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How much time is typical to take as a leave from work for suffering from major depression, anxiety, and ptsd? related questions

  • 1How much time is typical to take as a leave from work for suffering from major depression, anxiety, and ptsd?


  • 2I suffer from C-PTSD, social anxiety, panic disorder, chronic insomnia and major depression disorder?

    I started seeing a psychologist (I see him every week) at the start of this year and started seeing a psychiatrist about 2 weeks ago. I've been on an array of anti-depressants and a whole bunch of different anxiety meds over the past 6 months. But I still can't see a big improvement. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week, but right now I just have a general question. For over a year now I have always felt this very strong desire to become intoxicated. Doesn't matter on what substance, I just do not want to feel the way I do. It is especially prominent at night when I am trying to sleep (yet cannot succeed). I disagree with the chronic abuse of drugs, but I can't stop myself from thinking this. Is this normal? Is it ever going to go away? and what can I do to try and help myself right now.

  • 3PTSD along with pre-existing depression/anxiety!?

    I don't really know where to start on this one-- I am a 20 yr old female, about to enter my Junior year at a top-tier university [this brings nothing but loads of anxiety to me]. In the past year and a half I have experienced sexual assault (at the worst level...), have had to move four times, have had an emotionally abusive/sociopathic boyfriend, have lost several relationships with friends and am struggling with the relationship I have with my parents (they are essentially emotionally detached/ in denial about my issues). All of this following pre-existing symptoms of clinical depression and anxiety since age 16 (was medicated for about 2 years). I have tried several methods of coping with the severe increase in depression/anxiety for the past year and a half....and really feel that I am at my wits end. I know it is "in my power" to change my future and I really should feel grateful/empowered by the fact that I am still going to a good University and my parents are paying the tab for it....But I have yet to see any alleviation in the sadness and emotional detachment that increases with every day. I can't really bear the thought of returning to school, work and extracurriculars yet feel extremely lonely/depressed at home because my parents still fail to provide me with any consolation/support for these issues (my dad is essentially an egotistic doctor-type that thinks that i fabricate all these emotions). I am too young to be feeling like my life is reaching a dead end (and often have suicidal thoughts). I know I should probably seek professional, regular therapy at this point whether my parents agree with it or not..... Does anyone else have ANY tips in coping with this, especially those that have dealt with PTSD??? I am open to almost any suggestion-- I have so much on the line right now and need help soon! Thank you....

  • 4Agoraphobia, Depression, PTSD, and severe anxiety?!?

    I have severe agoraphobia, depression, PTSD and severe anxiety. I have previously been prescribed citalopram made me suicidal. Then was prescribed Prozac also made me suicidal, and after buspar made me very irritable and angry. After nearly twice killing myself to be in the citalopram and prozac, and then I switched buspar psychologists. So I told the psychologist all my symptoms, reviewed his notes. I do not think all told exactly what was bothering me, I was anxious and nervous while I was there :/ Anyway, she was prescribed an anti-psychotic abilify. It did not help and only made me go psycho. All I want is something to take the edge off this hell! I just need something to help me sleep a little, and if I sleep feeling rested. I need something that will help me stay calm, so I have no desire to rip someone's head and run because I get so nervous. I need suggestions on what to ask about to be prescribed for mental illnesses mentioned, agoraphobia (Modaretly severe), depression (severe), PTSD (extremely severe) and generalized anxiety disorder (Horribly GRAVE!) ​​ I have fifteen years and I skipped classes, overedosed twice because I was so depressed and mentally psychotic drugs, my girlfriend broke up with me by illnessess affect me, I can not sleep and when I do I have horrible night mares and wake up feeling awful and tired as hell, I stay home all the time because I have so afraid to leave my house, I have knives in my room and usually within reach of me for fear that I'm going to die ... Also, how I can make it clear to my psychologist who need help with this, I need something heavy? I will end my life if not her overwhelming relief from this pain I feel, someone please give advice! thanks

  • 5Considering inpatient treatment for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. What would they let me bring?

    I've been stuck in this nightmare for two and half years and am ready for it to end. Whether or not inpatient is the right decision is a completely different question. But I was just wondering if they would allow me to bring my coloring books and colored pencils. I know they have to make sure you can't hurt yourself and I could see my pencil sharpener being a problem. Would markers and crayons be okay? It's just that coloring is something I do to help calm myself down at the end of the day and it's a form of comfort that's important to me. Any guidance on this topic would be appreciated.

  • 6MY ******* STUPID PTSD HUSBAND! Should I leave him?

    He has post traumatic stress disorder, but this is not an excuse for the things he does. He was up all night crying and wouldn't tell me why, so I left and stayed the night at my parents. I came back home this morning, and he's wet his bed and still sitting their crying. Also, the other day he went to get a container out the fridge and dropped it and it spilt over the floor so he cried about the too, then tried to throw himself at me and gripping on to my shirt. I am sick of this, he is acting like a baby. Should I leave him or not?

  • 7I have sleep, anxiety, depression, and PTSD issues but I keep getting erections from the medicine Trazodone?

