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I need help with depression, poor self esteem, and suicide? related questions

  • 1I need help with depression, poor self esteem, and suicide?

    Im 16 years old and have been having symptoms of severe depression since i was 13. I have very poor self esteem and self image. Some of the symptoms I suffer from are lack of interest, weight gain, poor school performance, thoughts of sucide, and constant boredom. I have tried killing myself when I was 13 and numerous times since and also seem to have a lot of anger issues. I have never seen a therapist or spoken about this with my parents. I also have never been abused by my parents or think any of this is there fault. I really need some advice.

  • 2How to help my husband improve his self confidence,self esteem,fight depression?

    Hi , I have 25 years housewife and my husband is 30 years old , have been married for the last three years. It is a very attentive and loving husband . He is not having a good race for the last year , out of work and politics only . He is not getting motivation to work . He lost his father ill a few months ago , is unconsciously disturbed by the death of his father. No social life , for us, very few friends, no other activity like playing favorite games , we have a good sex life because of your stress. Over the past two years , my husband suffers from a problem many sputum and was under medication. Currently is now under Ayurvedic treatment . Consulted physiatrist would strongly have drugs to reduce stress we do not want to use, as it will have side effects in the future. I tried to do with me playing games like bat- minton , cricket , but he was going to play for a day or two and then lose interest . I used to take him to dinner after walking with him easily. I told you also exercise every day and do an activity that interests you, but it is able to. He is losing interest in everything in life . I want to help my husband in building self -confidence , self-image , positive outlook to life, but do not know how. Please suggest me .

  • 314 year old with a depression/low self esteem problems. Do I suffer with a certain disorder?

    Since I was little I had a big problem with communication with others. I've been known as the shy person in elementary school and even now. I was very happy as a child too, still had friends and did not care if I spent recesses alone. Once I started I started 6th grade self aware and have had major problems of guilt. This was much more to the extent that I used to hate myself for doing something even years before and I think people are laughing at him behind me. I also hated myself if I were to do something that would make me feel bad. If I were to say no to someone that I would feel guilty for absolutely no reason, as a result used to give to others of my things my classes or snacks whenever they ask for it you will not feel depressed afterwards. So far, these problems have intensified. I hate myself every time one makes a mistake, whether stuttering in a presentation or even stumble. I think people laugh and make fun of me behind my back. My problem has intensified the guilt every time he would do something that would hurt someone else the guilt will stick with me for days or weeks. Throughout all these symptoms that would give people a happy face even though I feel a bit down, so no one really knows that I have these problems. I've also had fights with my friends always give me something to someone that I have because they say it's just the bait for others "use" to me. Lately I've had trouble sleeping, frequent nightmares (sleep paralysis, to be exact), and my memory was so bad that I had to write reminders on my arm. I know you probably do not have major depression, or maybe it's normal to feel this way because of my age. What is it? (Thanks for reading this huge block of text that show my problems, I appreciate it.)

  • 4Poor concentration as a symptom of depression?

    when they say that lack of concentration is a symptom of depression are mostly refers to a type of cognitive impairment or are reffering to the lack of concentration due to constant thoughts ?

  • 5What can you do if you are one of the working poor and cannot afford treatment for depression?

  • 6Social phobia, avoidant personality disorder, clinical depression, low-self esteem.?

    I think I have one, if not all m pretty sure I have social phobia and avoidant personality disorder these things.I ' . I have read the symptoms and causes and they fit well , and has worsened since it began five years ago . Recently it has become so serious that I have more seriously considered suicide. Can someone explain what I do to try to fix this? I am familiar with the SP and AVPD treatment based on what I've read online and what I did for a project in psychology , I have not been officially diagnosed yet so I guess that 's what I do first . How do I go about doing and what it would cost ? I have 18 and going to college in the fall , so now I'm living with my parents . If they say yes , I have this, this and this is what will happen next? Is it more likely to be prescribed some medication or therapy is recommended to go to ? And again , what would it cost ? Thank you.

  • 7Depression...suicide?

