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QI need help with depression, poor self esteem, and suicide?

Im 16 years old and have been having symptoms of severe depression since i was 13. I have very poor self esteem and self image. Some of the symptoms I suffer from are lack of interest, weight gain, poor school performance, thoughts of sucide, and constant boredom. I have tried killing myself when I was 13 and numerous times since and also seem to have a lot of anger issues. I have never seen a therapist or spoken about this with my parents. I also have never been abused by my parents or think any of this is there fault. I really need some advice.

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#1zinhle ntsebezoAnswered at 2014-04-27 01:37:50
first of all you HAVE to stop self harming and such, will do no good at all.
secondly, you need to tell somebody, get these issues sorted out. when i was your age i had the same feelings (though not as bad) and just got through it by talking to somebody, finding out where things are going wrong, and trying to sort them out. if all else fails, seek out a psychiatrist, or even email me.
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I need help with depression, poor self esteem, and suicide?

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