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QDo you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

Okay, now this might be sorta long.

Just saying.

I think I have Aspergers.

My mother doesn't.

I've done some research, and whatnot, and come to found out that it's likely to not see Aspergers in a girl.

Symptoms I have:

Rocks back and forth (sometimes)

Doesn't like to look people in the eyes.

Gets mad easily.

Rude to people without knowing that I'm being rude. :/

Acts "Weirder" than other people.


I get focused on certain subjects such as the band Hollywood Undead, and researching things such as "Aspergers Syndrome"

My mom doesn't think I'm focused on any subjects though.


I prefer to be by myself, or with my friends.

Never with my parents, or family.

And I'd rather be by myself than with friends, but I tend to hangout with them as well.


I'm going to be 14 in January!


When I was in headstart I got anger tantrums every day.

I once kicked the principle in the balls, because he was trying to make us go back to class instead of staying out for recess.

It was so bad they made me stay in headstart for 2 years. :P

I still get mad, but tend to controll it better than I use to.

I usually just grab my head, and shake...... Or yell......... Or ignore.... Or other things. Like hit the walls, throw things.

I threw a chair at school the other day, cuz a teacher made me sit by myself for no apparent reason other than her being a complete bi***.


I know you may consider those anger issues, and I would have to agree with you on that, but it's a common Aspergers symptom as well. :P


As I said before though, my mom doesn't think I have it, and trys to ignore the subject.


I honestly think I have it, but she wont take me to a sitarist, so no point of going to a doctor.

Comment and tell Me if You think I have it! Thank You!!!!!!! (:

Also, I have trouble reading people.

Like idk what they are feeling, amd shtuffff.

BTW I act different than other teenagers.


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Do you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

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