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QA slight bulge in the throat, mild depression, lethargy, thyroid tests normal, what is the reason?

Thyroid test vaules at the upper limits of normal . It needed a second opinion ?
The lump in the throat has been there for long. However, lethargy and mild depression symptoms used to be rare , but is becoming common now .

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#1KaliaAnswered at 2012-10-08 09:33:39
Hypochondria perhaps?
#2TootsieAnswered at 2012-10-09 07:56:20
Although the panel t4 ( thyroid ) or thyroid is normal , you can develop a thyroid disease in its early stage. You definitely have to get an ultrasound of the Bulge . Laboratories could be cancerous but are almost normal or normal . This type of cancer is often easily diagnosed because regular PCP do not know much about diagnosis and detection of thyroid only blood test described above . Get a referral to a specialist if possible. Endocrine or internal medicine usually diagnose .
#3Alexis MuzquizAnswered at 2012-10-09 12:11:11
I had a similar problem, so I'm going to tell my story (hope that helps and gave no death). All this happened after I had my daughter ... I do not know if the pregnancy is caused or was just a coincidence. When I first found out my thyroid when I was sick. I went to the doctor for being sick, and she said that my thyroid is enlarged and wanted to run tests. I had felt, but that was not so great at the time, so I thought it was a swollen gland infection. I had my thyroid levels checked, and they were normal. I went to an endocrinologist and found my level again ... normal. At that point, I said my only option was to have it removed because he could not treat with medication if my levels were fine. It was remarkable then, and I could not bear the thought of having my throat cut (he also told me that insurance would not cover because it considered "cosmetic"). Anyway, in the course of the next 2-3 years, gradually became bigger and bigger. I had my levels checked several times and have always been normal. I finally went to a new doctor, and she immediately referred me to a surgeon. The first time I saw him, he said he needed to leave. He said the bigger it gets, the more likely you are to get cancer in it. My thyroid nodules measured my left was 6 cm wide. In January last year, I had my thyroid removed entirely leaving nothing but my parathyroid glands. My thyroid had become so great that wraps around my esophogus and surgery lasted six hours. Now I take daily thyroid hormone replacement. If low, highly recommend seeing a specialist. The scar is almost imperceptible. They make the incision to fit perfectly with wrinkles on the neck. I hope this gave you a little insight. By the way, was never diagnosed with anything more than a simple "goiter". I have no professional knowledge of this, but I think people may have different possible ranges different from what is "normal" for your thyroid. I find it hard to believe that I had all the above problems, and probably some I forgot to mention, and did not even have a little thyroid levels low / high. I'd like to see another doctor, if not for the simple reason like this: my surgeon told me that the longer the goiter sits there (and keeps growing), the more likely to get cancer in the thyroid. Good Luck.
#4NorilynAnswered at 2012-10-21 16:25:59
Sounds a bit like a monkey - back to your doctor and ask.
#5mckaylaAnswered at 2012-12-12 10:04:21
I said yes
#6RachelAnswered at 2013-02-14 15:35:17
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A slight bulge in the throat, mild depression, lethargy, thyroid tests normal, what is the reason?

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