    I'm 25, and I've been out of the Marines for just over a year now. I have severe PTSD from when I was in Iraq and I have problems sleeping. I was prescribed 50 mg of Trazodone by the doctor when I was on the psych ward 2 weeks ago for PTSD, anxiety and depression issues. I was prescribed the Trazodone because I am not able to sleep at all, and it is the only thing that can help me get a decent night's sleep without nightmares. The problem is since I've been on it, I keep getting prolonged erections that are really painful. I mean I take the pill at night before I go to bed, and I'll be in bed and have an erection in my boxers within an hour or so, and it gets pretty painful. Also, I'll wake up in the morning with an erection (which I know is normal in guys my age), but they are really painful. I also just keep getting them ever since I've been on the Trazodone. Also, I keep getting erections throughout the day that last for at least 2 or more hours. I mean I know I'm 25, but this has never happened this much, and I've never had erections this painful until I got on the Trazodone. It's also embarrassing, because I'm getting them while I'm in class too or other places like just sitting around my apartment, and its hard to concentrate enough having PTSD and anxiety let alone this now. This is the only medicine that I can get a really decent night's sleep with but I can't keep taking this if its going to do this. My psychiatrist keeps saying that I'm probably just thinking about sex too much or something or I'm overreacting, but I'm not. I mean I have a normal, healthy sex life, but its getting out of hand with the amount of times I get them now. I need sleep, but its not worth it if this keeps happening. Is this a common side effect of this medicine?

  • 8Help me please, i think im suffering anxiety or depression?

    im 12 and a boy(just so you know) my mom is having an affair with two different men. i have checked her phone(she sent a picture of her vagina to them and they responded with naughty sexual remarks). she is never home she works all week and isn't home Friday night Saturday night and all Sunday. she makes up retarded excuses for my dad. he doesn't believe her but is too afraid to confront her(cuz he always loses) My dad loves me with all his heart but neglects me. he works even longer than my mom and still works on his only day off. witch leaves no time for me. since he has never influenced me or left any memory of me and him having 1 on 1 fun. leaves me sad and i don't know or like stuff most boys my age like(im not talking about gay) but im not interested in sports,working with my hands etc. and he used to beat me often when i was younger but now only does when mad at my mom. now more recently i believe i started to suffer anxiety or depression(or both. about these situation and other like my sister puts me down a lot makes fun of me etc.umm idintt like my self very much im fat(135 lbs about 5ft tall) im working on this ive lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks.well, ive looked upi anxiety and depression and i suffer some symptoms. .lostinterestt in favorite activities .shortness of breath .headaches. .# Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt # Diminished ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness # Recurrent thoughts of death (not just fear of dying), recurrent suicidal thoughts without a specific plan, or a suicide attempt or a specific plan for committing suicide i know I'm just a kid but I'm no fool. i know a lot about the real world not all not even close to all but, i need help. now i know anxiety can be hereditary. my grandma has it so does my mom and dad(he wont admit it but he looks like he doesn't feel right) i only don't feel this way when i'm with my friends because i love to be with them and it takes my mind of of things. it trust my friends more than my parents. PLEASE RESPOND!!

  • 9Am I suffering depression &anxiety or does everyone experience this?

    I constantly feel bad . I get stressed very easily and very easily panicked . If too much is happening I start getting high anxiety - anything from walking through a busy area full of people , being in an elevator with a bunch of people , if you ask me to do too many tasks at work, something that could disturb an individual in a small level makes me very anxious. And I feel like I'm always crying ... It does not take much to make me mourn and always feel bad .. feel bad about myself , hating my body , wishing I looked like a supermodel ( I always look forward to and that does not kill me ) sounds superficial, but I do not know what's wrong with me. To me it sounds like symptoms of being depressed and have anxiety problems . I have not talked to a professional, but because I have to wait until I can afford the treatment .

  • 10Suffering from depression and anxiety would like to go an alternative route?

    I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I went to the doctors and I have been all drugs known to man , and nothing helps . You made ​​me high as a kite I liked but I could not feel ( like laughing , crying at appropriate ) other made ​​me think of all the ways to kill myself. I would make an alternative route. I'm done trying drugs - I never been one to be a pill popper and go to it all the time my doc . I feel as if I see my doctor but my family always change my meds b / c I have negative side effects and then I said well maybe you are the type who will not benefit from drugs ? So what should I do - he could not respond . I found my source of stress and I realize I need something! Anyone out there know of a herbal route I can take?

  • 11Hi im currently a student in college and i am suffering from what i believe is anxiety and mild depression?

    i well in middle school and some joys in life , but anxiety and depression affects me and give me Pyhsical symptoms have prescribed Prozac , but the fear of taking this medicine increases my anxiety to the point that if the side medicens investigated I have panic attacks affect I also wonder if the thought of his depressnged and worry much about their health can cause symptoms such as stomach pain Pyhsical fatigue and tiredness always thought my career might be affecting how I feel and creating a sense depression < br > I also take prozac despite the negative affects holistic look natural treatment talk to a therapist or just go to a mental hospital anxiety sometimes makes me think I'm a madman with a mental illness Replies your opinion plz help

  • 12Autistic Son first time meeting Neuro-typical Cousin?

    My niece is from Michigan and I worry how you will react to my son. His mother is a meanspirited and is very prejudice . They have never seen before and I'm worried what will happen. My son is high functioning autistic and ADHD. My mother cares for my niece as she is and take care of my son one day a week. I wonder if anyone else has had this type of problem and what should I do to prepare my child . They are of the same age and have to spend time together. What should I do to make the meeting easier for the two children ? If my niece be cruel , what do I say about autism ?