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QHow to find a job you like?

because I can not think of anything ...
I mean, I have things that interest me, but are practically useless.
I could say I'm good at psychology, especially the treatment of phobias, even helped a friend overcome his phobia. But I know so many people who study at universities, and I pack a lot of stories about people graduate psychology without a place to work. Also, my father did not want me to study medicine.
I am also very good at chemistry, but do not know if I should get into it, because what I'm learning is, I suppose, only the intermediate level of it, I can not imagine what would happen if I start studying chemistry only to find higher levels are too difficult for me to handle.
I am very interested in sleep disorders and such, I've been reading about them for more than 1.5-2 years, but I think the world does not need a lot of sleep specialists, so do not know if she should enter .
Also astronomy, I'm very interested in him, things have beet read about online for a few years or more, but it is a profession where you do not need a lot of specialists.
I'm good at physics, electronics started not long ago, it is very easy and interesting, but not that interesting enough for me to actually attend college.
I'm also quite interested in linguistics, even made a goal in life to be a polyglot, now I know my mother tongue, English, Russian and Japanese learning (bet you never would have guessed I'm not a native English speaker, ja !). Since I'm still in high school, I guess that's an accomplishment. but what I can do with a linguistics degree? Not much to think ...

I do not know what to do ... things that interest me are the fields that do not require a lot of specialists (except electrical engineer) or are virtually useless. Should I be guided by instinct, entering the field I'm really interested? Or go with physics, since I understand easily, though not interest me the most?

Thank you very much if you read everything and help out! Oh, and life experiences would be much appreciated in the scene.

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#1DERRICKAnswered at 2012-10-01 01:02:03
Psychology is not medicine . That is psychiatry . You can not do anything in astronomy without a PhD in astronomy or physics , and even then there are not many jobs and they really do not get to choose where to live . Engineering is a good option if you are good at physics , but it pays well with a BA (often more than you would with a doctorate in psychology or physics ) .
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How to find a job you like?

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