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A slight bulge in the throat, mild depression, lethargy, thyroid tests normal, what is the reason? related questions

  • 1A slight bulge in the throat, mild depression, lethargy, thyroid tests normal, what is the reason?

    Thyroid test vaules at the upper limits of normal . It needed a second opinion ? The lump in the throat has been there for long. However, lethargy and mild depression symptoms used to be rare , but is becoming common now .

  • 2Multinodular goiter with normal thyroid levels cause thyroid symptoms?????????

    ok so for months I have had a lot of thyroid symptoms and have had many many thyroid tests done through blood tests . and always come back normal. I recently had an ultrasound and my thyroid is enlarged and multinodular really . had tested and was not cancerous . doctors are recommending it for me to have my thyroid removed , but I guarantee that my symtoms go away because I do not know if it is caused by the thyroid or not. My symptoms are anxiety attacks , depression , palpitations , fatigue , pain in the arm , sometimes fingertips are numb , dizziness , feeling off balance , more painful periods , and lots of other things . the only thing I do not understand is how can my thyroid enlarges while doctors say his Hude with nodules in it and function normally ? ? ? ? I do not know if I should go ahead with the surgery or not ? please if anyone has information or has seen something like this i really appreciate your help . i keep asking the doctors and they just seem not to know what is going on .

  • 3I think I have Slight/Mild Autism? Please Help?

    I think I have Autism/Asperger's Syndrome. Although I don't want to go to a doctor to find out but I know I have to. I dont want to talk to my parents or tell them about it though. I tell my friend things that I wont even tell my parents. How can I find out if I have this condition without going through to see a doctor/telling parents etc.. Im 16 now. I want to go to a doctor but I dont want to go by myself and I have no friends but 1 who already knows, but Im not sure and dont want parents to know yet. My friend has already told me, she thinks I have slight autism because of the symptoms I show. Im never at home for my parents to know. Im always staying over at my friends house and thats probably why they know more and when I am at home I dont come out my bedroom and dont talk to my parents, -I can't talk to people that I dont know, I get scared and dont understand. -Excessive fears. -Eating Disturbances. -Have no information while I speak -Sometimes I dont respond to my name, Iv been told. -Dont play like other kids my age -Prefer being alone -Have no friends. I have like 1 friend (The one thats house im always staying over at) Im close to her mum, shes the one who tells me I could have autism because she knows. -Obsessed with one particular object or topic -Have poor judgement -Run into a busy street without any sign of fear -Difficult in learning at school. Difficulty concentrating. Someone please help and tell me. thanks.

  • 4I'm 18 - Doctors always put my symptoms down to depression after basic blood tests come back normal?

    I have been diagnosed with depression , but I think there is an underlying cause . The doctors tell me my symptoms are due to depression , but none of the treatments have improved my symptoms at all (long-term counseling with two different directors , two different drugs in various doses , exercise etc ) . I just want someone to listen and continue testing and I refer to specialists until you find what is wrong because I will not be . I totally believe that there is clinical depression . Symptom Fatigue Poor concentration weakness Light sensitivity Breathlessness excessive sweating sleep problems anxiety Heat intolerance Brain fog Poor voice quality Poor short-term memory Restless Legs feel terrible after minimal exercise Do not know where to turn ...

  • 5Is my thyroid normal?

    I went to the doctor because for the last couple years I've been tired ALL the time. Im trying to figure out if this is from my medication (I'm on Fluoxetine 80 mg for Depression &anxiety) or if it has to do with something else. Everything came back ok on my bloodwork except for: Glucose,Serum-107mg (it says the normal is 65-99), BUN/Creatinine Ratio- 30 (Normal is 8-20) TSH- .435 (Normal is .45-4.5) Vitamin D 29.8 (Normal is 30-100) Anyone have any ideas what might be going on?

  • 6Could my untreated thyroid problem be the reason my nose is greasy and pores all open?

    Will it be better after treatment ? These pores are so ugly add to my depression ( another symptom of hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid problems ) Help ! !

  • 7My boyfriend's doctor will do little for him because the blood&urine tests have come back normal....?

    still feel horrible, constantly everyday for the past six months. He began to feel this way six months ago, in December, just after he started taking a lot of vitamins and supplements. Not having some sort of mental illness such as depression or anxiety and see a psychologist in a few days to find out what it is, but he has had this feeling of depression throughout his life and you just start to see these physical symptoms recently, so not sure if there's a link between mental and physical health. It is not contagious because nobody else has got the symptoms you have. Symptoms include foamy urine, pain everywhere, this pain is hard to describe, but he says it is kind of dull achy pain all over, such as fatigue, hurt me in your arms, legs, face, mouth and even when he speaks and another symptom increases flatulent but not bloated. little better with relaxation. Eat very healthy, but does not help. It's hard to exercise, because the symptoms are aggravated by any activity. Only now the drug is Trazodone. Advil does not help the pain. Sleep does not help the pain (when you can sleep, which has always been difficult for him to sleep). He stopped taking these vitamins (hold of them) about a month or so after I began to take what has been out for about 4 months. I really hoped that there was a link someone could see between taking these vitamins and all of a sudden feeling terrible, because he's always been very healthy physically before 6 months. He has a history of drugs, but stopped everything except marijuana about 2 years and then quit marijuana for 6 months. He was taking a lot of vitamins is what you need to know what vitamins / supplements that I was taking such help might know? Also, do not know if this is relevant, but the month before he got sick drank vinegar every day throughout the month, because I was told it was healthy and, after he became ill and stopped taking vitamins, did a cleansing diet lemon 10 days where hed drink a cup (10 cups) lemon juice (organic), grade B maple syrup, and pepper cayanne every day and nothing else. Thank you for any help is appreciated.

  • 8My son was just diagnosed w/ mild autism- he is 2 1/2. I'm devestated- is there hope he will live normal life?

  • 9Do I have slight bipolar depression?

    So I've just started to notice that I've been having rather violent moods swings. One day in the morning I might be the happiest person you'll ever meet then after lunch I'll be quiet and withdrawn and wishing people would leave me alone. Only two or three people can get me to talk in full sentences when I'm in my "bad moods" and that's my two best friends and my boyfriend. I've been dismissing it as teen hormones because I'm 13 but I really starting to get worried. My mood swings have been getting worse and I've had two suicide threats. I'm afraid it's bipolar depression because one day I'm on top of the world and then I'm wishing I'd die. If I do have bipolar depression then it's only slight because when I go manic I'm not a madman or anything. So? Am I?

  • 10How can be triggered neurotransmitters when there is a slight depression?

    How can activate neurotransmitters when slightly depressed ?

  • 11What are the tests that is done to get a diagnosis for depression?

  • 12Can an overactive thyroid cause depression?

    When he was admitted to the hospital after my suicide attempt , the doctor told me I had a little more active thyroid . After he was released, and went to my doctor told me that my levels were fine. However, note etc still fatigue , excessive sweating , I was told they are symptoms of thyroid problems. Does anyone know if there is a relationship between depression and thyroid problems ?