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How can someone be helped to overcome depression without medications? related questions

  • 1How can someone be helped to overcome depression without medications?

    My dearest friend has been dealing with bouts of depression. He is unsure of what they are caused by. He will have a perfectly great moment then suddenly without any outside trigger he plummets into a depression that could last a couple of hours of up to a week, then he will be fine again for a couple of days. He doesnt know why this occurs and when it does I find it that not irritating him with questions and allowing him to snap out of it is the best course, but I want to help him overcome this bouts. Please Help.

  • 2What type of treatement helped you overcome your depression?

    I am a woman of 20 who has been battling depression for about 8 years and , frankly , is taking over my life ! I want this to be done eventually , I want an effective treatment that I can finally live and feel normal. What kind of treatment is best. I tried therapy and medication and have not helped. What I can do im considering electronic shock therapy . Anyone tried this problem , has anyone successfully major depression ?

  • 3Anyone else have depression or anxiety and helped by caffeine?

    I have either schizo-affective (schizophrenia with depression) or major depressive disorder, and then social anxiety disorder. Most of the time I feel unmotivated and severely negative and pessimistic. A lot of the times when I drink caffeine I'll feel less socially anxious and suddenly very positive, cheerful, confident and ambitious. I thought it was the other way around. Someone suggested I might have ADHD, which apparently is helped by caffeine.

  • 4Anyone else suffer from psychotic depression? Has medication helped?

    I suffer from PD and am on zoloft and abilify. The abilify helps 60% of the time and I just started the zoloft. Right now I have situational depression but my mood is on the lowside when I'm off my AD. I don't like the side effects from the medication(akathisia, feeling numb) but I'd rather experience that than the crappy mood. What else has helped you get through the rough times? What do you do when you experience psychotic symptoms?

  • 5How to overcome depression?

    I have 17 years and I have very severe depression . I saw a therapist and was of no help at all. I was very open and honest , but I did not feel the slightest improvement after left out . Also I have horrible anxiety and insomnia caused frequent headaches . My only hope of getting help is that I prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to deal with my anxiety . I posted on this site before with the same question after you have tried everything, but the therapy , but now I feel like I 've tried everything and I can not regain the enthusiasm I had as a child . I am so insensitive and removed all the time , the only joy I ever feel is when sunbathing preteen memories of happiness . I do not want to keep feeling disappointed in the very people whom I loved and admired as a child . I hate everyone and I did not used to be like . I do not understand how a warm, loving can become so bitter and misanthropic in a matter of a few years . I have no idea how to help myself , and my only hope is in the opportunity that has been prescribed Zoloft or Konoplin or something for my anxiety . I do not know what to do with myself .

  • 6Dua to overcome depression ?

  • 7How do I overcome this chronic depression?

    Hello, my name is Andrew. I am a 16 year old student from high school and I am completely useless at this point. I have been suffering from depression for a long time. Honestly, I can not really remember when it started. All I know is that he became clinically depressed 1 year and 3 months of a break with my girlfriend. We were very close, and as my home life sucked and I needed love, for starters, when she was only left me completely earth shattering for me. I did not know what to do with myself. I got really bad in school and did not want to do anything ever. Every f * cking days I was miserable. It had all the symptoms of major depression all I could think. And wasn t for months until I started to see a psychologist. I found that the therapy did not help at all, but refused medication for a long time. Finally starting this school year I tried medication, I was on a low dose for 5 weeks and my parents had trouble getting dates, so I was not seeing my therapist very often. On the anniversary of my rest until I had my first panic attack. But I realized I was on the same day of the break with the previous year until a few days later. I had been manic yesterday for the first time and I did not understand at first why I was so tall and good that I do not like, they just want to blow their brains out that night. The next day I woke up I felt weird and then spent the panic attack. I still think about the girl every day if I want to or not, but I think my problem is not getting over it. The thing is that I am not bed ridden as it used to be, but still I have a chronic deppression every day. And although it can not hurt me as bad as I did, I feel even more desperate, as I stood only won away. I see a therapist because I can not take any medication (not helped by the way) My parents sure are not paying more and this is the situation I find myself in. I try to keep a positive attitude, read, try relax, play my guitar, but I still feel bad almost every day and I just want it to end. There are still some days when I'm just a complete disaster, but arent as much, but the amount remains the same. I have had many thoughts of suicide I'm f'ing tired of it. My dad is the one that is totally foreign to him dliving is a nightmare every day, but needy though my mom is loving and caring, she's the beings and deppressed Me Down. I'm in a hole and I stayed. I have read that thats less intense depression can last four years chrinic! I'm not waiting that long. I dont even know if I'm still mostly depressed or not. This is making me very angry and I f'ing tired of it. Nothign help, and I have no support. Please help!

