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Wat psychological disorders is a baby born with and expresses the symptoms early on :? related questions

  • 1Wat psychological disorders is a baby born with and expresses the symptoms early on :?

  • 2My 1st born child was diagnosed with ASD, if i'll have another baby, will he have the same condition?

    My 3 1/2 yrs. old son was diagnosed with ASD-highly functional type. My husband &I, (before he was diagnosed) was planning to have another child so it won't be too lonely for him to be an only child. We've been trying for more than a year, but i didn't get pregnant. I still want to have another child even after the bad news we got about my son's condition 4 months ago. My husband on the other hand, changed his mind totally. He's scared (now, I am too) and worried that if we'll have another one, it'll have the same condition or worst. Is, this possible? The doctors here in the Philippines can't really tell us the cause of my son's condition. I gathered from my research that there are too many possible causes to become autistic. But, my husband seemed to think it's genetic (w/ my son's symptoms &our research about this challenge, he figured out that he is ASD-highly functional type too). What are the odds?

  • 3Did anyone have hallucinations after baby was born? Were you diagnosed with postpartum psychosis?

  • 4Over a year since our baby was born and my wife is still totally uninterested in sex. Is that normal?

    My wife gave birth to our first child and only about 15 months. Our baby is healthy and well , and my wife is physically healthy . But your sex since before the baby was born has been reduced to zero . We both work , and both are busy . And I know that motherhood has meant a much higher burden to my wife . But she always comes home and tells me that, compared with other women She Talks To, who is grateful for the amount of aid they give to the baby and the house . We talked about the problem . It does not really fit the symptoms of postpartum depression . Since the birth of our baby , I've had a vasectomy , so no fear of another pregnancy ( we both agreed we do not want ) . She recognizes that her sex drive is gone , and she feels bad about the effect it has on our relationship . But she does not want to force something that does not really feel inside, and I do not want that . What are the possible medical or psychological causes of this problem ?

  • 5Psychological disorders?

    I have an assingment due and not sure if I 'm holding very well . We have to read thru various situations and the list of the best condition for each that says if only respond to disease category (mood , anxiety , etc ) will credit half . I * TOC is losing around not only be a category ? * Major depressive disorder , posttraumatic stress disorder , delusions , DID , bipolar disorder , generalized anxiety disorder , phobia , panic disorder and antisocial personality ... Just wondering if I have all the part of the assingment or am I missing something much thanks .

  • 6Which one is more popular in the USA to treat psychological disorders?

    between psychological therapy , cognitive psychology , psychoanalysis , medication, behavior modification techniques , which is widely used by modern psychiatrists ?

  • 7Anyone know of any good movie that deals with Psychological disorders?

  • 8Is there a test available for diagnosing psychological disorders correctly?

    I've been to a few doctors and a number of mental health professionals , but have been diagnosed with ADHD , depression , anxiety , PTSD ... and put me on a number of medications . I stopped the medication for some time that made ​​it worse for me , but I do not understand what is really wrong with me ... any suggestions ? Symptoms: very shy , low self-esteem , more analytical , Fearfull of rejection , sometimes ruthless , sleep problems , shame dramatic , without reason I feel different to everyone

  • 9Why do more psychological diseases and disorders affect more men/boys than women?

    I.e. autism, tourettes, etc

  • 10What are the these psychological disorders? Need detailed information about this [ Read fully ]?

    1) Desperate attention seeking behavior 2) histrionic personality disorder (HPD) 3) Self -destructive behavior disorder 4) persistent manipulative behavior disorder I wanted to know about these disorders ... Please give me elaborate explanations

  • 11Has my drug abuse and self- destructive behavior caused my psychological disorders?

    I should speak to a professional, but I can't afford it. I am 23. I have had a long history with drug abuse. I have a very addictive personality. Since highschool I have felt like I have spiraled downward. cant control my emotions. I have to use a substance to function and to be happy now. I belive that the years of doing this has caused my brain to forget how to do things on its own, such as just being happy and falling asleep. I have to make it stop. My anxiety has gone thrugh the roof the past 2 years and i can't take it any longer. I need answers. Am I bipolar? Am I just depressed? If i stop abusing will i be able to be normal again? Here is a somewhat quick overview: 6th grade through sophmore year I abused otc diet pills. Many had ephedra in them. This was when it was still legal. I have had weight issues my whole life. Along with the obsession with pills were bulimia and anorexia. My sophmore year a friend introduced me to methamphetamine. I was instantly hooked.went to jail when i was 17 for it. Was on probation or a year. Along with that i did a little cocaine and ecstacy here and there. But it was mainly meth. My senior year I quit.. was doing great. I had a realtionship that year with a guy. he was my first love. I became pregnant my senior year from him and decided to have an abortion. It was very hard looking back. Abortion is way too hard on young girls that age. This spiraled me down again. Less than 30 days after I got off probation I caught another case for Meth. While on probation the second time I obtained a prescription from a shady doctor for a ridiculously amount of adderal so I could pass drug tests. My main focus while taking this was to lose weight. The next year was my lowest year. I was extremely skinny. Had MAJOR insmoia and depression. I started workin at clubs doing bottle service. I soon began to abuse alcohol as well. I became very very promiscous. I have always been a very sexual person. Some times I have wondered if I have some sexual addiction traits. I soon contracted an std... which was very devastaing. I also had a 2nd abortion. I did not know who the father was which made me feel even worse. I was soon taken advantage of while blacked out by 2 guys who worked at the club i was workin at. I liked one of them lot and we were talking. He brought his friend in to do what he wanted with me. basically.. it was rape. This was a wakeup call. I got off of the adderal within a month or two after. I was doing ok for a few months. Then I started drinking again.. a LOT. I was very very anxious allll the time. My insomnia and depression never changed. thought it might be post-traumatic stress disorder. I wasnt sure. I began drinking almost a whole regular bottle of vodka a night by myself along with marijuana. This lasted about 8 months. I sort of fell into a relationship with a guy after that and I stopped drinking as much. The marijuana never stopped. The past 2 years I smoke every day. Mainly to sleep. Or to calm my anxiety. I exercise a lot now, but i still will smoke a bowl to go to bed. Although my tolerance has gone up so much the past 3 months that I have been feeling a sense of paranoia all the time. Right now my moods are constantly swining back and forth. The Insomnia is still very present. I have anxiety attacks at night before i go to bed. I feel like all tis should be over. Ijust want to be able to function on my own without depending on anything or anyone. I feel that my life has revolved around these substances and I don think i will be able to be mentally sane without them. I dont want to resort to taking a pill the rest of my life. I just want to know what is wrong with me and fix it. Is it in my head? Am i just used to medicating myself or does my brain permanently need somethng to help me function now? Have I messed myself up so badly that I can;t go back now? I have been feeling like I am clinically insane lately. I used to be such a happy person and in control of my emotions.

  • 12What are the 3 main biological treatments for psychological disorders and their side effects?

    Can anyone identify and describe the three main biological treatments for psychological disorders and explain the possible side effects of these treatments ?