Psychology Questions

What are some facts about Marijuana? related questions

  • 1What are some facts about Marijuana?

    Like Good things about it!

  • 2Marijuana Effects and Facts?

    What do you know about it?

  • 3What are 10 facts of depression?

    for my school project

  • 4Fibromyalgia facts please?

    Does anyone suffer from this? Does it affect the joints and mental health ?

  • 5Why is marijuana good or bad for you? If you are anti-marijuana, why?

    I want to hear both sides, I have heard lots of pros and cons, but if you are anti marijuana, why are you? If you support legalization, why do you?

  • 6Strange Facts about American Presidents?

    Does anyone know the strange facts or incidents that presidents or other countries rulers were involved in.

  • 7I need 3 really good and odd facts about ernest hemingway for school.?

    please i need something interesting and something that I can possibly give homework ! Ive tried to search on google but none of the facts are particulalry interesting ...

  • 8Quistions About Hypnotherapy ( please only answer if you know your facts to be true, thanx )?

    Ok , so I'm thinking undegoing hypnotherpy and I'm woundering is ... While some things auctuly lol .... First I like to discover some of the reasons for the feelings I have oriented Elementry and Middle School and why inturrept persist and haveing ​​been my life for many years ..... I would also lik to try to figure out what started my depression and anxiety symptoms at a young age and so it is related to such insignificant things that can not connect to

  • 9Lightner Witmer: need facts about this lesser known founder of clinical psychology!?

    Please answer the following questions : 1. Describe the materials used in its clinical 2. Why is Sigmund Freud thought when psycholthearapy (treatment of mental disorders ) only talk but only a few people think of the name Lightner Witmer ? 3. Where and when do Witmer your main job? Please tell me where you got your information !

  • 10Facts about relief, healing, and dealing with all aspects of panic/ anxiety disorders please?

    I'm looking for any / all entries on coping with panic and anxiety disorders and other conditions that lead to as agoriphobia and depression. I need this information not only for me , but I want to help others . I started having occasional panic attacks about 10 years ago . After three years of wondering what was going on (and I was getting worse ) I started doing research and I took a self , which was later confirmed by several doctors . My worst period ( day 24/7 , was from the time I was diagnosed until abot 3 years ago. Meditaion practices I've been doing for about eight years , and Tai Chi and Yoga for about 3 years . 've Had some significant advances , but the feelings still come and go. really do not get depressed , but certainly not living life as fully as most people . 'm an agoraphobic and I have been taking alprazolam for relief of the situation or when I feel that I will lose during a relapse . Would you like to write more, but no space . Thanks

  • 11Could you help me summarize the 2 paragraphs into one short paragraph,includes important facts about Brenda?

    These are the two paragraphs , you have to summerize in his own words : Song was born in Carmichael , California , a suburb of Sacramento , to a Hmong father and a Thai mother who had been adopted by a paternal grandparents were family.Her Hmong Xiong clan , but changed his surname to the song when the family emigrated to the United States. His parents were born in Asia and met as adults in Sacramento . His father works as a high school teacher and his mother is a housewife . She has two younger brothers , Timmy and Nathan . When I was six years old, Song moved with her ​​mother to Los Angeles to support her acting career , and the rest of the family followed two years later . Song was named Academic All- American in the ninth grade.She was homeschooled and earned a high school diploma at age 16 , then took courses at a community college and online from the University of California at Berkeley , with a major in psychology and a minor in business . As a child , Song 's mother wanted her and her younger brother , Timmy to participate in extracurricular activities . Song wanted to participate in ballet , while her younger brother wanted to participate in taekwondo . Song said ,

  • 12What do you think of marijuana?

    I've been smoking weed since I was 15 (I'm 28 now ) and continue to smoke . I graduated high school , earned a master's in psychology and a business degree . I am married to my high school sweetheart , I have two incredible children , beautiful and healthy , and my dream job. My life has been pretty much close to perfect the last couple of years . Marijuana does not in any way affect me in a negative way . I feel like even though I have helped at times. I know for sure that marijuana is not for everyone . But I also know for a fact that it is not as bad as people say it is. But of course , it still is. My health is , I would say it's great . My wife and I have been smoking since we met in high school. She also has great health. I see this grass as wrong. I think if you can control , then you will be fine . What really bothers me is hearing people say that marijuana is bad for you, but yet these people have not even tried it and just go with what they hear . Of course smoking is bad , and studies say that marijuana is bad for you . But there are studies that say that is good too . I smoke marijuana , and continie to do and no one will change my mind . If you are going to try to Marijuana , then try it on your own risk . Smoke with someone you trust. Do not smoke With the wrong crowd , because that will lead to a wrong path in life. I've smoked with my close friends who are now doctors , lawyers , successful men more or less