    I used to be a really really really insecure person, but I got out of the habit of putting myself down, because I wanted to do it for me. I did what I though would help and my confidence rose and things seemed to get better. I never really believed that I could do anything, but I still manage to get accepted at one of the best high schools where I live. That's the time when I was beyond insecure and I ended up repeating my first year there. When I went back, in the same 1st form, I decided that I needed to change and I went from coming in dead last the day that I repeated to coming in 4th and that's where I stayed until I graduated in 2009 from that high school. I started in 2005. I didn't do good my first year because I felt like nobody was paying attention to me--my parents were so wrapped up in their own problems and they never paid attention. So when I went back I thought that maybe if I got good grades they would care then but nothing changed, so I was like screw them...I'm going to do this for me. One of my problems too was that I got molested when I was a little girl and nobody knows about it not even my parents. If conversations came up I was able to say that nothing ever happened to me, because I made myself believe that it didn't. Whenever I started to think about it I blocked it out--so now I don't really remember most of it--I can just say that I know it happened to me and it just makes me feel so horrible about myself. I used to be a really bubbly, happy person after I started believing in myself. I knew what I wanted to do with my life and I put my all into making my dreams more than just dreams. I'm in university now. I started straight after I graduated from high school--but now things are just going downhill in my life and I'm scared. One of my best friends was cruelly murdered in 2010 three days after she graduated from the same high school that I graduated from. When we found her body, she was so decomposed that we had to have an immediate burial and nobody was ever charged. June 19, 2011 will be one year since her burial. When she died my depression got so bad. I used to have immense faith in God and I'm mad at myself now, because I'm losing my faith in Him. I don't pray. I don't read my Bible. I don't watch or read anything that has to do with Him. I just feel like He let me down. I used to pray so much and ask Him to please just let the hurt go away, but nothing was changing so I just stopped I've missed so much classes that I have to withdraw from two of the courses that I'm in this semester. My depression just gets so bad, that I just curl up in bed and cry all day. I'm just losing interest in everything and I'm so scared, because for the first time in my life I have suicidal thoughts in mind. Instead of getting better everything is getting worst in my life. My mom has an incurable STD, because of my dad. My 7 year old niece has one because of my sister; and the molestation is bothering me now more than ever and I don't know what to do anymore. I'm just so empty inside and I don't see the point in anything anymore. I'll be turning 20 on Monday I'm not saying that I'll try to hurt myself--it's just scaring me that my depression is so bad that I actually have suicide on my mind.

  • 8Help with depression and possible suicide?

    I am 15 and am a softmore in high school. Lately my health class has been talking about clinical depression and suicide.. and over the past year the girl i dated for 5 months cheated on me over and over throughout our relationship. Then one of my friends got raped my dad signed me up for football then i quit then felt extremely sad for lettting him down then my mom told me that my dog ran away and a week later my grandma told me she gave her away then my mom told me my parrents were getting divorced and we moved from missouri to idaho. my mom works all the time and when she is home its like she doesnt care about me she yells a lot and she ignores me a lot shes got a new boyfriend and i dont like him. both of my great grandpa's died and so did my aunt (cancer) and then ive started cutting and tried to use sandpaper to get it off i find myself disgusting and a waste of life and i have felt sad for the past year. i currently dont find anything fun anymore i've come to hate myself and my appearance has changed a lot i personally think that i would be considered clinically depressed and i need to stop thinking of suicide but i know my mom will get mad or make it my fault in someway and blame herself of "being a bad mom" to try and get me to feel bad but i NEED some medicine.. please help me..

  • 9Why is suicide almost always associated with depression?

    There are many different reasons for not wanting to follow someone to suicide theory. For example , it might be motivated by ecstasy -

  • 10INTJ and depression/suicide?

    I wonder if there are connections known / proven between personality type INTJ depression or suicide ?

  • 11Help with suicide/depression recovery?

    so over the years i have had serious depression, and its getting worse and worse. i now started cutting-rlly deep cuts. probably could get a good few stitches on each mom found them and she doesnt now what to do with me, and suicide is constantly on my mind and my depression is effecting everything in my life-i have F grades across the board at school, im getting charged wit truancy cuz i dont go to class cuz i lack to even care anymore, and i jus dont know what to do with myself nor duz anyone else! i was curios idthere is like a treatment center that i could go to, to get help. like a rehab center that will help me. can anyone give e any advice on this! im desperate i dont wanna feel like this anymore. :(

  • 12Infomation on suicide and depression?

    I need to know this information for a school assignment