip the gymnastic classes so I could write assignments connected to gymnastics instead.

3) My self esteem is incredibly low, and I avoid dressing rooms and mirrors.

4) I have very different thoughts than others and my classmates.

5) I easily get upset;

It usually happens during lessons. At one time, about a week ago, I was forced to look at my phone to check the time because I wanted to see if it was an uneven number displayed, and my teacher had told me to put it down. When he did, I almost wanted to cry and felt horrible for the rest of the day. I still think about it.

6) I cannot concentrate in school when it comes to subjects I can't focus on.

7) Although I have a burning and passionate interest in the subjects I like and I can never stop practicing my Japanese. (English, Swedish, and Japanese only.)

8) I have a hard time going to the bathroom if my mother is awake in the house.

9) I need to lock my door, even if nobody is home. It feels safe, and if I have it unlocked when my mom is home I feel horrible.

10) I dislike breaking habits.

11) I easily get annoyed and I start sweating if I end up getting too annoyed.

12) It's really hard to be social in new groups. I am fine with a friend I've known for a long time, but once I need to get out and meet other people, I instantly lock myself in. And once I have been outside for quite some time with people, I somehow need a "break" from it by staying alone at home.

13) My speech is not the best. At times, I find myself sluddering or stuttering. Especially when I am arguing with my mother, I end up stuttering and saying the opposite meaning of what I mean. If I'm supposed to say "I did that yesterday!" I'll end up shouting "I did that today!"

14) I've heard I am unbelievably talented in learning languages.

These are just a few of the symptoms I am experiencing, I didn't want to write out all of them because I have a feeling people will just ignore this if there is too much text. So I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback from more people. It would help me so much.


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