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QDo you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

I'm 13 year old Girl.

In the 8th grade.

I think I have Aspergers Autism. "Aspergers Syndrome",

I have researched ALOT about it, and I have quite a few of the symptoms, and I would really, and truly like to know if I had this or not.

Syptoms I have "Down Below"

- I don't like having eye contact with people.

- I'd rather hangout by Myself than with other people. "Even though I have alot of friends, and they hang with Me."

- I have a creative mind, and tend to use a proper vocabulary, even though my voice isn't that *toned* in real life when I speak.

- People catch Me rocking back, and fourth, or haveing any form of movements with hands, feet, ect..


The reason why I researched Aspergers in the first place, is because I had this Friend Who had it, so I wanted to know a little bit more about it.

I use to be a really big loner when I was a kid, also.

Even though I think I have it, My mom just thinks I *think* something is wrong with Me.

I just want to know if I have it, or not, but she wont take the time out of her day to help me with this.

Please answer, thank you.


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Do you think I have Aspergers Syndrome?

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