  • 8Has anyone overcome depression without medicine?

    I have been in a pretty serious depression for 6 years. Before that, I never had depression. I am against the drugs used for treatment and wonder if there is any natural remedies anyone has tried and been successful with.

  • 9How to overcome depression and anxiety?

    I've had occasional depression all my life, due to low self-esteem. I could deal with it very well until about two months ago when it suddenly became intolerable. In May, I left an emotionally abusive relationship that left me mentally damaged, but had friends who would make sure it was okay and would offer (I do) go out with them often. Then, two months ago I had a couple of bad days, when my two friends were arguing. They were and we were fine, but I think something happened to scare me because I started getting depressed again. I really only have three people I consider close friends, and two of them have lately been busy or have something to do. That almost never calls or texts, and rarely makes the offer to hang out with him I forget, fills, or simply does not appear. One is simply too busy with school, and I do not accept blame when it gets bad enough to the point where you ask for help and no one seems to notice. That leaves the last person to deal with my depression that is not fair to either of us. I'm not the type of person to drag everyone through my bad days. In fact, rarely will I tell someone I'm having one unless I think they could help and that's my last option. However, when I get seriously depressed I think things are much worse than they are, as I believe my friend is leaving me out later than usual because he actually cares. About two weeks ago I started having really bad anxiety, to the point where I have random break downs. I've been paying attention and have noticed a few things that either signal an attack or something you use to feed him (unintentionally). Most of them have to do with the fear of being alone again like I was in my last relationship. As I sniff snuff and remember how I used to play with my friend who smokes a pipe, or I'll be on facebook and notice (again) that the two have been out of range, or has gone. I've done a lot of research books myself, so I'm looking for more serious answers like you've been through something similar or is a real doctor and know what you're talking about. Thanks in advance. I am willing to try counseling or therapy if that's what it takes. Only I have no idea where to turn or how. I really do not want to see a prescription because you do not believe in just mask the symptoms. Maybe for a little while if you really have to, but I was really doing good improvements in my self until all this happened. I would also minimize the impact and involvement of my parents simply because we do not want to have to worry. I have a nineteen true. Please give me answers.

  • 10How to overcome depression without medication?

    I have major depressive disorder ... He had been on Celexa that killed my sex drive and then Cymbalta which made me gain 15 pounds ... I know my depression is real and terrible , but I do not want to take medicine more ... I am willing to change my diet and exercise every day, but if anyone has any other ideas ( what to eat , how much exercise ) I'm willing to take all suggestions ...

  • 11How do i overcome the depression part of PMS?

    here it is, I'll hav emy period this week and I feel the symptoms : cramps , tender breasts nipples NAD , but especially depression ... I'm so depressed that not even funny , even as I write this I'm on the verge of tears . I have exams tomorrow and I concentrate I can ... I feel so sad , I know it's because of my pms but you know ... I just wnat to go to my room and cry till i die .... jsut any suggestions on what to do ?

  • 12How can I help my husband overcome his depression?

    We live in his parents place since our marriage . A year ago his mother died. Since I was in a depression that never recovered . He almost never drank , but now I can not live without emptying a bottle a day and have become very quiet . He says he still loves me and me too. I want to help . How I can help my husband overcome his depression ?